Disney Dish with Jim Hill – New Episode Now Available

by on October 11, 2011 8 Comments

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Len and Jim enjoy the marina at Disney's Contemporary Resort

The latest installment of our Disney Dish podcast with Jim Hill is now available on iTunes or by RSS.

This time Len and Jim take a walk around the Walt Disney World monorail resorts and talk DVC, the value of the Grand Floridian, what’s up with Discovery Island and more.

Posted on October 11, 2011

8 Responses to “Disney Dish with Jim Hill – New Episode Now Available”

  • Both the Jim Hill and Len Testa walks and talks have been very informative and entertaining. Keep it up!

  • I cannot wait to listen to this cast. These guys are like Batman and Superman, Lavern and Shirley, or chocolate and peanut butter…..two tastes that taste great together. I was hoping they would get back together in their natural environment for another “Super Cast” !!!!! Keep these casts coming!!! Run don’t walk to your iPods. Thanks again!

  • by Mark Mascolino on October 16, 2011, at 11:28 pm EST

    I agree with the others. Keep these coming because they are top notch. Great stuff.

  • These are solid gold. Keep them comming please. Epcot next right? Can’t wait.

  • I know I’m a little late, but how can I download the mp3 of this? I do not have an iPod, so no use for iTunes. I listen to the current ones on Stitcher, but streaming is not always an option. So I started to download some of the ones you have an mp3 link for, to listen to on my phone. But not all do. I have no idea what to do with the RSS link.
    Any help? Thanks!

  • Depending on the type of phone you have you can use a podcasting app with the RSS feed and it will allow you to access all the episodes. Depending on the podcasting app it should give you the ability to download the shows to play while offline.

    Don’t discount iTunes either. You don’t need to have an iPod to use it. You can use it plus the iTunes link or the RSS feed to download the episodes and then you could transfer the episodes to your phone for playback.

  • Thanks so much for your reply! My situation is a little odd. My phone’s cord input doesn’t work, so I either go to the website from the phone, and download the mp3, or else I use the Dropbox app to get stuff onto my phone from my computer.
    Many of the recent episodes, I just downloaded the mp3, but some older ones don’t have the link. I tried iTunes, I downloaded all the podcasts, and transferred the mp3’s to Dropbox, and exported them to my music folder on my phone, but none would play.
    I already have MortPlayer app for audio book playback, and has always worked for mp3’s as well. But I just get an error. I So I was simply looking for the mp3, to do a straight download onto my phone. I ended up getting something to work for now (using the Dropbox site on my phone rather than the app), but boy is it a pain.
    Hey, Len&Co, rather than combing thru every blog post for the words Disney+Dish, or Jim+Hill, how about a dedicated page with all the links!
    Thanks for all your time!! Love this page!