Test Track Tentatively Scheduled for April – Sept Refurbishment

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Though it is still only officially a “rumor” and tentatively scheduled according to backstage workers at the resort, it’s worth noting as a heads-up for anyone visiting Walt Disney World next year.

According to our sources Test Track is tentatively scheduled to be closed April 15 to September 21, 2012 for an overhaul and retheme to the Chevrolet brand as its new sponsor. I’ve been told the Chevrolet brand will replace General Motors so that they can put more focus on a single product line at the attraction. This bit of artwork already showing up backstage was passed along with the information about the closure:


This does seem to confirm earlier rumors about the attraction being updated and given a modern look – said to be something along the lines of a TRON-inspired aesthetic. You can read the first rumors and speculation about the overhaul ¬†from back in September¬†at the Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia blog.

Posted on December 23, 2011

5 Responses to “Test Track Tentatively Scheduled for April – Sept Refurbishment”

  • So I guess it really IS worth waiting until 2013 to visit Disney World again. With all of the new additions we would end up having to go two years in a row (not that it would be horrible if that happened!). 2013 is definitely going to be an awesome year at WDW!

  • Of course I already booked a trip for the last week of June 2012 – ARGH! This is one of my favorites and I’ll be disappointed if this is the case!!!

  • I also booked a trip recently for May and I really hope this is just a rumor! That would suck big time as I LOVE this ride and my girlfriend has never been on it.