Disney World Park Hours Updated for March

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Today Disney updated Walt Disney World park hours for March 2012. We are starting to get into a busy time of year, with many school districts’ spring breaks falling in March. The lengthening of park hours suggests that this March will once again have some very busy periods (as our Crowd Calendar predicted).

For an idea of how Disney goes about releasing park hours, you can read this blog post. Below is a list of March 2012 park hours with today’s changes in red (MSEP = Main Street Electrical Parade, EMH = Extra Magic Hours). Click to enlarge:

As you can see, Disney added many showings of Main Street Electrical Parade and Fantasmic! at the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, respectively. Animal Kingdom‘s hours were also adjusted, but Epcot remains on its standard 9am to 9pm schedule.

The rest of the TouringPlans.com website–including our Crowd Calendar–will be updated shortly. If you would like to be the first to know when the Crowd Calendar changes please sign up for our Crowd Tracker.

Posted on February 14, 2012

13 Responses to “Disney World Park Hours Updated for March”

  • That’s a handy chart!

  • I have a question about this update. It does not appear that WDW has updated their website to reflect the changes in park hours that you reported in this post. We will be there March 10-17. I see several of the days the AK hours have been extended to 8am to 8 pm. AK was supposed to have EMH from 8am – 9am on Monday the 12 and on Wednesday the 14. How do the extended park hours affect morning EMH? Will EMH now be one hour earlier? Or do morning EMH just go away?

    • You are correct that Disney has not yet updated the Walt Disney World website with these changes. Follow the link in Brian’s second paragraph to see how Disney releases its hours.

      And, yes, when a park opens at 8:00am and has morning EMH, Disney resort guests can enter at 7:00am. This happens regularly around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it’s not very common at other times (like 3/14/2012 in Animal Kingdom).

      • I guess this means they are expecting bigger than normal crowds? Our last two trips were in May…crowds were significant, but very manageable. I’m starting to get nervous, even though I know all of the touring tips and we always do morning EMHs. The choice between heading straight for TSMM or Jedi Training is going to be a tough one, though.

  • Same question as Katherine: So if a resort guest, is AK EMH @ 7:00 a.m. on Wed 3/14? Is HS 8:00 a.m. opening on Sun 3/11 an EMH or standard hour? (I know this is not on morning EMH column, just checking). Also, when there are “early” openings like this do they actually open 15-30 minutes earlier at HS?

    • I don’t think the 8 am opening for HS is an EMH morning. I think HS only has EMH on Saturdays. I posted this question on their Facebook page, too, and someone there answered it. The answer said EMHs would be moved earlier. I can’t believe a park is going to open at 7am!

  • Would be curious…if a very low % of resort guests actually get up for RD @ EMH mornings at the typical 8:00 EMH, what % shows up for a 7:00 am opening?

    • Our last two trips were in May (large but now overwhelming crowds). EMHs at AK and MK were wonderful! Walked right on to the Safari and Dumbo (we ONLY ride Dumbo during EMHs). We did have a short wait at Soarin’ (we didn’t do FP, just headed straight there to ride it once). No experience with EMH at HS. I, too, am curious about attendance at 7am EMH.

  • I’ll be there just before Katherine and am preparing myself for larger crowds than I’ve experienced before at WDW. My question is, on days that the MK stays open until say, 1am or 3am, can resort guests enter at any time until closing? I figure even if the park’s packed during the day it should thin out once Wishes is done!

    • Yes, resort guests can enter at any time during EMH. And, actually, evening EMH hours work a little different. Disney can’t really make people who are not resort guests leave the park. However, it has been our experience that the cast members ask guests to show their room key/key to the world card before they are allowed onto a ride. I have seen guests turned away from a ride during evening EMH hours because they did not have a resort card. Also know that not all rides are open during EMHs. The most popular ones usually are, but not everything.

      You may luck out the week before. I am not aware of too many spring breaks that first week of March, and you will be there after the President’s Day/Mardi Gras crowds. The spring break season “officially” starts on the 10th, I think.

  • Thanks Katherine – I’m more interested in photography than the rides so it’s fine for me that they won’t all be running.

    And yes, I’m hoping to have a few “quiet” days before Spring Break really kicks off!

    Have a great time.