Resort And Express Monorails Resume Normal Hours

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On March 2, 2012 we reported that the Resort and Express Monorails at the Walt Disney World Resort would be running only during the morning and evening, with both lines being closed from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm. We are very happy to report that construction for the future Grand Floridian Disney Vacation Club has moved away from the Monorail beam, allowing for full Monorail operation to resume tomorrow (March 15, 2012)!

Enjoy your ride aboard the Highway in the Sky!

Posted on March 14, 2012

8 Responses to “Resort And Express Monorails Resume Normal Hours”

  • Just a quick note – they “tried” to close this week on Monday, going as far as putting out signs and manning extra CM’s with the intent of directing everyone to the ferry. By the time the line died down enough for them to really think of doing so, it was 4pm. They decided not to.

    Apparently that’s how the whole week has gone. What I’ve heard is that the Grand Floridian work itself was only going to be for a few days, but the Maintenance team asked for more time to work on the beams during the day. That apparently has been scratched.

  • When we arrived, 3/7, we were told they had just received an email and “yes” the monorail was running and then we went to get on and found out, no its not running. There seemed to be some confusion among the “cast members” as to what was going on.
    Let me just say that I had hoped it was not going to be too bad without the monorail between 11:30-6:00 but when it took us 40 minutes by bus to get from the Polynesian to the Contemporary for an early dinner reservation…yes, 40 minutes…I was beginning to wonder. Then there was Sunday, it rained all day. We did a good job of keeping the 2 little GRANDS dry, that is until our return boat trip to the Polynesian. With no monorail running (between 11:30-6:00) and 2 little GRANDS in tow we had to take a small boat with a canvas top back to the Polynesian. Not only did we have to take the children, 3 and a sleeping 9 month old, out of the stroller and fold it up, but we all got soaked from the boat trip back as the seats were wet and the rain was blowing under the canvas top….and there was no sign of anything being done at Grand Floridian that day….Come on Disney….your crowds were 10 out of 10…..we were in real need of the monorail. We were paying to stay on the monorail system without the convenience of using it as we thought we would be able to, very disappointing. While we had a lot of fun making memories, I think that boat trip was the real low point of our week. Maybe in a few years we will look back on it and laugh but not right now. And now the day we arrive home, I see the monorail will resume tomorrow…Thanks for staying on top of things and letting people know. It was only because of that I knew what was happening before we got down there.

    • Glad you heard about the Monorail closure from us! Sorry to hear about the difficulties getting around. I too had a similar boat experience a few weeks ago. The smaller boats they use offer absolutely no protection when it rains. Did you happen to let tell anyone at Disney about your difficulties getting around?

      • Travis, If you have the name and address of someone I could write to I would appreciate it. After reading of the monorail closing on, I called Disney… before we even left… to express our concern. Customer Service seemed really unconcerned and just told us there would be extra buses and watercraft. I also emailed Disney, got an auto-generated response that it may take up to 10 days for someone to reply…and here we are 10 plus days later, after our trip, and I still have not received an email reply.

      • Travis…Just checked out and twitter…You are a Disney expert! =D

  • Like the previous poster I also took the ferry boat from the MK back to the Poly on the Sunday that it rained ALL DAY. And it was miserable. I don’t understand why they sent the little boat with the canvas top when the next day (when it was sunny) we rode the larger completely enclosed boat. The guy running the little ferry boat on Sunday seemed miserable, too, and didn’t have a very nice demeanor. I am also glad I was prepared for the closure from this site – we saw MANY people checking into the Poly who had no idea till they got there.