Downtown Disney Ends Halloween Trick-or-Treating

by on September 18, 2011 12 Comments

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The complimentary Halloween trick-or-treating at stores in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney district has been eliminated this year. In past years young guests could visit locations set up throughout the shopping district and receive small portions of candy on Halloween. This year Disney recommends visiting the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party hard ticket event at the Magic Kingdomย for trick-or-treating, while Downtown Disney will have enhanced entertainment offerings for the holiday.

Posted on September 18, 2011

12 Responses to “Downtown Disney Ends Halloween Trick-or-Treating”

  • Nice. This is exactly what we had planend to do INSTEAD OF dropping $60 per person for the MNSSHP. SIGH.

    • We were planning to do both the party and ToT in DTD (especially given that we extended our trip by a day to spend Halloween in DTD), but I think now maybe we just won’t buy MNSSHP tickets out of spite.
      I think Seaworld has some Halloween festivities going on, so we’ll just go there.
      I think I’ll call our (offsite) resort and see if they have anything planned for Halloween, so that I can get planning now.

  • I wonder if this is just a cut to the guest experience or if this is to make way for other activities in relation to the 40th Anniversary…

  • Our local mall is not having their ToT this year either. It is expensive for businesses to cater to the amount of guests that pass through their doors, so I understand the cost cutting measure.

    I will never understand why people get mad when a something like this happens. The sense of entitlement boggles my mind. Why do you thing a business OWES you something for free?

    • What exactly is it that makes you think that not getting “something for free” is what people like me take issue with?
      What boggles my mind are the typical knee-jerk tea-party -like reactions.

      Just in case you need it spelled out for you: it’s an activity that my family was looking forward to and scheduled our trip around in hopes to attend, and it will no longer be offered. Cost has nothing to do with it.

  • I am not even going to be there for Halloween, but I honestly think that people are not upset because they feel they are entitled to something free. It seems like Disney has been cutting so much recently and it all kind of adds up. So this becomes one more perk that gets taken away from Disney guests. It is all the perks that have been cut, as a whole, that bothers me.

    • Exactly! For example, The way they handled the closing of the wedding pavilion was very un-Disney. We love Disney because of how special they make guests feel. When they start acting like Joe Q. corporation it kills the magic. I picture Uncle Walt shaking his head in sadness.

  • What people don’t seem to understand is it is up to each store if they are going to Participate. If they don’t have at least half the stores participating in it why go through the expense. And since there is no admission to DTD this is open to everyone any anyone in the area, not just Disney Guests…. Personally it does not bother me in any way, we don’t go there to ToT. w

  • Wow that is too bad…i have 3 kids and we actually saved for the Not So Scary thing, but then our finances got in the way so we were hopeful to come here instead since it was free and so much fun last year. I would be willing and be-able to afford 10.00 admission per kid to TOT in DTD with my kids, but 56.00 per kid for the Magic Kingdom is just not in the budget. ๐Ÿ™

  • by Carolyn Tipton on October 8, 2011, at 6:43 pm EST

    That’s a shame about DTD discontinuing the trick-o-treating. We went to WDW last year to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversay with our two adult daughters. The four of us went to Raglan Road for dinner Halloween night, sat on the edge of the patio and watched the people in costumes pass by. Many of the costumes were amazing and/or hysterically funny. From an entire “Star Wars” family (including a little child dressed up in a trashcan decorated to look like R2 D2) to the most realistic KISS impersonators, and more “Jack Sparrow’s” than we could count. It was truly surreal and one of the highlights of our trip. We were headed back again this year and hoped to have as much fun. It appears we won’t.

  • It is a shame, with times being so hard and unsafe, DTD was a safe option for the children to go trick or treating. We are throwing the kids back to the street to go trick or treating. Or just don’t allow them to participate in the fun holiday. The not so scary is nice but just too expensive for a one income home and a family of 4.

    What a shame. ๐Ÿ™

  • Downtown Disney was not quite as fun this year without the Trick or Treating!