Unofficial Guide Disney Dish with Jim Hill Podcast Released

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Another episode of the Unofficial Guide Disney Dish with Jim Hill podcast has been released. Join Jim and me as we walk through Downtown Disney and talk retail spaces, dining habits, and more. Here’s the link in iTunes; here’s the MP3 directly.

If you have time after listening, we’d appreciate it if you could rate the show on iTunes and provide feedback on which destinations you’d like us to visit next. Thanks very much.

Posted on March 29, 2012

20 Responses to “Unofficial Guide Disney Dish with Jim Hill Podcast Released”

  • by Andrew Drummond on March 29, 2012, at 9:43 am EST

    Let me say off the top that I only found this podcast a few weeks ago. But the first episode was so good I had to stop my car to tell my wife to go download it RIGHT NOW.

    That said, the first recording was in May 2011, and I think that you would certainly have enough stories and rumours to do the Magic Kingdom again.

    Other thoughts:

    – A tour of DVC resorts?
    – A couple hours of riding DTS commenting on the various things you may pass on the way?
    – Waterparks?

  • Ah, DVC resorts. Interesting. Let me noodle on that. Thanks Andrew!

  • I 100% agree with Andrew on your MK podcast. That was awesome to hear the backstory of failed and future projects. Hearing the music of the park in the backround was awesome and I would love to hear anything in this fashion moving forward.

  • One more thing, one of the 2 guys speaking sounds identical to Jack Black!

  • What about heading out to the west coast for a little DLR love 🙂

  • edit – I am really enjoying the podcasts btw. I like how you descibe where you are and I am able to picture it exactly.

  • I love your podcast so much! I love being able to take a virtual tour of the park with someone who knows so much crazy Disney trivia. The story about the Boardwalk carousel model is the sweetest thing and the discarded plans for the prehistoric section of Animal Kingdom are heartbreaking.

    So what are you guys going to cover when you run out of theme park locations? I’d love a show (or a series of shows) about the history of Disney animation that covers films that were changed during production, films that never happened, and what happened after the studio was (to put it politely) downsized in 2002. And of course, shows covering Universal, Sea World, and maybe a show about historical central Florida attractions would be good too.

  • Gotta do some quality bus/monorail/boat touring. Then you can talk about the empty spaces of WDW and what people would potentially like to build there!

  • Len,

    I love the podcasts, but I feel like a total moron. It takes forever for me to locate the podcasts in iTunes. I try finding it under travel podcasts, but that’s not a category I can locate. Please help me.

    Greatly Appreciated,


    • Hey Andrea!

      Click on Society and Culture > Travel, and you should see it with the logo (the red letter “t”). Or just search for “Unofficial Guide Jim Hill” in the search bar, and it’ll come up. Let me know if not.



  • Hi Len,
    You asked about additional suggestions for future podcasts, but do you really need a topic? Both you and Jim manage to discuss a variety of issues as you walk around the world and it is always entertaining. I would suggest playing pin the tail on the WDW map and wherever you land, you start your ramblings. Perhaps in a backstage area? Regardless of where you start, I am assured that I will get quite a few laughs and learn a lot of useless Disney information. I am a loyal listener of WDW Today and the Magical Definition Podcast and now I have my two favorite Disney nerds in an additional podcast. Faabulous!!

    Thanks for the laughter,


  • Is there a way to put the RSS feed for the podcast up or put it in the Zune Marketplace? Would love to add it to my MP3 player to listen to.

  • Awesome podcast, I listened to the whole series and found them very interesting. Only one complaint, Jim literally uses the word literally about 600 times in the 7 podcast.

    • Yep, and not once is it used correctly. He has caught the sickness that has infected so many Americans. They want to use the word as an intensifier or a substitute for actually instead of its proper meaning. Len is not immune either as he likes to throw it around quite often as well. I can barely tolerate the podcasts because of it.

      • I’m going to try electroshock therapy in the parks this week to rid myself of the habit. I noticed I used it a couple of times on the new podcasts too. Perhaps an air horn noise, covering up that part of my speech, would be better.


        • Haha! yeah IMO the air horn would actually be less annoying – not literally, just actually (see what I did there?) You’ve got the sickness, but Jim is eat up with it. It’s a shame that his brilliance is hidden by the overwhelming distraction of his Tourette-like use of the word. I know I seem like a prick – it’s just become a pet peeve of mine. Hearing it used incorrectly daily by media personalities, talk show hosts, “journalists”, writers, etc. has become unbearable. It’s indicative of our nation’s degeneration of the English language due to laziness and ignorance. Anyway, I do appreciate the intent and the insight.

  • When is there going to be a new episode? I’m jonesing for a new one! This show is SO chock full of interesting information!