There’s no doubt that Disney World is filled will glorious places to enjoy an adult beverage if you so choose. With the exception of the Magic Kingdom (the only Disney World park to not serve alcohol), there are many restaurants, bars, and beverage stands where you can grab a drink. While I don’t encourage getting totally trashed in Walt Disney World, I do suggest that adults who enjoy alcohol reach for something other than a Bud Light since the Disney Parks offer up some really unique concoctions.

This suggestion is for my beer fans out there. I’m a beer baby and always will be. Most Disney people suggest folks to travel to Epcot and grab an international beer, but I’d like to send you to somewhere a little unexpected: Animal Kingdom. At most counter service and table service restaurants in Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge, Safari Amber is available. It’s brewed by Anheuser-Busch specially for Disney. While it’s a pretty standard amber, it’s worlds better than any other beer offered. The aroma is a subtle caramel while the flavor is slightly sweet. On a hot day, I head over to Dawa Bar and grab a Safari Amber.

For my pick at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we head to the Tune In Lounge and order a Magical Star Cocktail. A mix of X-Fusion Liqueur, coconut rum, and pineapple juice takes your taste buds on an exciting and delicious ride. You’ve probably seen those radical color changing ice cubes in someone’s drink before, right? You get one in a Magical Star! We always find loads of inappropriate things to do with the ice cube once the drink is gone. Now, this isn’t the only place you can find this fun drink. Virtually every bar and restaurant on Disney property can make you one of these. I just like the Tune In Lounge at 50’s Prime Time Cafe for the entertaining photo ops.

Onto Epcot, the universe of diverse alcohol options. It’s hard to point someone in the “right” direction because there are so many places to go! Everyone is different, and that’s why Epcot is the best place in all of Disney World to drink. While I haven’t participated in “Mr. Toad’s Wild Bar Crawl” just yet, I’m experienced enough to give you a jumping off-point.

Like great mixed drinks and are fond of tequila? Go to La Cava Del Tequila in the Mexico pavilion and order something that doesn’t sound good. I’m serious. The weirder the drink sounds, the better tasting it is. My two favorites are the Jalapeño and the Avocado Margaritas.

I’d like to send the girly girls over to France to enjoy a frozen concoction from Les Vins des Chefs de France, the beverage stand across from Le Chefs de France restaurant. Both the Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush and the Grand Mariner & Grey Goose Orange Slush are fan favorites that can create long lines on the hottest of days. My personal favorite is the Grand Mariner Orange Slush. Be careful not to spill it, though! They fill these things to the brim, and I’ve seen one too many of them half-spilled on the ground. If I’m feeling particularly sassy and I’ve already had a few drinks, I’ll try and practice my high school French while ordering. Always a good laugh…

The last place I’d like to direct you to is not in a park but a resort: Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  Oh sweet heavens, you have no idea what is waiting for you at the bar situated upstairs in the Great Ceremonial House. At the Tambu Lounge, throw down thirteen bucks and change for a pineapple filled with dark rum, fruit juices, and…wait for it…Bacardi 151. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a pineapple that wasn’t hollowed enough and a bartender who is feeling sorry for you. I was once told, “The pineapple wasn’t hollowed out much so to make it worth your while I put almost all alcohol in that.” If this happens to you, shut your mouth and thank that loving cast member.

Now that you know about some of my favorite beverages in Walt Disney World, why don’t you tell me yours? Leave me a message in the comment section below!



  1. It would be really great if Disney would pair with a craft brewery for their specialty brews.

    • Yeah, there’s remarkably little selection of good craft brews in WDW. You can get Unibroue in LeCellier (though you probably have to be eating there), Kona at the Polynesian (their Pipeline Porter is my favorite – a porter made with Kona coffee), and then Abita at Port Orleans.

      • I love the Pipeline Porter! What’s sad is that even during F&WF last year, Disney cut down on actual craft beers that are unique to most people. I’m sorry, but offering “craft” beers that most chain restaurants offer is not impressive enough during a special event like F&WF. There are many places in WDW to find great wine but not as many to find great beer.

  2. I love the DAWA Bar in Animal Kingdom. When I go with my grandkids, I sit at the Dawa Bar and have Safari Amber while my son and his wife ride the train to the petting zoo at Rafiki’s. It is also a great area to catch the parade.

    I also like the fact that at HS, there are several beer vendors in and near the Osbourne Christmas Lights. It is awesome how easy and convenient it is to grab a beer and walk around while enjoying the lights.

  3. Outer Rim Lounge at the Contemporary is a great place to grab an adult beverage on a break from the Magic Kingdom.

  4. I love the Grey Goose Slush and the Pineapple, both are most does. Staying at the Poly in June and plan to enjoy several wonderful pineapples.

  5. my girlfriend and I go to epcot and drink around the world at least once a month! we start off with a margarita from la cava de tequila, and i ALWAYS get the traditional one, but i ask the bartender to make it extra strong for me and they always do! norway cant be passed with out a carlsberg, but last time i went i did a shot of some potatoo vodka that tasted like a christmas tree haha. then off to china, we get the gray goose and lychee berry vodka drink and thats also delish! guinness in UK, grand manier slushie in france, plum wine in japan, rumplemintz shots in germany…. and who can overlook the new addition of a red stag slushie in america?? ITS AMAZING!

    the best thing to do with a season pass and a few drinks in your belly is to do the kim possible missions…. always a blast.

    • You mention lots of good choices! Thank you! Carlsberg is such a relatively standard beer and nothing impressive but for some reason I just love it! I think it was the first drink I ever got in WDW when I turned 21.

  6. Tried the Poly pineapple drink in October for the first time…..don’t remember much of the night after finishing it…..pretty sure it was darn good though!

  7. The beer “flight” in Epcot’s aptly-named Biergarten is worth a try, as well! It gives you the chance to sample beers from several different regions, with information about each, and still leave the restaurant with nary a stagger.

  8. I do enjoy a frosty beverage or two while at the parks. It’s just a nice way to enjoy the day. I am happy to see that Disney is trying to get some smaller craft brews on property. For example, Orlando Brewing is now offered at Raglan Road and the Wave! I believe the Wave is doing free tastings on Saturday afternoons as well.

    I appreciate the fact that the author pointed out that Anheuser Busch brews the Safari Amber. Just so you all know, it’s the same Amber that the Darden and other restaurant chains have as their “Specialty Brew.” I know this as I used to work for AB before they sold out to InBev.

    Also, there’s a new free app out called “Beers and Ears” that tells you what bars on property sell what beer. It’s great to find something that’s not Bud.

    Great article! Keep the brew flowing!

  9. I know the slushies in France are the more popular choice, but I’m a bubbly girl and you can’t beat drinking a kir royale (champagne and chambord) under the Eiffel Tower.

  10. Don’t forget DTD. The margarita bar down by the lake makes a unique rum runner with a recipe found no where else on property. I always have one (or two)!

  11. I wish I would’ve known about the pineapple drink at the Tambu Lounge when I was at Disney World with my family from 2/25/12 – 3/3/12. We were there celebrating our daughters 8th birthday on Leap Day (her 2nd real birthday) and there were at least a couple of nights my wife and I could of used some 151 after a long day in the parks with both of our kids. 🙂

    We had a great time none the less.

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