Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe at Epcot – Not Just Burgers and Fries!

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A constant refrain I hear from friends or family who go to Disney and come back is “all they have to eat is burgers and fries.”  This is the one thing they could say that is guaranteed to drive me nuts, because I know that they just didn’t try to find the unique places to eat.  Inevitably, I point them to one of my favorite quick service locations in all of Walt Disney World, the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway.

A simple glance at the menu of Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe takes that “burgers and fries” notion and puts it to rest.  Like any good bakery, there are a number of baked goods available.  There’s the sweet pretzel, in both almond and chocolate varieties, which is very tasty.  The rice cream is pretty nice as well.  Oh, and the cream puff, the Danish and the veiled maiden are good, too.  Like any Disney counter service restaurant, there’s also cookies of a staggering variety.

My favorite dessert, though, is the school bread.  Oh, the school bread, I could write sonnets about it.  Basically a yeast donut style bread, the school bread surrounds a sweet, creamy filling that pops out the top, surrounded by frosting and coconut shavings.  It’s sweet, usually very soft and chewy and is delightful with a cup of coffee or glass of milk.  Desserts at Kringla will cost you $1.99 for the wonderful school bread, up to $4.29 for a sweet pretzel.  In comparison with the prices at other Epcot restaurants, everything is quite reasonable. 

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is not just about desserts, though.  It’s got some great options for a light lunch as well.  Everything is sandwiches, but what different style sandwiches they are.  My personal favorite is the ham and apple sandwich on a wheat style bread.  Nice thin slices of ham and fresh green apples topped with cheese does not sound appealing, but it really does go together well.  In addition to the ham and apple sandwich, you can find the Norweigian club with turkey, ham and bacon, a roast beef sandwich, the more eclectic salmon and egg sandwich and the chef’s selected sandwich of the day.  The sandwiches will run from $6.99 to $7.99 depending on which you pick.  Again, for the size of these sandwiches, that’s a pretty good deal.

Every Epcot restaurant also has a wide variety of drinks, and Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is no exception.  Aside from the usual soft drinks, milk and coffee drinks, there are some great unique choices here.  Try the Voss Artesian water if you’re looking for some different style bottled water.  The Carlsberg beer is a good one, as is the Viking coffee, which is a coffee that includes Kamora Coffee Liquer and Bailey’s.  During the holiday season, the Viking coffee is one that I make sure to grab. 

The atmosphere in the bakery is also quite nice.  It’s well themed to a Norweigian countryside, including an oven outside for baking the sweet treats inside.  Complete with ornate tables, a roof thatched with grass, and a stone and wood exterior, it melds seamlessly into the Norway pavilion.  Every time that I head to Epcot, Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is on my must see list.  Even if it’s only for a quick school bread, this is one place I have to stop and have some unique food, very different from burgers and fries.


Posted on November 21, 2011

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  • by Stephen Howard on November 21, 2011, at 3:04 pm EST

    School bread is the best, but I love the cloud berry horn also. School bread doesn’t cost $1.99 anymore. It’s like $2.69 now.

  • I’m actually kind of shocked that people actually say there is nothing to eat but burgers & fries! I don’t know that I’ve EVER had burgers & fries there! There are SO MANY places to eat and wonderful foods to try. I’m excited to try the school bread now!

  • Just tried the school bread on my last trip, and I can’t believe I’ve never been in the Norway bakery! It was pretty quiet in there (everyone else was scouting out the Food & Wine) and the school bread was delicious – perfect to share.

    I totally agree with Julie’s comment. I hear that so much about the parks too and I’m flabbergasted. I never have a burger unless I am craving one. Which in WDW, is hardly ever.

  • Just was there in early November, loved the cappuccino cheesecake – had it several times over the past few years. No where to be found on this trip…

  • This is one I have not tried yet. It’s on my list now!

  • It’s awesome to hear someone else singing the praises of this place – my family are all very “meh” about it!! I LOVE IT. I love getting a nice pastry and a glass of milk and sitting in the outdoor seating watching all the little birds flying around… bliss.
    Never tried a sandwich there, but it’s on my list for the trip I’m planning next year.

  • This is one of our favorite stops for lunch. Since it’s at the “beginning” of the trip around the world, it normally fits in perfectly with our touring. I had the ham and apple sandwich last time we were there and really enjoyed it.

  • This is my all-time favorite place in Epcot to have a great dessert or light lunch. And yes, the schoolbread is to die for, Ryan! Get that and their signature soda, Solo, an orange soda, and it is a treat you’ll remember forever!