Guest Blogger Travis Munson has been visiting Walt Disney World since he was six years old and recently had the opportunity to move to Orlando. Now, living only minutes away from the parks, he has the chance to follow the many projects currently going on throughout the entire resort.

The award-winning projection show “The Magic, The Memories, & You!” at both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland will be receiving updated “limited edition” segments throughout 2012. This past holiday season saw the first of these updates, with a special segment of the show redone to add a holiday flair. The holiday segment transformed the facades of Cinderella Castle and  “it’s a small world”  into a freshly baked gingerbread house, covered them with sparkling ice, and even featured a quick glimpse of Santa Claus. In November, “The Magic, The Memories, & You!” received the Award for Outstanding Achievement – Show Spectacular from the Themed Entertainment Association.

Beginning February 1, 2012, Walt Disney Creative Entertainment will debut a new segment that features romantic stained-glassed scenes and music from beloved Disney fairy tale classics such as Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Beauty and the Beast. In addition, the lantern scene from the fan-favorite film Tangled will light up the night sky as Rapunzel’s parents send up a lantern in honor of their lost daughter. This Valentine’s Day-inspired segment will be part of the nightly show through the middle of April.

Also, check out this early look at a summer sandcastle segment!

Images ©Disney


  1. Excellent post! Love this new show and think it is a great addition to the park. I will miss the newest segment but look forward to seeing the summer version 🙂

  2. We will be at Magic Kingdom on Valentine’s Day…looking forward to the show! thanks for the update, now we’ll be sure not to miss this one!

  3. Was just at Disney World 3 weeks ago and saw this show….it was AMAZING!!!
    Was wondering though…how much of the show are old pictures and how much is from that day???Also, is there a way to find out if you are featured during the show??
    It is almost impossible to see all of the pictures as the flash through on various parts of the castle!!

    • They combine a mixture of photos taken from that day as well as stock photos and videos they already have. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show! What was your favorite part?

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