Friend Feed – November 7, 2011

What a busy week!  We just had enough time around here to go trick or treating, then pull down the Haunted Mansion tombstones and get started making plans for the holidays.  It seems like Disney was just the same way, as it finished off the scary season and began the merry season in the same week.  So, once again, let’s look at the podcasts and websites that sponsors and see what news they had from the world of Disney this week.

One person who we know loves Halloween is WDW Radio‘s Lou Mongello, and if you have not seen Lou’s Ewok Halloween costume, you have to go check it out.  I don’t really know what else I could say to make you go look besides Ewok.

Jack Skellington sticks around in candy apple form, courtesy of Disneyland Live.

A great way to transition from Halloween to the holiday season is with the classic film Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.  It’s the perfect bridge between the holidays.  This week’s Disney Film Project Podcast goes in depth on this film, looking at the origins of it at Disney and how it’s still being revisited today.  For example, every year the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is transformed into Haunted Mansion Holiday, featuring Jack Skellington and his friends from the movie.  Disneyland Live this week wished its readers a Happy Halloween by showing a great ridethrough of this attraction that you should definitely watch.

The holiday season is really getting underway at the Disney Parks now, as the Christmas Day Parade began taping out at Disneyland.  Adrienne-Vincent Phoenix looked at some of the preparations for that, including the set up at Sleeping Beauty Castle, in the MousePlanet Disneyland Update.

The stage is set for the Christmas Day Parade taping.

Meanwhile, over at Walt Disney World, the holiday schedule is getting a little reshuffling.  Mark Goldhaber has all the details of the new schedule in the MousePlanet Walt Disney World Update.

One of the debates that may never be solved in the Disney community is whether or not the Disney Dining Plan is worthwhile when taking a trip to Walt Disney World.  Whether you love it or hate it, the Dining Plan has evolved quite a bit over the years, and on WDW Today this week, the guys were joined by AJ of the Disney Food Blog to preview the changes to the 2012 Disney Dining Plan.  If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World in 2012, you’ll want to listen to this episode and know your options.

Just recently, Wi-Fi showed up in select Walt Disney World hotels.  It’s the kind of thing that you know the Betamouse crew has been dying to see for years.  On the latest episode, the tech savvy Betamouse team discussed this latest development.  This may make these guys even bigger fans of Disney, if that’s possible.

While we all gird ourselves for winter here, over in Hawaii, temperatures are nice and warm and happy, which is another reason why Disney built its new Disney Vacation Club resort Aulani there.  This week’s AllEars Newsletter continues its series on the resort, talking about all the things you can expect when you go to visit.  Plus, you can get great tips on planning, including restaurants, hotels and more.  Go subscribe to the newsletter in order to get this great information in your inbox every week.

The Garden Grove is a new favorite restaurant of AllEars.Net.

Have you ever traveled solo to Walt Disney World?  I have, and depending on your personality, it can be a really fun experience if you know what you’re doing.  The Be Our Guest Podcast talked about this on a recent show, and ran through the pros and cons of solo travel.  Those of you out there who are trying to get an idea of what solo travel might be like should definitely take a listen.

The WEDway Radio crew looked at one of my favorite places in any Disney park – the suite above the fray in New Orleans Square that was once to be Walt Disney’s suite.  It’s now an exclusive hotel room, but at one time, it was the Disney Gallery, and you could walk about the premises and watch over New Orleans Square just like Walt would have.  I even had a Fantasmic! dessert party up there at one time.  Let Matt and Nate walk you through the history of this magical spot in the middle of Disneyland.  Also, while you’re there, check out WEDway NOW!, the new show where the guys look at the latest news around the parks.

Walt's Balcony, decked out for the holidays, courtesy of Dateline Disneyland.

Speaking of New Orleans Square, it’s one of the most beautiful sections of Disneyland year round, but especially during the holidays.  If you’ve never seen it or even if you have, you should check out Dateline Disneyland, where you can find some amazing high quality pictures of the decorations, as well as an update on the Disney California Adventure construction.

That’s what’s going on this week in the Friend Feed.  What else is going on out there?