Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Saratoga Springs Resort Renovations

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Earlier this week the Walt Disney World Resort filed paperwork indicating plans to fully renovate and refurbish the guest hotel rooms at the Wilderness Lodge and Saratoga Springs Resorts. The work on the guest rooms should commence in the next few months and will likely be performed in gradual phases. The contractor, Thor Construction Services, is known for some fairly impressive high-end “luxe” looking projects, including nightclubs and resorts in Las Vegas.

The Wilderness Lodge room rehab (Disney actually calls it a “room rehab” in the filings) should finish by April 2013, while work on the Saratoga Springs rooms should be finished by the end of March 2013.

Posted on January 31, 2012

6 Responses to “Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Saratoga Springs Resort Renovations”

  • At the Wilderness Lodge is this just the hotel, or the Villas as well?

    • The way the map was drawn seems to indicate the main hotel only – but they re-used a map that was created for an ice machine replacement project a year or so ago.. so it might be incorrect.

  • This is great news. My wife and I have stayed at the WL 21 times. Can’t wait to see the refurb. It’s our #1 resort at wdw.

    • We are taking our first trip to Disney this year. Our girls are ages 8 & 9. We are going dec.14-21. We are thinking of staying at the Wilderness lodge. Any advice? Is there any certain area of the hotel we shoudl reguest? Woods view ect.
      Thank you

  • Is there an estimated date for the Wilderness Lodge refurb? I’m in the process of booking a honeymoon for December and knowing if the hotel will be in refurb is helpful information.

  • The WL Villas are not included in this renovation. The Lodge project is scheduled for completion in October 2012, although the building is being done in halfs, so the north half will be done by the fourth of july holiday.