The Walt Disney World Resort has begun installing mini-fridges in guest rooms at the All-Star Movies, All-Star Sports, All-Star Music, and Pop Century Resort Hotels. Several rooms at the All-Star Resorts now offer the fridges free of charge (previously only available for $10 and by request), and the installation of fridges at Pop Century should be completed by April. It is assumed the new Art of Animation resort will open later this year with mini-fridges in all rooms, as well.


  1. Nice! A standard fridge will save me $100 on my next family vacation, an incentive to stay on property. A break from Disney? I’m liking it.

  2. I think it’s great. We had a medical need for the refrigerator and it was a pain having to request one, then typically someone would screw up and we’d get charged for it, then we had to go back to the check-in to have the charge removed, etc. This puts an end to that struggle. AMEN

  3. This is great news. We normally staff off property as we usually find a hotel that includes a mini-fridge in the room for a cheaper rate than the Value resorts. This (and the free Wi-Fi) will make our first stay at Pop Century this fall even better!

  4. That’s great news, though now I have a question. I’m going in mid May of this year, so in theory they should already be installed. I requested one in my room when I made my reservation in December, will the fee be waived then?

    • Does it get as cold as a regular fridge? I’ve heard they are pretty much just beverage coolers and won’t keep food cold enough.

      • We stayed at the Pop Century during One More Disney Day this year. We had a handicap room with a fridge for medicines, but it didn’t get cold! So I asked for another one and that one didn’t get very cold either!!!! (At least they did deliver a new one quickly.)

        I got some ice from the ice machine and put that into the fridge. That helped, but don’t expect for these refrigerators to work as one would expect.

        • Thanks for the info. I was originally planning to bring my cooler and fill it with ice as needed, so I guess I’ll just stick with that.

    • What are the dimensions on mini fridge? Can it hold a gallon of milk or 1/2gal? I was told this is just a fridge no freezer section–is that true?

      • True – the fridge we had at the Pop Century didn’t have a freezer section. I would suggest 1/2 gallon of milk. Actually, I would first make sure your fridge gets cold enough so that the milk doesn’t spoil.

  5. Staying at All Star Sports Resort in Mid April, would love to know if fridges have been (or will be) installed by then!

  6. Hello… mini-fridge on value resorts? cool.. does any ones knows if they already installed them???

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