Daily temporary closures of the Resort and Express monorail lines at the Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World began this morning. The monorail lines will now be closed from 11:30 a.m until 6:00 p.m. daily with the normal service schedule resuming at the end of March. Buses and watercraft will be provided to guests as an alternative to reach the Magic Kingdom.

Per original the rumors of this closure posted over at on February 26, this closure will allow a construction crane to access the site of the Grand Floridian Disney Vacation Club resort that is currently under construction.


  1. NOT HAPPY about this at all! Just found out through and we are scheduled to leave next week with grandbabies who need mid-day naps. That’s why we are staying/paying for a resort on the monorail system…convenience.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Just talked to Disney and expressed our reason for staying on the monorail system and our disappointment when we learned that it will be closed from 11:30am to 6:00pm during our visit. They stated what was already posted in…they will provide buses and watercraft. Would have been nice if this had been known when booking reservations.

  2. This wouldn’t as big of a deal if it wasn’t coming on the shoulders of so many other closures and construction.

    I feel really sorry for some friends of ours who are taking their two little boys to Disney for 2 days (spending both at the MK and staying at the Polynesian). They will be there March 20th and 21st and are now potentially facing disrupted monorail service, no Dumbo, no Thunder Mountain, and no volcano pool slide at the Poly. It’s hard to justify the reasons for these closures to people who aren’t Disney enthusiasts and will probably only visit a couple of times during their kids’ childhood. It would be one thing if they had known about these closures when planning, but 8 months ago, who had any idea that all of these things would be unavailable at the same time during a busy spring break week? I am usually not one to criticize Disney maintenance or refurbs, but this seems like a lot at the same time. Do you think people like them who booked the Poly back in September have any recourse?

    • I agree…. We are able to go every other year… but still this is alot of closures all in the same area… I am upset that they are doing this during spring break… my boys LOVE the monorail and it was the deciding factor in choosing the Contemporary Resort. We ride it during the day for fun (not to mention going to other resorts – like the Poly for date night) grrrrrr

  3. This isn’t going to affect my trip in late April, but I’d be quite upset if I booked a monorail resort and said monorail wasn’t available during my trip. This is definitely something that should’ve been announced far in advance.

  4. I think that the restaurants at the monorail resorts might take a hit as well. Lunch or early dinner at these resorts could be a mess.

  5. Anne, I would press your case when you arrive, and see what the hotel management can offer you. Your time is valuable and you should get something for your inconvenience – don’t let them put you off.


  6. Just got my email to go through at Per their response, my email is important to them, the response time varies and a member of their team will respond within 10 days!!! 10 days??? Let’s see, I hear about the monorail closing today. I called, no help. I emailed and was told a response might take up to 10 days??? Hummm, a response in 10 days won’t do me much good, we will already be there.

  7. I booked my first-ever stay at a monorail resort for later this month expressly because I’m going on a short trip and wanted maximum ease of transportation. So much for that. My question is, how can I get from Epcot to Contemporary? I mean, I can get to the TTC from Epcot but that doesn’t do me much good as I will be stranded there…

  8. Katie — I am sure there will be a bus available to take you to/from the Contemporary from TTC, no its not as convenient (or cool) as the monorail, but they aren’t just going to leave you stranded.

    I agree with the poster above who suggested displeased hotel guests take it up with hotel management when they arrive (especially if you’re not getting anywhere through other routes). In my experience the staff at these hotels work very hard to make guests happy and while no, they aren’t going to just start the monorail up for you, they may be able to make it up to you in some other way.

  9. There better be a discount for everyone staying at Monorail Resorts during this time. As others state, I would talk to people at the hotel when you arrive to see what they can do for you. For many, Monorail access is one of if not THE top reason for choosing those resorts. Also, as a local, I can tell you I have no plans to visit MK during daylight hours as long as this is happening. I love the ferryboats, but hate the cattle call loading areas and very limited seating.

  10. Did they get any more specific than late March? We arrive on the 24th snd stay until March 30. Just wondering. I can’t understand if this is to move equipment in why don’t they do this overnight? We are staying at CBR and have a car rented. We had planned on parking at the transportation center and using the monorail both for Magic Kingdom/Epcot and dinig reservations at the Poly and Contemp. There timing doesn’t make sense at all!!

    • The monorails are only down a few hours overnight. Not enough time for the work involved. Disney chose the best possible time to have t

      he work completed. The work is needed to keep the system up to date. They don’t do these things to get people upset. They do them to keep everyone safe and to keep things running as best as possible.

  11. I’m a local season pass holder and though it doesn’t affect me much since I go to disney about once a month, I’d be furious if I spend the hundreds of dollars to stay at a monorail resort with no monorail

    Cant you change your reservation and at least get a cheaper hotel?

  12. Update…Yesterday afternoon while the monorail was down we left the Polynesian at 5:00 pm for a 5:40 reservation at Contemporary’s California Grill. It took us 40 minutes, yes 40 minutes, via bus to go from Polynesian to Contemporary.

  13. We have ADR made for Chef Mickey and a date night white the kids start at Poly Neverland Club. We are staying at Movies. I planned to catch the first bus to Epcot or MK and take the monorail. How do I get to the locations now? Advice please.

  14. It rained all day yesterday, Sunday, at Magic Kingdom. With no monorail running (between 11:30-6:00) and 2 little GRANDS in tow we had to take a small boat with a canvas top back to the Polynesian. Not only did we have to take the children, 3 and 9 months, out of the stroller and fold it up, we were soaked from the boat trip as the seats were wet and the rain was blowing under the canvas top….and there was no sign of anything being done at Grand Floridian that day….Come on Disney….your crowds are 10 out of 10…..we are in real need of the monorail. We’re paying to stay on the monorail system without the convenience of using it as we thought we would be able to. Again, thank you touringplans.comfor making us aware of this, those at Disney did not seem to be aware of it until it happened.

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