Disney Reservations Glitch Causes Erroneous Bookings

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We have heard from a reader that Walt Disney World is contacting many guests who booked dining, tour, and recreation reservations around February 26. The reader was told that his confirmations were not valid due to computer system problems that weekend. According to Cast Members, around 42,000 reservations were made in error.

If you booked something last weekend, you may want to confirm with Disney to make sure you still have your reservations. This is all the information we have on the problem at this time, but feel free to comment if you are one of the affected guests and let us know how Disney is handling things.

Posted on March 5, 2012

19 Responses to “Disney Reservations Glitch Causes Erroneous Bookings”

  • There have been problems with WDW’s Dining Reservations system for weeks now. I have 11 reservations with confirmation numbers for my next trip. The website will not let me display them regardless of whether I’m using IE or Firefox, or whether I’m trying from home or work – always tells me, “Unable to retrieve reservations at this time.” When I try to retrieve missing reservations, I get the same message. But, if I try to make a new reservation identical to the ones I already have, the system tells me I have conflicting reservations. So, it knows about them somehow. Spoke to someone on the phone and they said I’m not the only person seeing this issue.

  • by Laurie MacNeil on March 5, 2012, at 11:59 am EST

    On February 21st, I made reservations for our August trip. At that time, I was unable to book the Hoop-dee-doo. However, I kept trying to make the booking everyday, and on March 2nd, I was able to book it online. When I called to cancel the booking that we made at Planet Hollywood as a back-up, I found out that a few of our bookings were entered incorrectly. I’m really glad that I got to verify them all!

    By the way…the Hoop-dee-doo was going to be refurbished in August, which is why I couldn’t book it. However, I was told that the reason I could book it now was that the refurbishment is being post-poned.

  • It was most likely Henry Work’s doing. They should let him go so Betamouse can make its triumphant return. JK Henry!! (not really).

  • by Melissa vincent on March 5, 2012, at 12:25 pm EST

    This happened to us. We had res for ohana on 2/25/12 and we were told that the site had made to many ADR for some if the same time slots. I had to show my paper that I had made my ADR 6 months before. Still seated us but it was 45 mins late and they were turning away people who did have adrs.

  • I made a reservation for San Angel Inn through Mobile Magic on the morning of February 25. I just called to confirm it now and it’s still there.

  • We on our way to disney now. When I was trying to check in online yesterday it kept saying that our reservation was not valid or something.

  • by Debbie Wright on March 5, 2012, at 3:57 pm EST

    We just got back from our trip 2/26-3/1. We had three reservations-Disney Play and Dine, Crystal Palace and Tusker House Breakfast. There were no issues except waiting about 15 mins for a table at Tusker House. However, that’s not that unusual.

  • We received a call from Disney Dining yesterday, while at Epcot. We had a legit reservation for Thursday, until I recently changed the time. This new reservation was not going to be honored. Disney was not offering many options, since there are no openings near MK. They offered signature options, but I only have one table credit left per person. They could not adjust credits, but did offer $50 gift card. Took almost an hour on the phone, while at Cava. Gift card was waiting at nearest guest relations.

  • I made an ADR for Akershus in September for early March. I got my email confirmation a few days ago and it was for the next day. I went to our hotel concierge and showed him my original confirmation. He said my ADR hadn’t been altered in the system since my original booking and had no idea what happened. Luckily, they had an opening on the correct day, so we took that and avoided a princess catastrophe!

  • We actually booked ours on 2/26 so I freaked out when I saw this. Just checked the online site and all of ours showed up just as they were supposed to so I’m guessing we’re ok. *whew*

    • by UpsetDisneyMom on March 14, 2012, at 11:41 pm EST

      I wouldn’t be so sure. We also booked on 2/26. Our online info showed as we booked it. We got a call today telling us differently. Now the problem is that there are no dinner times available. They wanted to switch us to lunch. UGH! Obviously we get nothing but a headache for booking 180 days out.

  • I booked in December 2011 for March 2012. We leave tomorrow. i have deluxe dining and reservations at disney totally incompetent and tech support is worse. nothing but dropped calls and misinformation for 2 straight months. ask for a manager and they telll you they only exist in writing, they won’t speak to you on the phone. i can not view reservations online at all and when you call you get different info everytime about what is booked after going through 20 minutes of prompts another 20-40 in hold and the rest just gross incompetence. not much help trying to upgrade room either. no help across the board. no confirmation emails at all for pirates ;eague or BBB

  • WDW reservation systems were hard down on Monday, 2/27/2012, from 7:30am until about 4:30pm. That was the day we changed rooms at PO Riverside. I had a friend checking in that day, at Riverside as well. He said it was a zoo. He had reservations for the 5:30 seating at V&A. He arrived at the hotel around 9am and finally had to insist on getting a room around 4pm just to change to make the reservation at V&A.

    You couldn’t make any reservations all day. It was not a fun day to try to deal with the mess. We just put all the bags in the car and went to Epcot for the day, stayed there for a late dinner and went back to check in around 11:00pm. By then everything was back to normal. Sigh.

  • Had reservations at akershus for march 26 and checked to be sure they still existed.. All was fine two days ago up until today when Disney called to tell me they were not valid. They didn’t offer me anything but an apology.

  • My Disney Princess’ hope and dreams of eating at Cinderella’s Castle were dashed by this issue this week. We also had a very valid reservation that I exchanged for one that was apparently not so valid. I am so disappointed that Disney let this happen and could do nothing to make it better. We were only offered a $25 gift card, which will not come close to making this problem better. My sweet girl keeps seeing the castle on TV and saying, “Look mommy, that is where we are going to eat with Cinderella”. Breaks my heart… Trying not to let it ruin our trip.

    • I was very shocked, through this whole process, how little they were able to do to accomodate us or try to make this right. It was their error, not mine. It just seemed like they had a attitude of too bad, who cares.
      While in the parks, we had some customer service issues (even from managers) that was also very unDisney. Both have left a sour taste in my mouth.

      • by UpsetDisneyMom on March 14, 2012, at 11:46 pm EST

        I totally agree! I have been a long time traveler to Disney. I was totally surprised at their behavior. It wasn’t only one person either. Every person that I spoke with had the same “there is nothing we can do” attitude. I felt on our trip last year that the Disney “magic” was somewhat deflated. This experience proved that I was right!

  • by Meredith McCutcheon on March 14, 2012, at 4:48 pm EST

    I just got a call today regarding a reservation at Crystal Palace that I made three weeks ago (during this system “glitch”). When I asked if my other reservations were affected, she said that there was “no way to tell”. No way to tell????? When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said someone would call me back in two days. TWO DAYS?????? I called guest services and said that I had received a message about a problem with one of my ADRs (but that they didn’t say which one). She put me on hold and checked all of my reservations. This is the ONLY way to make sure (if you don’t want to wait for two days). Also, I created a separate Disney account for my husband and made a bunch of backup ADRs (since you can’t book two ressies for the same meal) just in case more problems arise. Good luck everyone!