New Optimized Plans UI Launching Thursday

by on April 16, 2012 12 Comments

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Great news – the new Optimized Touring Plans user interface is launching this Thursday morning! This update includes a new overall look, the ability to evaluate your plan without changing the step order, and more! Check out what we’ve been working on!

Posted on April 16, 2012

12 Responses to “New Optimized Plans UI Launching Thursday”

  • by Keith Peterson on April 16, 2012, at 11:03 pm EST

    Great news! Looking forward to planning for my trip in June, including an Ultimate Magic Kingdom attempt!

  • Fab! Just in time for our trip. Perfect timing guys!

  • Yay, just in time! We leave Saturday!!

  • by Andrew Drummond on April 17, 2012, at 8:57 am EST

    Indeed. I am very excited. I did a lot of playing around with it the first time and I’m looking forward to seeing the next iteration!

  • Fantastic! Your delightfully scientific approach is one after my own heart. Thanks for continuing to update and improve the personalized touring plan features!

  • by sarah knight on April 17, 2012, at 1:58 pm EST

    I’ve been checking your site everyday for this. I am SOOOOO excited!! My family thinks I’m nuts (and I am a little).

  • We’re leaving next Friday- cant wait to get my touring plans together. Will you be adding the Great Goofini to the attractions list for MK?

  • In the old UI, we could take an existing UG plan and “copy” it to create a personalized plan based on it. How do we do this in the new UI?

  • My optimized TP for Hollywood this Saturday does not work. TP shows do not match published showtime schedule. Anyone got any suggestions?

  • I just tried to evaluate my plan and kept getting a server error and then when optimizing it doesn’t seem to change the plan much when I choose less walking or less waiting. There’s just as much walking when I choose “minimize walking” and with the old optimize it seemed to cluster the rides in the same area together and this one doesn’t seem to do that as well. And in fact, the “walk time” shown at the bottom is MORE when I choose “minimize walk time” than when I choose “minimize wait time”. That seems backwards to me.

  • When I go to optimize a personalized plan my dining ADR’s end up at the bottom of my list and not in the estimated time frame within the touring plan. Is this normal?