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Fall is in the air, isn’t it?  The leaves have changed colors, and the temperatures have begun to drop.  Things are getting ready to get very busy around the Disney community, between holiday events at the parks, 2011 Reunion at Walt Disney World and much, much more.  Let’s see what has been going on this past week with the podcasts and websites that we sponsor here at, in this week’s Friend Feed.

The holidays are indeed here at Disneyland.  Dateline Disneyland has all the fantastic photos of the holiday decor going up around the park.  Plus, get a look at the new Trains of Disney exhibit at the Disney Gallery on Main Street.

When traveling to one of the Disney parks, there is definitely the opportunity to get homesick.  With that in mind, the WDW Today crew, led by our own Len Testa, discussed what items they bring from home to make things a little more…well, homey.  Have you ever brought things from home to make things more comfortable at a hotel?  Take a listen to this episode and see what the guys suggest.

Did you know that this week is Mickey Mouse’s birthday?  It’s true!  On November 18, 1928, Mickey premiered in Steamboat Willie at the Colony Theatre.  The Mousetalgia crew devotes this week’s show to that very event, examining how Mickey has evolved over the years, what he’s up to today, and everything in between.  It’s a fabulous overview with lots of information, as you’d expect from Mousetalgia.

I don’t know about you, but I always love hearing about other people’s trips to Walt Disney World.  That was the foundation of the Be Our Guest Podcast when it began, and this week we got to hear from Pam about her trip.  This show is packed full of details about Flying Fish, Yachtsman Steakhouse, the Food & Wine Festival…oh, you wanted to hear about more than food?  There’s some park stuff in there, too.

It was a busy week in technology at the Disney parks, and, as usual, if you’re looking to cover that part of the Disney community, you turn to Betamouse.  Taking a cue from one of the most popular podcasts on the web, the gang covered This Week in Disney Tech, from the refurb of the Pooh queue line to talking Mickey and the new holiday addition to The Magic, Memories and You.


One place I’d expect to see lots of great new technology is Cars Land, the new addition to Disney California Adventure opening next summer.  This past week, execs from Disney and director James Cameron toured the construction site to show the Avatar genius what Disney is capable of doing.  MousePlanet’s Disneyland update has all the details as well as info on Disneyland’s annual homemade candy cane sale!

World of Color has been the biggest thing to hit Disney California Adventure since the park opened.  On Friday night, the high tech water spectacular crossed a milestone – 1,000 performances.  Disneyland Live was there to chronicle the event, and also witness the new holiday tag that made its debut that night.  Disney’s Prep and Landing was the theme of the new tag, right in time for the new holiday special coming soon to ABC.  Synergy!

I almost fainted when I saw the subject of last week’s WEDway Radio podcast.  One of the most popular shows Disney ever produced was Zorro, the Guy Williams led serial that saw the hero fighting off villains each and every week in his signature black costume.  I love this series.  I bought the whole thing, both seasons, on DVD at a very high price a couple years ago, and have enjoyed watching them with my family.  So when I saw that Matt and Nate were doing a whole episode on the show, I was thrilled.  Listen to this show and gain an appreciation for how magnificent Zorro is.

The opposite side of that spectrum is The Pacifier, the film that the Disney Film Project Podcast checks out in the latest episode.   It’s bad.  Vin Diesel trying to do comedy bad.  Take a listen to the show for the laughs that the crew has when discussing this Disney live action film.

There was no WDW Newscast this week from Lou Mongello, but he did have a fantastic interview with Charlie Ridgway, the longtime public relations professional at Disney.  If you have not read Charlie’s’ book, you should, as it’s a fabulous treasure trove of stories about the great lengths Disney went to in order to draw attention to Walt Disney World.  Lou’s interview touches the tip of the iceberg of this man’s career.

Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and think about things differently.  The AllEars Newsletter did that this week with a great article about the existentialism of Walt Disney World.  It’s heady stuff, but that’s the kind of insight you can get every single week in your inbox from the AllEars Newsletter.  If you haven’t signed up yet, why not?

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