Located in Liberty Square, Sleepy Hollow has long been a favorite among Disney World fans for quick snacks. Disney recently updated the menu here to include some exciting additions. While two waffle choices remain from Sleepy Hollow’s old menu, three new waffle sandwiches have been added. Guests may still enjoy a plain waffle with powdered sugar or one with strawberries and whipped cream as they did before. But now they may also opt to try a Nutella with fresh fruit, sweet and spicy chicken, or ham, prosciutto, and swiss waffle sandwich! All of the sweet waffles are available all day and range in price from $4.59 to $5.59. The savory sandwiches are only available from 11am to 5pm and both cost $6.99. With all of these new options some friends and I were excited to try them (in the name of research, of course).

Photo by Michele Morabito

The chicken waffle was my favorite! It was made with a breaded and fried chicken breast dipped in a sweet and spicy sauce. The sauce had a kick, but it certainly didn’t feel unpleasant or leave me feeling desperate for water. The meat was placed on the waffle along with slaw and arugula to complete the sandwich. Now, I am not usually a slaw person since I am not a big fan of soggy veggies soaked in mayo, but this little salad was delicious and really rounded out the flavors of the dish. The waffle and chicken were freshly made and hot and the sandwich really hit the spot since I was starving. I’m pretty sure I inhaled it.

The ham option was my least favorite sandwich option. Even the presentation was not as appealing since it looked like they just slapped some meat and cheese onto the waffle and doused it in sauce. There was way, way too much ranch/mayo/mystery sauce on it. And it just sort of fell flat, especially in comparison to its yummy competition. Everyone at my table seemed to have the same thoughts on this one. Everyone thought it sounded better than it actually was and would have rather had the chicken or Nutella.

Photo by Betsy Bates

If you are looking for something sweet, go for the Nutella and fruit waffle. It is composed of a freshly made waffle slathered with Nutella (a chocolate and hazelnut spread for those of you who haven’t had it before) and a mixture of fruit. On the day we ate it, there were bananas, strawberries, and blueberries topping our waffle, but this may vary by season. I have an unhealthy love for Nutella so I was most excited for this one. It did not disappoint! The chocolate and hazelnut paired very well with the waffle and fruit for a really great sweet treat. Since this sandwich is served all day, it would be a great breakfast option, too.

Sleepy Hollow has a small seating area for guests to enjoy their waffles and other goodies. However, it is tiny so it may be tough to find a seat in there. The waffle sandwiches are yummy but messy so I’d recommend trying to find a table where you can chow down. Be sure to grab lots of napkins for this one! The seating area offers lovely views of Cinderella Castle so why not hang out for a while?

Castle View Photo by Betsy Bates

The kitchen here is equally tiny and it can take a while to get served since Cast Members make each waffle fresh. There was a bit of a bottleneck on the day we dined here and it was only around 11am. We had a fairly large group so we thought maybe it was just us holding up the works, but the cast member in the window told us that this kind of wait is fairly standard during the lunch rush. It should also be noted that in an effort to keep things moving along the Cast Members will not customize an order. For example, you may not have the ham sandwich without a boatload of sauce unless you wipe it off yourself.

Speaking of boatloads, these sandwiches are huge! You could easily share one if you are only hungry for a large snack. They do not come with any sort of side dish, but honestly I don’t think you really need one. If you’re still hungry there are plenty of snack options all around the Magic Kingdom! You could eat around the park, sampling all sorts of delicious goodies. If you can’t make up your mind about whether to get a sweet or savory waffle why not split both with a friend?

I definitely think I’ll be back here on my upcoming trip to Disney World! I think the new waffle sandwiches have put Sleepy Hollow on the Magic Kingdom map for all Disney food fans. Have you tried the new sandwiches yet? Let me hear what you thought about them in the comments!


  1. I had been waiting to try this for some time, so on our most recent trip, we made a bee line for Sleepy Hollow! The Nutella waffle does NOT disappoint!

    • It’s awesome isn’t it? I can definitely see myself skipping the queue in the bakery and heading for Sleepy Hollow one morning on my upcoming trip to have a Nutella waffle for breakfast. Thanks for the comment, Lisa!

  2. I concur that the waffle sandwiches are excellent. I wish that the meat ones were served after 5pm, but I suspect that would get in the way of producing funnel cakes and ice cream cookie sandwiches quickly enough to meet the evening demand.

    A chicken waffle with ice cream cookie sandwich for dessert sounds great! Now we just need to get chicken-and-waffles in the American Adventure Pavilion!

  3. We were excited to try one when we went in December and didn’t really like the prosciutto. We would have liked ham or bacon better for breakfast.

    • The prosciutto sandwich was definitely a disappointment, but I really love the other ones so I’ll stick with them from now on. I waas with a fairly large group when I sampled them and only one person really liked the ham and prosciutto. Thanks for the comment!

  4. I loved the chicken waffle sandwich, had it in the new year when we was there, will be definitely on the list for march when we are back, have a nut allergy so can’t have the sweet one.

    • I’m glad you loved the chicken! If you are in the mood for something sweet you could always have a plain one or with strawberries and whipped cream. I’m sure there are several people who are in the same allergy boat as you. Thanks for the comment, Diana!

  5. The chicken waffle is the way to go. You may want to ask them to go easy on the dressing…this is messy enough as it is!

    • Oh it was such a mess, but they didn’t they were very firm on not making any special requests. Seemed very un-Disney, really. But nevertheless, the chicken is awesome. Mess, but awesome. Thanks for the comment, Jeff!

  6. I really liked the chicken waffle though I could do with the slaw on the side. For me, it made my waffle all soggy.

    Maybe I’ll try it again during the 24 hours of magic on Feb 29! 😉

  7. I got the ham/prociutto/Swiss, and it was bad enough I’m not sure if I’m willing to try again for the chicken that’s getting better reviews. Way too much sauce as noted, a cold piece of meat and cold cheeselike substance on a waffle that was soggy and almost cold when they handed it to me.

    The waffle-as-sandwich-bread would work better for me if they used thin, crisp waffles, not the thick Belgian style waffles that are hard to fold and eat.

    • Yeah, it seems that most people are not on board with the ham option. If you like sweet stuff I bet you’d like the Nutella one if you’re not up for giving the chicken a shot. Thanks for the comment!

  8. I’d love to try the Nutella one for breakfast, but waiting until 11am seems kind of late. I wish they served them during breakfast hours to lessen the line at Main St Bakery!

  9. Did not care for the ham or chicken waffles at all. In fact, we all agreed they were gross. But the Nutella and berry waffle was delicious.

  10. Can anyone confirm that they are trying a new breakfast waffle sandwich with egg and cheese?
    I was visiting Sleepy Hollow on Wednesday February 1st and would swear there was a small standing sign on the counter advertising for it.

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