Starting My Own Disney Collection

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Now while I have a favorite character (Minnie Mouse, in case you were wondering) and I have plenty of collectibles, I have found that I lack absolutely any focus in my collecting. So I thought it was about time that I found my collecting niche and went forth and conquered by creating a Disney collection that I could truly call my own.

My current mish-mash of collectibles...

The first thing that I wanted to think about was what type of space I had to devote to displaying my collection. My biggest fear was that I would start a collection, run out of space, and my carefully chosen items would be stuck living in a box! I started asking myself: Was I going to be able to hang my collection on a wall, or would I need a shelf? Would I need to purchase a piece of furniture to display my items, or could I move things around in my existing space? Would I be able to display my collection safely out of reach of my little princess? Would I have room to expand my collection for years? These were crucial questions that I felt needed to be addressed so I could make sure that I wasn’t unrealistic about space and would be able to share my collection with friends. With all that in mind, I knew that I wanted to keep it on the smaller side and stay away from things that needed to be framed.

My next consideration was what type of collector I wanted to be. Now, this may sound like an odd thing to take into account, but I wanted to think about my collecting habits and make sure that I would be able to keep myself sane while working to grow my collection. Was I going to be a completist? Or would I keep it casual? Would I make my purchases only on special events and holidays? Did I want my collection to include trading? I know that I have a tendency to want every single thing once I set my mind on making a “set,” so I made a conscious choice to make this a collection of enjoyment rather than urgency.

Next, I found myself facing the biggest consideration of all: how much was I willing to invest on my collection? For this one, I tried to keep in mind that I would be buying and receiving these as gifts, so I didn’t want to set a limit that I would find myself regretting down the road. With this in mind, I decided that I would be comfortable spending around $30 per item since I wouldn’t be running out all of the time to keep my collection growing.

With these three big questions answered, I decided to get out and explore my options at The Art of Disney and Uptown Jewelers on Main Street, U.S.A., in the Magic Kingdom. And as soon as I walked into Uptown Jewelers, I found myself face to face with my collection!!! The Olszewski PokitPals® Collection! At $20 each of these precious little boxes was in my price range, could be used to commemorate special occasions or trips to the Parks, and–most importantly–I found them irresistible.

Just a few of the Olszewski PokitPals® Collection pieces available at Uptown Jeweler.

Now after talking with the awesome cast member who endured my asking “Can I look at this one next?” for about an hour, I decided that I would start my collection with my beloved Minnie Mouse.

When I got home, I wasted no time taking my PokitPal® out of its box and placing it in its new space of honor in my china cabinet.


While I am only beginning to grow my collection, I am glad that I took the time to really consider my options and was realistic about my expectations now and in the future!

Posted on March 6, 2012

10 Responses to “Starting My Own Disney Collection”

  • My family and I are collectors! My husband collects shot glasses and my kid’s collect the pins. I on the other hand, have collected all the cats from Japan, and many of the Disney figurines.

    • by Shelley Caran on March 6, 2012, at 8:02 pm EST

      That is so much fun! My little gal is 5, and is wanting to start a collection of her own now! I love the cats from Japan, but I am obsessed with the owls!

  • Thanks so much for posting this! My dad collects small boxes and would love one of these. He won’t be coming with us (pre-existing medical condition) so this will make the perfect souvenir for him.

    • by Shelley Caran on March 6, 2012, at 8:03 pm EST

      That’s awesome!!! It stinks that he won’t be able to come with you, but I am sure that he will love his souvenir!!

  • I collect the pins (well over 100 of them in a handy pin collecting carrying case) and snow globes. The snow globes didn’t start out as a collection, it just kind of evolved into one. Now I have over 20 of these huge Disney snow globes, filling 2 curio cabinets and my dining room table and kitchen table!! I’m out of room at the moment and my husband says I can’t get any more until I find more room. I should just buy another curio cabinet!!

    • by Shelley Caran on March 6, 2012, at 8:05 pm EST

      Wow! My aunt is a HUGE snow globe collector, too! My uncle always tries to figure out if she has spent more money on buying snow globes or curios!!! 🙂

  • Collector of many things here, and with Disney that has come to mean pins and Vinylmation! We also have a few pieces of Jim Shore’s Disney Traditions line. I’d like to get into some prints of vintage Disney Parks artwork but I’d likely run out of wall space very quickly, haha.

    • by Shelley Caran on March 6, 2012, at 8:06 pm EST

      I love the vintage Disney Parks artwork as well, but my biggest issue is remembering to frame them!!! My daughter loves the Vinylmations, so that might be her collection of choice!

  • Mostly I collect pin badges. I have – I don’t even know, maybe 200 all in a display book and sorted by character usually unless I have a full set of one type.

    I’m definitely open to collecting other things too as love all things WDW!

  • I have a Chamila Charm bracelet that features the Disney Collection and collect ‘white’ Christmas ornaments as well. My charm bracelet, in particular, is a constant reminder of my happy place.