Walt Disney World schedule update: Now with more Fantasmic!

by on August 23, 2011 12 Comments

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Disney has updated their schedule, adding nightly Fantasmic! Shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for almost all nights through early January.

This post will be updated with details in the next few hours and TouringPlans.com will be fully updated very soon.

Posted on August 23, 2011

12 Responses to “Walt Disney World schedule update: Now with more Fantasmic!”

  • This is fantastic (Fantasmic…?) news! I went back to WDW recently for the first time in four years, and the improvements made on the show in that time were unbelievable. It truly is the best show in the World, but the crowds seeking to get into the scarce shows were frightening, to say the least. Hopefully more times will spread crowds out a bit in the busy months.

  • Great! Thanks for the information!

  • Great news we arrive mid October so good to know that we will get to see one of my favourite shows

  • Great news! Maybe this will cut down the crowd numbers for our arrival the end of October. Better start checking my options, may move some things around!

  • This will save us some park hopping during our next trip, since the best days to visit Hollywood Studios under the old schedule were not days when Fantasmic was scheduled.

  • Unfortunately this is causing problems with my schedule. Instead of a nice quiet stroll out of an empty park following a post-closing dinner, we’ll now be exiting the park around the time Fantasmic lets out. Oye. 🙁

  • Showing only 3 days between now and December 31 not showing Fantasmic! and one happens to be a day we plan on going (October 18) what gives!!!!

  • So I checked the updated calendar (via a travel agents link I found…) and the ONLY day that Fantasmic! was not added was the ONE day that I will be at HS. Why is that??? (Tuesday 10/18…we are not park-hopping either) Is it likely a mistake or for real, and why only one day in the month that the show would be off?

  • by Claire Carrington on August 23, 2011, at 8:27 pm EST

    I’m so happy to read this because we are going the first week of December and we were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to see one of the shows due to the low number. This is great!

  • I see that Fantasmic has been added to the crowd tracker, every day that we are there, but it doesn’t seem like the park crowd levels have changed at all. Is this something that is in the works since the announcement or it really does not affect the crowd levels at the parks at all? Would love to switch our plans, but due to not being able to get the restaurants we want, looks like we’ll have to stick with DHS on a 5.2/avoid level day.

  • Also not seeing any changes yet to predicted crowds with the addition of F! to my week.

  • Agreed. Online ADR does not show the extra shows… Waiting…