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Nestled in the corner between the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant and the New York section of Streets of America in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a tiny little store that most people probably just pass right on by.  In truth, the Writer’s Stop doesn’t look like much from the outside, but if you step in, it’s one of the uniquely Disney experiences in Walt Disney World that offers some fantastic ways to enjoy your time in the Studios.

A hybrid mixture of store and coffee shop, the Writer’s Stop is one of those great themed places in the parks that is fun to hang out in because it offers such interesting options.  Do you want a cup of coffee and some air conditioning or heat?  Or perhaps you want to find some one of a kind books?  Maybe you’re interested in fresh baked pastries or desserts?  All of them you can find at the Writer’s Stop.

Walking inside, the theme is that of a back part of a movie set, where the crew or writers would come to get a cup of coffee or a snack.  The name fits in more ways than one, then, because it refers not only to a spot where guests can grab books by their favorite writers, but also the theme of the place.  For me, though, the real value of the Writer’s Stop is in the coffee and pastry counter.

Sure, it’s easy to rave about the carrot cake cookie, because it’s fabulous.  But have you tried the strawberry muffin?  What about the sugar cookies?  Or the Mickey Mouse cookie with chocolate ears?  In the name of research, dear reader, I’ve tried them all, and let me tell you that they will match up with anything you can find in your local bakery.  Not to mention the fact that the Writer’s Stop serves real, brewed coffee, not the instant Nescafe that you will find at many of the resorts.  That makes it one of my favorite places to stop for a mid-morning caffeine and sugar jolt.

When it’s raining or cold out, lines can get long in the Writer’s Stop, so make sure if you’re going in that you have time to spare.  While you’re inside, however, there are plenty of things to look at and browse.  Since the Writer’s Stop is also a shop, the shelves are stocked with books and magazines that might be of interest.

I’ve found through the years that the Writer’s Stop generally has books that you cannot find in other locations throughout Walt Disney World.  It’s this kind of unique merchandise that makes it a great place to visit.  On my last visit, I found several Disney history books that were not for sale in the larger stores.  The great thing about the Writer’s Stop is, just like a Barnes & Noble or other bookstores, I could grab a cup of coffee and a snack and peruse these books to see if I wanted to buy them.

That sense of familiarity to what I am used to at home makes this little shop one of my favorite places at Walt Disney World.  Entering it feels comfortable and makes me smile, because I know some tasty treat is waiting for me, as well as the opportunity to browse some great books.  The theme is one of my favorites as well, all of which makes the Writer’s Stop a highly recommended stop for any visitor to Walt Disney World.


Posted on November 7, 2011

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  • One of our favorite places in the Studios–we never miss it when we’re visiting. It was, from what I recall, originally modeled after Buy the Book, the bookstore from “Ellen.”

  • I’ve been fond of this little shop since it was themed “Buy The Book” from Ellen’s old TV show. Now I love the Castle poster outside – very appropriate for Writer’s Stop! I do like how cozy it is in there 🙂

  • I love this little place, we don’t miss it when we are in the Studios.

  • I always go there to buy coffee/latte when I go to HS. I agree – a pretty awesome place!

  • We love to pop into the Writer’s Spot for hot chocolate and coffee while we are waiting for Osborne Lights to start. There’s nothing like wandering the streets with snow falling while you sip hot chocolate!

  • It’s a favorite spot of my family for browsing through the book selection & getting coffee (sadly park-quality). I’m always surprised at how empty it can be while the rest of the Studios are bustling.

  • We love this little place, too. There is a rack of time cards by one of the exit doors that people write their names on, and my kids have always thought that was cool. I am disappointed to see that it looks like they replaced the TV that was in there, tho. It used to be housed in an antique cabinet like the ones at the Prime Time Cafe. In the picture shown in this blog post, it looks like they replaced it with an LCD TV. No housing, no theming, just a bare flat panel TV sitting there. I am hoping that was a temporary fix or something, because it just looks out of place there.

  • We always drop in for a break at writer’s stop. We used to just walk past it and never even thought about going in. But after we stopped in, it became a regular stop for each visit to the studios.