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In exactly one month Disney will celebrate Leap Day by keeping one park on each coast open for 24 hours as part of the One More Disney Day promotion. This means both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park will be open from 6am February 29, 2012 until 6am March 1, 2012. Below is some general information regarding the Magic Kingdom for the 24 hours.

Those looking to dine at the Magic Kingdom will have several options to fulfill their hungers. In addition to the normal restaurant operating hours, all table service restaurants will extend their hours until midnight. During these extended hours, only walk-ups will be accepted. In addition to table service, at least one of the counter service restaurants will remain open for the entire 24 hours. Breakfast items will be found at several dining locations throughout the park beginning in the early hours of March 1, 2012.

Attractions that run with limited hours, such as Jungle Cruise and Tom Sawyer Island, will remain closed after their daily operating hours. Many other attractions will continue to run throughout the entire 24 hours. It’s important to note that Big Thunder Mountain is currently down for a scheduled refurbishment until May 28, 2012, and will not be operating. Additional entertainment offerings that will run throughout the 24 hours can be found on the special February 29, 2012 Times Guide.

Transportation between the Disney resorts and the Magic Kingdom will be available for the entire 24 hours. In addition, other park services such as Guest Relations, Baby Care, and First Aid will be available.

Special edition t-shirts have been created and will be sold online for 48 hours following the event.

Posted on February 1, 2012

24 Responses to “One More Disney Day Magic Kingdom Information”

  • Any word on what time the busses will start taking people to MK on the morning of the 29th?

    • Typically the buses start running at least an hour in advance of park opening. This means that they should start around 5am on February 29, however there isn’t an official schedule.

  • whoo-hooo cannot wait!!!!!!

  • I noticed the crowd level is still at 2.4 out of 10,, are huge crowds not expected for the One More Disney Day special offer? Any idea how full the hotels are during that time? Disney is always wonderful, but I have to admit I am a little worried about it!

    • It’s mid-week during a typically low-volume season… I wouldn’t be too worried about it, particularly on the east cost. In DL, where a majority of visitors are local, the effects may be amplified a bit.

      Yes, the promotion will bring some extra people in, but probably not that many… being mid-week means taking several days vacation from work for most people, and given it was only announced NYE, on fairly short notice; for those travelling far, even things like airfare might be an issue anyway.

      • Thank you for the information, that does make me feel better:) We had the trip planned before they announced it so I thought oh no there goes the light crowds! Thanks again!

      • I’m curious about the crowd calendar for February 29. The Magic Kingdom is listed as a 2.4, but the waits are quite long. For example, Space Mountain is 59 minutes at 10am. However, the Magic Kingdom is a 3.5 on March 1, while the waits are much shorter. For example, Space Mountain is only 7 minutes at 10am. Has the 29th become that much busier?

  • Thanks for the update! I am hoping for an early breakfast, like around 4am, in the MK. Any chance that Crystal Palace might be open?

    • Oh, and that is one “Times Guide” I will put in my “save for perpetuity” file!

    • All table service restaurants will shut down at midnight during the 24 hours and will not re-open until normal operating hours on March 1, 2012. Several locations will be open early on March 1 (most likely 3am-6am) for breakfast, but it’s unclear which locations will exactly be open. And as always, everything is subject to change.

      You’ll definitely want to hang onto that Times Guide! I plan on putting it in my “Disney Maps & Stuff” collection.

  • Keep the OMDD info coming! We plan to be there for rope drop, but will probably take a mid-day break then come back for the wee hours of the morning, just because we can.

  • I am still trying to figure out a way to get there for this. We are supposed to arrive on March 2nd and I just can’t figure out how to move everyone’s schedule for this. Oh well.

  • Looking forward to seeing what they’ll do for those of us on the left coast.

  • Any word on special activities planned by the gang at TP? 😉

  • Ahhh, such a shame. I am a leap year baby and will be travelling from the UK (again) for a week on the 11th to 18th of February as these are the school holidays for the kids. I would have loved to have spent my 10th birthday all day in a park! Maybe for my 11th or 12th 🙂

  • In regard to transportation, any sense of whether early morning on the 29th will be bus only, or if the resort monorail will be up and running?

    • There is nothing officially saying whether or not the Walt Disney World Monorail system will be running that early in the morning, but buses should be regardless. If we receive any more information, we’ll share it here on the blog.

  • by Alice Berkowitz on February 3, 2012, at 7:29 pm EST

    I’ll be at MK on 2/29 – new to the site – what and where can i find the ‘TIMES GUIDES” mentioned – I am so happy to finally find some information about ONe More Disney Day

    • Welcome! You can find a Times Guide next to the Magic Kingdom park maps, both of which are located in the tunnel going under the Main Street Train Station. You can also find them in many shops throughout the park, as well as Guest Relations in City Hall on Main Street.

  • I can’t wait for this event, does anyone know if they are going to have special pins or rare character appearances, i know there is an offer for a special set of mouse ears to annual pass holders.

  • Saw on the Disney blog that Disneyland will be giving away commemorative ears and will allow guests to stand in line beginning at 10pm. Does anyone know what will be going on at the Magic Kingdom? I’m wondering about crowd size and would like to take advantage of any special offerings…especially since the ears were listed as free to the first guests.