Need Some Electronic Juice? New Charging Lockers At Disneyland Will Help You Out!

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Photo by Andy Castro

Many of us who visit the Disney theme parks carry around some sort of electronic device, whether it’s an iPhone, Android device, or a digital camera. One of the most frustrating parts of a vacation can be when you drain all the power from your device. Up until this point, you had the option of bringing the cord for your device to Guest Relations where they would often charge the device for you. However, something new has arrived at Disneyland: Charging Lockers!

Photo by Andy Castro

These new Charging Lockers at Disneyland (located where current lockers are on Main Street, U.S.A.) are perfect if you’re looking for a quick charge. For $2 per hour, you have the option to charge any of your electronics. You first select whether you want to charge your iPhone, Android device, or BlackBerry, or if you want access to a standard outlet (for laptops, cameras, and other devices). After you enter a four digit PIN, just head to the assigned locker and start charging! The iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry lockers come with the cords pre-installed, so you don’t need to carry around your own cord. For laptops, cameras, and other devices, you’ll need to bring your own cord and select the standard outlet locker.

What do you think of these new Charging Lockers at Disneyland? Do you plan on using them during your next visit? Would you like to see these at other Disney theme parks?

Posted on February 20, 2012

27 Responses to “Need Some Electronic Juice? New Charging Lockers At Disneyland Will Help You Out!”

  • This is brilliant! Love this idea.

  • They need this in WDW!

    • There has been talk recently of electronic charging locations coming to Walt Disney World. Whether they decide to use this locker system or not is unknown. Should be exciting to see what happens!

  • That’s a great idea… hopefully they get them at WDW too!

  • Interesting. I wonder how many guests will use these? I can see where they would be handy if in the park all day without any break during the day. Will be at Disneyland tomorrow, might have to use them ourselves —where in the park are they located?

    • They are located where the existing lockers are, right off of Main Street USA. And let us know if you do end up using them!

    • I am assuming you found them, but for others reading this, they are located on Main Street, half way down the street, on the right in with the lockers. As you walk in, they are on the wall to the right.

  • I wonder when this will come to WDW.

  • These lockers could be perfect for Feb 29th….

  • Thats a good idea. I think $2 is a little high. I would probably pick the one with the standard plug, but I would prefer a locker with 4 outlets. They should put solar panels on the roof to power the lockers.

  • This would have been great to have available on our trip in December. My iPhone’s battery died after many hours of entering wait times in Lines. I definitely would have used this service. Next time, though, I’ll be better prepared and bring a spare battery pack.

  • for the price of 15 hrs of charging, you can just buy 1 of these:

    and keep it with you. it charges ipads as well

  • Does the electricity come infused with pixie dust?

  • Great idea! Especially on the first and last days of a visit when you can’t check in yet, or go back to your room!

  • Sounds like a neat idea. They should add these around WDW, but not just at the front of the park. Add a few at the front of different restaurants so you could charge your device while you eat.

  • I think this is a great idea. I think $2 is a bit high, but that wouldn’t stop me if I needed some power.

  • jon: how on Earth is that more convenient than plugging in your phone. Why would I want to lug that huge thing around?

    I think this is spam and should be removed.

  • I’m kicking myself. I was discussing a similar concept a couple years ago. I “shelved” the idea but it seems someone else found out, lol.

  • So, Feb 29th, the lockers experienced a problem, and as they do at all times when encountering an error, the lockers all opened. Disney Castmembers collected the phones for safety, and those who used the services ended up having to stand in a line and provide evidence that x was really their phone/device.

    Couldn’t have been worse timing, as the park was STUFFED with people, and, well, of course, the phones didn’t get charged during the three plus hours it took people to get their devices.

  • I have a new phone, the LG Englighten, it’s a smart phone. Yesterday was the first time I have been to Disneyland on my annual pass since I got my phone. After about 6 hours, which put me at about 1pm, it was time to charge it. I didn’t bring my charger because REALLY, where am I gonna charge my phone in a theme park. While we were waiting for the parade to clear, I got to thinking about something I read, recently somewhere, cell phone charging at the Courtesy Counter? Hmm, what did I read? So I went and asked if they did such a thing and they told me the cell phone charging lockers were in the locker area on Main Street and it was $2 per hour. WONDERFUL! I ended up charging my phone for 45 minutes and with me not taking anymore pictures, the charge lasted me until I got home at 10pm. If you don’t have your charger, there are 2 plugs located inside the locker. One is for the Apple products, the second is for all others. Necessity is the mother of invention! THANK YOU DISNEYLAND!

  • This blog is bogus. We are at the park and there are NO charging stations. Don’t get your hopes up for charging stations. There are several places with outlets; especially bathrooms. But there are NO charging stations.

  • This blog is NOT bogus! The charging stations are on the locker room on Main Street in Disneyland. They are in the very first row.

    My question: does anyone know if they charge iPhone 5 now? Last time I used them I had a regular iPhone.

  • No they do not have an adapter for the iPhone 5 yet. I charged my 4S last night at Disneyland in the locker room. After an hour I got back to about 65%. There are also three outlets on the wall in the locker room, and people were sitting on the ground using those, for free.

  • Brilliant!! I was just at Disneyland this weekend and mentioned to my group that they should invent charging lockers…I can’t believe the actually have this!! I will be using this next time I’m at Disneyland for sure! I am just bummed I didn’t find your blog sooner 🙂