Yakitori House at Epcot closed for 3 months as part of ongoing Japan pavilion updates

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The Yakitori House quick service dining location at Epcot’s Japan pavilion closed today to begin a 3-month refurbishment project. The abrupt closing was apparently planned to occur once the new Kabuki Cafe location that replaced the old Kaki Gori kiosk was finished. The plan is to serve the quick-service dining needs of the pavilion through the Kabuki Cafe in tandem with the forthcoming Food and Wine festival kiosk until the renovation is completed.

Exact details of the renovation are unknown aside from the rough timeline, but the pavilion’s sponsor, Mitsukoshi, did recently sign on as theĀ  provider of sushi products for the entire Walt Disney World resort. Their offerings can now be found in various grab-and-go locations around the resort. Additionally, the Mitsukoshi dining complex (Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining) located on the second floor of the Mitsukoshi department store will relocate a check-in podium to the lower level of the pavilion’s courtyard. New merchandise kiosks will also be added to the courtyard.

This whole project to revitalize the Japan pavilion seems to stem from recent contract negotiations Disney had with third parties representing World Showcase dining. These negotiations, which the San Angel company (sponsor of Mexico’s dining options) candidly cited to the press as being very competitive, have been the catalyst for many recent World Showcase improvements. Disney requested substantial investment from sponsors in order to continue contracts their contracts. This has led to the creation of the Hacienda De San Angel in the Mexico pavilion and the removal of L’Original Alfredo de Roma from the Italy pavilion (which allowed the Patina Group to come in and build the Via Napoli restaurant.)

Posted on August 10, 2011

5 Responses to “Yakitori House at Epcot closed for 3 months as part of ongoing Japan pavilion updates”

  • Too bad, I love Yakitori House on the dining plan… A quick service meal, but you can get a huge bowl of udon noodles and a california roll… YUM!

    Although I wont be there during that three months anyways. So it doesnt affect me any.

  • dagnabit… Ever since the matsu no ma lounge went away Yakatori was the only other place I could sit and quietly sip my hot sake. I know sake will be sold out front now but that ain’t the peaceful quiet downtime atmosphere I enjoyed in the lounge or sitting outside of Yakitori at the top of the hill… sigh. (Yeah, we’re going in 6 weeks so this affects us.)

  • While this will be closed during my trip, I am always happy to see WDW refurbing and improving. It will be great to see it shiny and fresh on my next trip.

  • I am sad. A visit to the Yakitori House and patio for a relaxing iced green tea (or iced barley tea–long ago) is a required part of a trip to Epcot for me. It’s that one spot on earth where so many extended family events occurred. For a family that has spread itself across both the east and west hemispheres, that holds significant importance. Hopefully, the patio will be open for my November trip. Maybe even for October, but not holding my breath on October.

  • We’re going to Epcot New Year’s day and was wondering if anyone knows if this area has reopened – very disappointed on our October trip to find it closed. It is one of the nicest areas in Epcot to relax!