The new UI for Optimized Touring Plans is here! This new system is a complete overhaul of how you build plans, edit, view and even print them. We’ve also added a ton of new features, including the ability to Evaluate your plan – this new option lets you check out what your predicted wait times would be for the schedule you put together. So if you know you’re going to say, do everything in the Magic Kingdom in clockwise order, just put the steps in the order you want, hit the Evaluate button and find out just how bad an idea that might be…

We’re really excited about this new system! We have some intro videos coming up soon to help you navigate the waters, but until then feel free to check it out and tell us what you think. We have a form just for that – click here to submit a bug report or give us suggestions for the next phase of development. (Two things we’re already working on – the ability to copy and delete plans will be in the next phase, coming up soon.)

WDW Plans:

DLR Plans:

Update 4/21:Β  You can now copy premium plans into a personalized plan, where you can edit, optimize, and evaluate.Β  Also, Rests can now have custom titles.


  1. The update seems to have broken the UI. Everything is now text based, no buttons or images. I’m guessing the stylesheet got unlinked somehow.

    • ….. and we can’t even test the new features because none of the links on the “Plans” tab are valid. Click them, and they do nothing.

    • The CSS issues seemed to be fixed. We are aware that some users are experiencing slow site load. Thanks for your patience as we bring this huge update online.

        • Printing should be working fine. Let me know the url if there’s an issue with your plan and I’ll check it out. Thanks.

          • Unfortunately, it’s still an issue (or it is again today, the 23rd). We can’t edit our existing personalized plans or customize yours.

  2. Editing an existing plan seems to be broken. I cannot change the date I’m planning for. The “Save” button doesn’t work.

  3. This works great! I love the Evaluate option. The only problem I’m having is that the Hollywood Studios touring plans no longer include many of the shows: Beauty and The Beast, Indiana Jones, and Disney Junior are gone!

      • Len, There’s no specific URL. I just discovered, that when making personalized touring plans for Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, many of the live shows are now missing as options. Users can no longer include Lion King, Nemo, Flights of Wonder, Beauty and the Beast, LMA, Indiana Jones, or Disney Junior in their touring plans.

      • I can confirm what Meredith is saying. Shows are missing from Hollywood Studios. I’ve looked both in Attractions & Entertainment as well as Shows, Parades & Diversions.

    • Plans now check for showtimes based on the date – we may need to update our showtimes for some things to show. Thanks! This is why it’s beta. πŸ™‚

      • Sarah, Since Touring Plans doesn’t post showtimes for a specific date until a week before that date, does this mean that I won’t be able to include shows (like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc.) into my touring plan until a week before?

        • Meredith – we try to post estimate show times well in advance, so you can schedule things. Brian, our statistician, does this, and I think he says the schedules are fairly constant most of the year. I’d still re-optimize the plan a week before you go, when we’ve got the exact schedule.

          • Len, I was actually responding to something that Sarah said. Earlier, I had stated that users could not longer include shows in their personalized touring plans (like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc.). These options are simply not there under any category. Sarah said that this is because personalized plans now only include shows if the showtimes are available. To make a long story short, these shows are still not options in any of the personalized touring plans. They are just not there. Thanks, guys. I know that this is new, so there will be some kinks to work out. But I LOVE the concept!

          • Hi Len. My dates aren’t until 8/22-8/29. I was just experimenting with the personalized touring plans so I could see when the best time would be to fit in some ADRs that I have yet to make. We are planning to go to HS on 8/24 and AK on 8/25. When I try to create a personalized touring plan for each of these parks on these dates, the shows simply don’t show up as options to select for my touring plan. The URL for my HS plan is I didn’t save an AK plan when I realized that I couldn’t include any shows in the plan. Thanks. You guys rock!

        • We haven’t been showing them, but we do estimate showtimes a year out. (They’re subject to change, of course!) So that’s what we’re using here. Don’t worry, you will be able to plan shows. What dates are you looking at when building a plan? That’ll help me debug!

          Edit: Just saw your dates. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

        • FYI for anyone having this issue – if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the tabs, do a search – you can add Lion King, Nemo and any others straight from the results. I just confirmed this works on 8/25. Even if they don’t show up in the tabs, they’ll be in your plan. (working on fixing the tabs, though)

  4. You may see some slow response time for the next 30 minutes – we’re doing some database tuning. Thanks for your patience!

  5. It seems I can’t evaluate a plan without the system setting the options to “Average” and “Balance”. In addition, if I add a break, even within a time slot, i get an error.

    Is it because the time for the break has to be an exact time that works within a plan? Like if it’s off by a few minutes, the system will say “No”? Is there a way to not specify an exact time when asking the system to evaluate a custom plan?

    Thanks! I look forward to using this tool!


    • Actually, it’s most likely a latency issue – should be worked out in the next few minutes. I checked your plan and it looks fine, no issues. Thanks!

      • I’m still having the problem with the breaks… at least that what it seems to be. It’s hard to know with the generic error message. What could cause that error? breaks being too long, having shows not able to be scheduled within the specific order of steps, fastpasses being exhausted?

        Also- it seems to be using the “average” speed of walking every time I evaluate.

        Thanks again!


        • Scott, I just added a break to your plan with no problems, and was able to Evaluate as well. We’re double checking the walk speed right now. What error are you getting when you try to add?

          • Just tried it again…

            The error after evaluating says,

            Server reported an error in processing. Please check your steps and try again. If you continue to see this message, please notify

            I didn’t add any steps, I just hit evaluate.

          • I think it’s using existing plans that’s the problem… i recreated the plan from scratch and am having no problems.


        • I have the same problem with walking speed. No matter what I do, walking speed resets to “Average” and waiting vs walking switches to “Balance”.

  6. Love this! Great job!! So excited for heading back to the World, with Touring Plans/Lines app in hand.

    • We only have the major meet and greets in the system – the ones with trackable wait times and fastpasses – at the moment.

      We do have a plan for making characters optimizable in the near future, but for now you can use a workaround – add a break with a note saying who you’re meeting and how much time you think you’ll take. The system will work around it.

  7. Just a couple comments:
    1) The drag controls for re-arranging tour steps aren’t quite intuitive – I can only get them to work if I drag the little arrow to the right a little bit (so it overlaps the tour step itself) before moving up or down.
    2) The button for View & Print is offset from the text.
    Firefox 3.6.18 – might be my browser rather than your site.

    • 1) You actually don’t need to click on the arrow – you can click and drag from anywhere in the step text and that will work as well. That might make that easier for you.

      2) Could you email a screen shot? I’ve got Firefox and the button looks correct to me. Do you have a smaller sized screen?

      • E-mail will be coming. I tried IE 8.0.6001 and the button is fine.
        However, there are also some other kinks. Seems to be a timezone issue trying to set the time for a Disneyland plan. Also the pop-up for editing the plan Basic Info is too small for the content, meaning a lot of scrolling. It kept popping up an error about start time being before park opening, but when I closed the pop-up it looked like my times had stuck.
        And no matter if I use Firefox or IE, I’m getting no response when I try to Evaluate. Just the “Preparing data…” spinner.

  8. Somewhat OT, but I sent an email a few days ago and haven’t heard back. The crowd calendar page for 4/28 seems to have an error– the paragraph at the top says that Epcot has evening EMH the day before, but it doesn’t. The EMH is that night. Any ideas?

  9. I was just starting to input the basic information to do a plan for Thursday, June 7th at MK and it’s informing me there’s morning EMH from 5-6am. There are indeed EMH that morning at MK but I’m pretty sure they are from 8-9am!! Thanks for all of your hard work, once the bugs are worked out, I can’t wait to untilize this for my upcoming trip!

    • Hm, I just tried this and it says 8-9 fine for me. Can you try it again? Possibly I was in the middle of updating when you checked last.

  10. Awesome job, guys! Everything I reported has been fixed! My only complaint: this new system is highly addictive! πŸ™‚ Glad my daughter’s taking an extra-long nap today!

  11. The optimized touring plan feature is great. For some reason I can’t seem to get it to a print ready format. I’ve tried clicking on the “Print” button but nothing seems to happen.

  12. One more question. How do I delete personalized touring plans under this new system? I can’t figure it out.

  13. Love the child swap option! I have been eagerly awaiting it since I heard that it was in the works. One problem–it’s not an option for Space Mtn (just a notes field). Splash & Big Thunder work fine.

  14. With the update, the ability to create custom “attractions” is gone… will that be coming back. As I am a park-hopper I need the ability to put in dining reservations for a resort or other park and I can’t do that anymore…

    • No custom attractions, but you can add an out-of-park break for the same functionality. Just add a note to say what you’re doing and the time and duration you’ll be doing it for.

  15. I’m having some issues trying to create Disneyland touring plans. The first issue seems to be with timezones. When you edit or create a new plan and choose a date to optimize for, the time that is automatically selected based on the date is off by three hours. For example, it says the estimated opening time for Disneyland is 11:00am for August 13, 2012. When you actually save it it appears to be set at 8:00am. The same problem comes in when you select breaks and meal stops. I entered 11:15am for lunch and when it was saved it appeared as 8:15am. The second problem is that no matter if I select “evaluate” or “optimize” for my plan all I get is a spinning circle with the text “Preparing data.” I’ve tried this several times and let it load for many minutes (even leaving the page and coming back later) and it never gets past the “Preparing data” stage. If you would like to look at the plan it is


    • Replying to my own post… Just wanted to follow-up that I can’t get *any* Touring Plans to optimize for Disneyland (created several new ones just to test), but have had no problems with Walt Disney World. Not sure if there is a problem on the DL side of things.


    • Working on this now – times are fixed for new DLR plans, finishing up the existing plan issues.

      • Sarah, I was wondering how this was going? If I try to create a new plan for DL it shows the correct opening and closing times, but when you try to move to the next step you get an error message stating that the plan must have a starting time after the park opening. Similarly, if you try to optimize an existing plan it will error out and say to check your steps and try it again (any attempt to alter the time results in an error message regarding opening and closing times).

        • The good news is that particular problem is fixed now. πŸ™‚ Your plan above is still having an issue evaluating, which I have identified and should be able to fix soon.

          • Just wanted to followup that I can now successfully get through the new UI to create a new plan, but it still won’t optimize or evaluate. All of my plans error out with “Server reported an error in processing. Please check your steps and try again. If you continue to see this message, please notify” I initially thought maybe my meal breaks were causing the problem, but I removed everything but attractions and still have the problem. I have a problem with the initial plan that you acknowledged and also with a newly created plan 150446.

            Thanks for your help on this.

          • New followup for 4/22/12… It looks like many of my plans that were failing are now optimizing (thanks!). However, the time issue seems to be back. I just tried creating a new plan for a Magic Morning for 8/14/12. The UI appropriately prompted me to select the option to use Magic Morning and it moved the start of the day to 7:00. It erred out when I tried to move to the next step and adjusted the time forward to 10:00. The new plan is 151283 if you need it.

            Also, is this the time to bring up that the optimizing algorithm is still trying to put Toontown attractions into the first hour of the park being open along with character meet and greets? Also, attractions that are not open during the Magic Mornings are being selected for the first hour during Magic Morning plans.

            Thanks for looking into these issues.

  16. Also- I sent this under the “bug” link you provcided as a suggestion, but the comment area here seems to be where the action is…

    Is there a way to edit the end time of a personalized plan to NOT coincide with the scheduled park hours? I ask because when you’re scheduling for a trip months out, the listed official hours are bound to change. So an 8pm close is likely to become a 9pm or a 10pm close. It would be nice to have plans for various potential closing times.



    • You can change the hours, but not to further past the finish time or before the start time. (However you can add meals before start time if needed.) It’s on the Phase 2 list to auto-adjust for park hours as needed.

    • Katie, after adding a new fastpass step, you’ll need to Evaluate to keep the step and have the system recalculate times. If your wait is still too high, check the estimated return time on the fastpass step – make sure that you move your ride to within an hour of that return time to ensure the system knows to use the pass.

  17. Looks great (love the childswap option), but I can’t seem to delete an attraction from my personal plan. I press the delete button and it goes to the top of the screen and doesn’t delete. Also having an issue with saving the date and time change on some of my plans (works on others).

    • What happens when you try to print? It works for me using Firefox on a Mac – are you getting an error? Can you send me a screen shot at sarah at touringplans?

      Looking into optimizing 149534 now.

        • Please note that the “View/Print” button only gives you an optimized page, suitable for printing – it does *not* send the page to your printer. You will need to do that through your browser in the same way you would print any web page, usually through the File menu to find the Print option.

    • I was just able to optimize 149534. Check it out and let me know if you’re getting an error or else what is happening when you click Optimize, ok? Thanks!

      • Sarah, “optimize” is now working, however, “view and print” will not. I emailed you the screen shot. I can’t even cut and paste it to a word doc. Is there some other way to print the plans?

        • Harold, it looks like the print view is working – I was able to get to it in IE and print from there. Try this link:

          That should take you straight to the print view. From there, you can press control-p to print or use the printer icon in the upper right corner of your browser. Your browser, in this case IE, is what handles printing for your system, not the web page itself.

          If you get an error when you click on the above link, let me know what it says, ok? We will get to the bottom of this! Thanks!

  18. I am trying create a Disneyland Touring plan and I am getting and error stating I must select a start time after opening and end time before closing. I began with the defaults and still get error even after adjusting. Trying to build in late July time frame

  19. This new optimized system looks fantastic and seems to be working very well.

    However, I am having a difficult time incorporating Fastpasses into my schedule.
    The fast pass is either ignored or deleted entirely. I can’t seem to get my plans to accept any fast pass queues.

    • Are you using Evaluate or Optimize?

      Optimize will delete all FP steps and recreate any that it thinks you might need.

      Evaluate will give you the times for your steps as they are. In order to use a FP, make sure that the step to ride that attraction is moved to a place where the arrival time is within an hour of the return time for the FP (if you don’t know the return time, Evaluate once to see what it will be, then move the ride step as needed and Evaluate again).

      If you have a plan where the above is not working the way you expect, let me know the url and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

      • I haven’t been able to fully utilize the fastpass option for any of my touring plans in my time playing around with the new UI. It may be something I am doing wrong. I add the fastpass step, evaluate, and the fastpass step is removed.

        Here is one touring plan. Im trying to add a fastpass step prior to crystal palace

        Thank you for your help. The UI looks like it has great potential and the response to questions has been excellent.

        • Chris, In my experience, merely adding a FP step causes TP to delete it. You must add TWO steps:

          1. Get the FP for the ride.
          2. RIDE the ride.

          Hope this helps.


          • Len, perhaps you might want to make this “feature” clearer in any “user manual” you might publish. I’ve probably encountered people having this exact problem a couple of dozen times now. It’s intuitive to a “programmer” type of person, but not an end user. πŸ˜‰

            Go well, great job.


          • Good point! If you build new plan and click the fp plus sign first, it will auto-add the ride as well. Just to be nifty. πŸ™‚

        • Oddly enough, it seems to just be this particular plan acting this way. While I’m tracking this down, you may be able to work around by creating a new plan – if it still does the same thing, let me know! I’ll keep working on this one.

  20. I, too, am addicted to this! I do have one issue/question. Is it possible to make a two-day personalized touring plan for MK or Epcot?
    Or could we start with one of the pre-made plans and modify it for our purposes?

    • You can do two plans for two separate days, but there’s not a way to optimize all the attractions across two days at the moment. But copying plans will be in the next phase for sure!


    Hi guys,

    Really happy to see the update. I was playing with my TP for HS (we will be there 5/7/12) and it worked really well till I tried to find a way to put Jedi Training at a specific time. I couldn’t see a way to do this, so tried to add it as a meal reservation, but when I optimized, the plan changed everywhere including going on until 2 in the morning (after the park is closed). Thanks for any help and can’t wait to see the instructional video!

    • Ok, Len says that the engine thinks you won’t have enough time to complete all the steps in this plan. That’s why there’s odd numbers at the end of it.

      • Thanks much, Sarah, can you tell me how to add the Jedi Training at a specific time without messing up the rest of the plan? (I’m hopeful we can get my sons signed up first thing) Thanks!

        • What you’re going to want to do is add the step, put it where you want it and then Evaluate (which shouldn’t move anything). If it doesn’t come up with the time you want, move and Evaluate as needed.

          We’ll be adding the ability to choose a specific showtime at a later date.

  22. I was trying to do a plan for DHS on June 6th (when it has EMH) but it would not do anything when I clicked the “yes” button for using EMH.

    Also, it seems to be ignoring my attempts to insert breaks.

  23. I love you guys, and I was so excited about the evaluate option. I have specific needs, so after I researched the best attraction order for my family’s needs, I loved the idea of evaluating the timing of it all. But this new version is so buggy, messing up all my plans! Times reset when you edit the plan (and why military time?!), walking speed resets, print button not working.
    I leave Sat am, and just want to print my plans. I pushed evaluate and it optimized my meticulously built AK day!! And I can’t Undo! And the rearranging is so difficult! And it deleted the first line of every single one of my steps! (The description box?) It only saved the added info that was in italics. There should be an option to Undo, or discard changes, or manually Save. What a disaster to my plans.
    And you’ve gotten rid of things like “Epcot character spot”, “Innoventions West” / -East”, why? They are on my old plans, but can’t be added to new ones.
    And “Custom” steps are now “Rest”? That doesn’t fit the steps I’ve made, to call them “Rest.

    Sarah, above you said “This is why it’s beta.”
    I think that you should offer the old way, while you are working out all the issues. An upgrade should be optional until things are worked out.
    Again, love you guys! (I’ve read UG2012 cover to cover, purchased subscription, use Lines, listen to podcasts daily, etc etc!)
    But please, I have been planning for months, and I leave for Disney in 32 hours!

      • Thanks, Len!
        The print button works now. The other stuff is preference related. (Things like 24 hour time format, forcing your timing to go with park hours but not telling us the park hours right there for that day, pulling out of bunch of stuff that used to be there, etc. Although I am glad to see the seasonal stuff gone)
        But my attractions are still obviously all out of order, since there was optimization. (There should be an undo, or a manual save)
        I may be able to fix it myself. The reordering works better I guess while you guys aren’t sporadically fiddling around with fixes. And, luckily, I came home from work after my fiasco, and found my AK plan open on my laptop, still under the old version! I can show you what it used to say in the first line of each step. But here is the plan in case you can help:

        • An example would be my first step was a custom step. I typed:
          FIRST BOX: Be at bus stop at 8 am
          SECOND BOX: Bus ride: 32 min from CBR to AK (Park opens 8 am EMH, we arrive at 9)

          Now, the new plan says:
          1. Rest
          Notes: Bus ride: 32 min from CBR to AK (Park opens 8 am EMH, we arrive at 9)

          Another example would be one of my last steps, also a custom step. I typed:
          FIRST BOX: Bus to Saratoga Springs: 17-20 minutes
          SECOND BOX: From SS to DD: Walk: 13 min (wait 5 min for bus/boat, then walk) Boat: 10 min Bus: 8-18 min

          Now, the new plan says:
          25. Rest
          Notes: From SS to DD: Walk: 13 min (wait 5 min for bus/boat, then walk) Boat: 10 min Bus: 8-18 min

          So the new UI had deleted the first line of each of all my steps.

          • I added back in the step “titles”, so your first line data should be visible now – we didn’t delete anything, you should be ok there now! Let me know if you’re still missing data. Thanks!

      • That link is for AK on 4/23.

        PS Also suggesting you bring back the notice of when the plan was last optimized.

        • Thanks, Sarah! But only the custom steps got their entries back. And they disappear again in the print preview page.
          I will solve myself by moving my title notes to the regular note, but wanted you to know about the print preview glitch.

  24. We are walking through MK entrance in less than 10 hours. Can you please enable the previously standard touring plans please?? They only have a few steps–what happened to the others?? This was my only plan for covering the park, and now we’re winging it on our first trip–yikes!!

    • Jennifer – if we can’t get your plans done by the time you hit the park today, send me an email and I’ll give you my cell number. I can talk you through a touring plan and anything else that comes up today.

  25. Hi. This was asked by Swelch but I didn’t see an answer. I am able to adjust the “wait time vs walk distance” and “slow speed vs fast speed” sliders before optimizing, but this appears to be ignored and automatically sets for “balance” and “average”, respectively, when optimized.

    • Sarah’s looking at this – the parameters are being sent to the optimizer, but (as you note) they’re the default values. Shouldn’t be hard to fix.

  26. 1 error prohibited this plan from being saved

    There were problems with the following fields:
    Start time must be after park opens.

    I used the default setting for the park hours. I also tried different hours and get the same error. I tried in Chrome and IE.

    • Yes, I get the same error every time I try to build a new DL or DCA TP. And if I try to Evaluate one of my old personalized TPs, I get the spinning “Preparing Data”. I’m on a PC with IE9. It looks awesome, I can’t wait to play with it, but am stuck… At least we don’t leave for 3 weeks… Thanks!

          • Thanks so much Sarah. Really fantastic work – do you ever eat or sleep? πŸ™‚ I am able to Optimize and Evaluate – it’s wonderful. Only bug I see still is one mentioned by others – if I plug in a start time for a meal it ends up translated to a different time after I optimize (usually 3 hours back, but just now I got 2 hours back). 150371 and 147133, for example. Thanks again for all of your hard work!

          • Also, when I try to print all of the times have moved forward 3 hours. TP: 150354, 150371. Thanks again!

          • Actually 150354 is printing fine. It’s just 150371 that pushes all times forward 3 hours when printing. Thanks…

    • Hey Jennifer-

      Your Magic Kingdom plan should print correctly now. For some reason, it didn’t have a date associated with it, so the software couldn’t figure out a schedule. Take a look at that, please, and let.

      I wasn’t able to get the Studios plan to work. Is that your copy of the Unofficial Guide’s plan, or is that the Unofficial Guide’s plan directly?



  27. How do I delete a plan and start over? I don’t see a delete option… also for HS, there is no option to add Fantasmic, and I don’t see Mickey meet and greet for MK.


    • Delete is a part of the next phase, coming soon! If you need to start over while building a new plan, you can click on the “start over” link near the top of the page (in the navigation links).

      I’ll check on the attractions. Thanks.

  28. Hi. Great Job!
    In the standard plan “Magic Kingdom Unofficial Guide Adult One-Day Touring Plan”, Big Thunder Mountain is missing…is that correct?

  29. This is absolutely AMAZING!!!
    THE best thing ever – thank you all so much for all the hard work that went in to this, it’s just honestly, brilliant. I LOVE that it will let me add multiple rides on the same attraction so easily!

    very quick question though. When I try and plan an EMH Magic Kingdom morning, it tells me to ride Buzz before Space Mountain. The only thing I can think of is that it’s to allow that initial rope drop rush that will flood SM’s loading system to be absorbed, whereas obviously that won’t happen with the way Buzz loads… is this the reason?

    Thanks so so so much – you guys are like my heroes!

    • Hmmmm…it may be that there’s less walking if you do Buzz first. If the walking preference is set to favor less walking, that could do it. Let me know the URL and I’ll take a look.

        • TP has been routinely placing Buzz before Space since before the UI change. I just reverse them, get a FP & move on. They’re always #1 & #2 anyway on days I’m doing Tomorrowland early.

          • Yeah it’s not that I’m unable to navigate round it if it is an error, it’s more I was curious if it was a glitch or something deliberate about loading etc.

  30. Thanks for all of your hard work on the new Touring Plans!
    I have trying to put together my plans for DCA, and I’ve run into the following problems:
    1. After I click “optimize,” I wait and wait for long periods of time (and nothing happens), or I get a message saying “server reported an error in processing. Check your steps and try again.”
    2. As others have said, the times that I put in seem to be changing. I have to keep going in and fixing them.
    3. (This isn’t a comment about the new system, just a question.) When I do a touring plan for the last week of May, all of the Cars Land rides show up as available options. I thought Cars Land wasn’t supposed to open until June 15th. Do you know something we don’t know? πŸ˜‰

      • I just tried it again, and I got the same error message πŸ™
        Thanks for all of the work you’re doing!

        • I don’t have the url to check, but all plans should be optimizing now – with one exception – the World of Color fastpass booth is going through a new data forecast right now. If that’s in your plan, remove it before Evaluating or wait until the forecasts are done (should be ok to run by tomorrow afternoon). Thanks!

  31. When I try to use one of the already prepared plans on the site, it will not allow me to edit the date. There’s no edit button, you can’t delete the given date. For example, I just tried to use the DHS one-day tour for small children and it sets it up for April 24th with no option for changing.

    • The official plans are meant as a generic guideline and can’t be optimized “as is”. We’re working on an option for copying the data straight into a new personalized plan you can optimize for your needs. In the meantime, you can optimize your previously created plans and create new ones to optimize as well.

      I’ll get rid of the dates, I know that’s confusing. Thanks!

    • You can now copy a premium plan into a new personalized plan, where you can edit, optimize and evaluate. πŸ™‚ Give it a try and let me know if you have any issues. Thanks!

  32. I think it is awesome that you guys are working with us to sort out the kinks like this!

    Speaking of kinks, I just tried to put together a future world plan for EP on 5/5/12. For some reason, the optimized version says ride Spaceship Earth first, then ride Soarin using standby at 12:13 w/a 5 minute wait. Can’t be right?

  33. I am having a similar issue as reported above. I tried to create a plan for Hollywood Studios and it says it cant save it because of my end time but I am using the defaults and when I go back and change it 15 minutes before closing, it still gives me error.

      • Haha, no. I can’t decide whether to eat at Flame Tree or Yak & Yeti Cafe. I guess wherever we are close to, then I’ll decide (but I need to Evaluate times!)
        The Pizzafari 1 minute meal is our parade viewing spot (my daughter is in a wheelchair). Couldn’t figure out any other way to put us right in that spot at that time.

      • I am still getting the spinner, and I’ve used 2 different browsers, on 2 different computers. I am simply trying to Evaluate.
        Then, I refreshed the page, and my step 1 (custom) took itself out of the steps, and moved to “Plan description. The touring times changed from 9-5 to 9-7. The sliders for walking speed, and walk vs wait keep resetting to defaults. Whenever I click Edit, the start & end times reset to defaults.

        Is there something wrong with my plan? My plan was created on the old UI. Also, Sarah helped get the description titles to go back in, but I can’t edit them, or get rid of them.

          • Putting on my “programmer’s hat”, that’s funny. I deal with that kind of thing all the time w/brokers who do “contradictory” things with the UI. No matter what one anticipates, there’s always a new scenario. πŸ™‚

          • Still spinning. I took Pizzafari & Flame Tree out. Only 1 lunch left. (Gee, Len, can’t I eat more than once ;-)?

            I think swelch is right. It will only work if I redo the plan, which I have no time for. I am packing, leaving for the airport at 5 am! I guess I’ll have to wing it this first trip! (I think I’ve done enough research using your materials that I may be able to.)

    • This Evaluates now! You’ll want to add times to your breaks and move some things around to get good results that make sense with your plan. The number of steps may cause the optimizer to believe that you won’t have time for it all – if so, you’ll see strange arrival times like at 2am.

      • Thanks, wow! Yes, ironically, I needed the Evaluate to see how off my estimates were.
        The breaks aren’t really breaks; they are “Custom steps” (carried over from the previous UI) I made for notes on which buses to take and how long the rides are.
        Might I suggest you add an option for notes within the plan? Telling myself to get to the bus stop by 8am isn’t really a “Rest”, but I wanted it as the first step. Similarly, the end steps are simply notes to take the Saratoga Springs bus from AK, then walk to DD.

        • We’re looking at a more customizable “rest” step. Don’t forget you can always move the steps around after you evaluate too, you don’t have to set a time just to see it at the top unless you want wait times and walking times for it as well.

  34. I am trying to update my personalized plans our upcoming DLR trip to DL/DCA for May 17th(Magic Morning) and May 18th (DCA day) for rsleleux but I am unable!

    • BTW, I didn’t mean to put an exclamation mark after my sentence, makes me sound cranky and I am not actually. I have plenty of time before my trip, I just wanted you to know I am not screaming. LOL

      I am continuing to receive the same error:
      Server reported an error in processing. Please check your steps and try again. If you continue to see this message, please notify

      I sent the email to the address and they responded with a link to this blog.

  35. I had to break up my plans since I want to go to DL on magic morning and hop to DCA for WOC. Then next day I will start out at DCA and then hop to DL for Fantasmic and Magical

  36. Hi all, great to see the new UI up. We will be in WDW in just over a week.

    However a couple of bugs I’m seeing – this is with a plan I had created in the old version and am now trying to re-optimise:
    1) Editing general data in IE 9 doesn’t work. The box opens and you can change but when you press save the pop-up doesn’t close just becomes a box with no vertical content and just a horizontal scrollbar. You can manually close this but then have to refresh the plan and the start/end times don’t save. A fix is to use in compatability mode, but…

    2) … in compatability mode the alignment of the plan step data is off – i.e. the arrival time, wait time etc is shifted left of the column headings

    3) I have an ADR at 08:35 at Crystal Palace. I can’t set the plan to start earlier that 9am so it won’t schedule us to be at the restaurant until then!

    Plan is

    Let me know if you need more info or screenshots to help.

    Can also offer bringing British biscuits when we come over…

    • Andrew,

      Seems to me that if park opens at 9am, & you’re at CP at 8:35 & plan to take, say 60 minutes, simply start your plan at 9:35am & you’re golden. πŸ™‚

    • Just pushed an update on editing – this should work better now. Working with Len on the meal issue.

      • Thanks both. As EJ says there is an obvious workaround for the meal issue but presume given it used to function it is a bug. I’ll check out the editing again and let you know what I’m seeing.

  37. Thanks again for your help! The new plans are awesome and I think I have final plans for AK and EP. However, I am getting an error message when I try to optimize my MK plan. Also, I don’t see Wishes or the Evening Parade in the listings.

  38. The Good: I absolutely, positively love the new design and what you are trying to do with the personalized plan. It is going to be awesome!
    The Bad: I absolutely do not love that when I go to a standard type plan (like the Magic Kingdom Two-Day Holiday Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children at I am immediately sent to the personalized plan program. I can deal with this, but I suggest you consider the needs of a new user to your site. He/she needs to first be introduced to something that is clear and easy to read and that helps him/her get used to this idea of a touring plan. I suspect that many a newbie will look at this first page and just be confused and overwhelmed and then go elsewhere. I suggest that when someone clicks on a standard type plan that you first present these plans like you would in your well-written book and include a convenient link that will bring you to the personalized touring plan page that you go to now when you click these links.
    The Bug: Click on any two-day touring plan (like the one above) and you only get the first day. There is no button or method I can see to get to the plan for the second day.

  39. Hi, I can not seem to change the dates on the touring plans or print. Also I can only see day 1 of the 2 day happy family touring plan for MK?

    • Hi Krista, it sounds like you’re on a premium plan – you won’t be able to change anything on those, they’re static and meant to be generic. (You’re right the day links are missing, I’ll be adding those tonight.)

      To use the new system, you’ll need to use a personalized plan you’ve already created, or start a new plan. That way you’ll be able to apply it to your specific situation.

      We’ll be coming out with a copy feature to let you start from a premium plan template very soon. Thanks!

    • The copy feature is now working! You should be able to copy a plan and edit it as well as optimize and evaluate now.

    • Hi, anything on this yet. I guess DLR plans are not working at all. I know you are trying to provide more features with this version but looks like the basics have stopped working πŸ™

      • Some DLR plans are optimizing fine and some are not. I’m troubleshooting the issue now and going through each plan that is failing. I expect to have the majority if not all of them fixed this weekend.

        • Hi Sarah, thanks for getting this to work, I was finally able to get my DLR plans optimized. Now for the bad part
          1)The evaluate option still does not work with DLR. Gives the “Server error reported….” message.
          2)Adding breaks to your plan makes the time go crazy. Plan 147254, I added a 10 am break, but it shows the break at 12:15 am midnight, even though my plan has 2 hours free time.
          3)The walking speed option, changes to default every time the page is refreshed, not sure if it considers it for optimizing or always goes by default.

        • For some reason the plans don’t like me taking breaks(20 mins) at 9 am and 12 pm :). It bunches up these breaks at 9:00 am. Plan id is 148913 and 147254.

  40. Two day premium plans now have links between the plan days. It’s at the top of the page, over the basic info box.

  41. Is there an undo option? I had my TP done on the previous system – I tried to make a change to my TP in the new system – accidentally optimized the plan instead of evaluating it -everything was reorganized and I wanted to go back to my original plan but can’t undo it! It would be nice to be able to go back!

    I am also having difficulty moving things around – it will not let me drag & move an attraction (instead the whole page moves). My screen appears to have layers one on top of another (it looks strange). I am not great with computers – so I don’t know the correct terminology for what is going on! Thanks!

    • That is strange! Could you let me know what operation system and web browser you are using? (If you don’t know, you can email me a screen shot at sarah at touringplans and I can probably figure it out from there.) It’s possible you can fix the issue by switching to a different web browser, such as Firefox (you can download it for free online), or upgrading the one you are using (especially if you use IE). I want to make sure you can do this since there’s no “undo” option for optimizing.

      Also, could you tell the url for your plan? Thanks! We’ll get this fixed.

      • I have a Mac & use Safari. How do you e-mail a screen shot? What is EI? Sorry not great with computers! Ha ha!

        • Don’t worry about the screen shot. πŸ™‚ What I do need though is the url of the plan you’re having trouble with. Could you copy and paste the web address of the plan from your address bar in safari? It would look something like this: number here)


          • I have downloaded firefox as a web browser and I am able to drag & rearrange attractions now! I cannot do this in Safari. The TP that I did earlier and accidentally optimized is a mess now, I have been playing around with it – trying different things. Don’t worry about trying to fix up anything with it. I will just create a new one! Here is the url Firefox seems to be working better, why doesn’t it work the same using Safari? Thanks!

          • I’m glad Firefox is working for you – can you give me the url of the “bad” plan too? I’d like to see what the issue is.

            I just testing in Safari and it worked for me – can you check what version you were using? You can find it in the Safari menu in the About Safari option. Thanks!

          • I am using Safari Version 5.0.5 (6533.21.1) Don’t worry about the “bad” plan! I changed so many things I don’t even which one it is! You are extremely busy! Amazing that you can make all these adjustments and keep up with all these e-mails! Thanks for your energy!

          • Ah, gotcha. Thanks! Looks like it works on 5.1 – if you upgrade Safari you should be fine for future reference.

    • Hi Autumn, the issue here is that the optimizer doesn’t think you’ll have time to do everything on your plan. Anything with an arrival time after your finish time (or park closing) is going to have a crazy wait value to indicate that. I’m working on a way to make that more clear. Thanks!

  42. Two things…

    1) I still can’t utilize walk speed or waiting vs. walking… it always (evaluate and optimize) reverts back to average and balance.

    2) Epcot- you can’t add project tomorrow or the world showcase pavilions. You can search for them, but they aren’t in any pull-downs, and can’t be added after plans are made.

    Thanks! This is great!


    • I haven’t gotten to the speeds yet, sorry – working on the failing plans first. Will get to them soon, and add the missing attractions from the dropdown. Thanks!

  43. I’m using your standard touring plans – not creating my own. I can’t figure out how to change the date from today’s date to my date in May. The date section highlights when I click on it, but won’t allow me to input anything. I’ve tried explorer and google chrome. Help please.

    PS. love the wait time, walk time additions!

        • Hi guys, the standard touring plan cannot be optimized. That means the date can’t be changed for them either – they’re meant to be generic for any day (I’ll clear out the fake dates shown, I know that’s confusing.)

          If you want to optimize a plan, you’ll need to use either an existing personalized plan or else create a new one. We’re working on a way to copy from a premium plan – very soon that will be an option. Thanks!

          • Why are you making it that we can’t optimize the standard touring plans when on the old one we could? It would have the date, hours, crowd level, events etc. It was very easy to use. If I wanted to make my own plans I probably wouldn’t be paying for this site.

          • Lisa, before the update, you could copy the standard plans into your own new personalized plan, which you could then optimize for yourself. We are working on a way to do that here as well, which will be rolled out very soon.

          • I think what Lisa means is that on the old standard (non custom) touring plans you had to input your date when you went to print it. Then park hours and parade times for your date and any ride closures where noted on the plan. I really liked this feature of the old standard plan. Any way to adjust things so the regular plans still include this info?

          • Yes, please bring back the date feature on the standard touring plans. I created plans 2 weeks ago with our exact dates for each park and it indicated park hours, croud levels, etc for those specific dates. Then today I tried to make a few date changes to our plans and I can no longer do that. I liked the old system better.

          • Got it. The copy feature I’m working on right now will work in a very similar way, enabling you to personalize your own copy of the established plans. I expect to have that up and running by late tonight.

          • Copy feature up and running! Please let me know if there are further issues with this. Thanks!

          • Sarah, thank you for working so hard on these revisions! I tested several plans I’m interested in printing. The copy fuction and ability to insert my date worked great on all of them except the MK One Day Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children. I get a message saying “this change is not allowed” when I try to copy it. It must still be buggy. Thanks again for all you do!!!

          • Works great. Thanks for staying up like all night!!Was able to copy and enter some of my own things. Is there a way to save my updates on the site? Is there anyway to get the parades and firework schedule also on the plan? I did try to evaluate after I put the plans together and it came up as an error but I don’t care to much about that part I just care about the steps. Thanks!!

          • I hate to even tell you this Sarah because I know how hard you’ve been working! I can now copy the MK One Day Parents with Small Children plan, but the mid day break is no longer listed in the plan. It was still listed a couple of days ago so I’m not sure how it disappeared. I tried to add it back in but got an error message.

          • WoooHooo! Everything is working perfectly for me. Thank you so much for all the effort you’ve given this!

  44. I have been trying to get it to work for two days now, since we go next week to Disneyland. A great idea (and I have used your books in the past), but it is very buggy and doesn’t look like we will be able to use the optimized touring plans for our trip since they are not functioning. Too bad, since I just subscribed to use this service for our trip. Get this message when I try to Evaluate or Optimize plans and it won’t show any wait, duration, etc info for the plans: “Server reported an error in processing. Please check your steps and try again. If you continue to see this message, please notify” Also, Author’s select plan only shows today’s date and will not let you change to date you are actually going.

    • I’m working on the plans that are failing now, could you please post your url? Also, the premium plans cannot be optimized, they are generic plans for any day with no set times – I’m going to clear out the fake date, sorry for the confusion.

  45. I’m trying use WDW-Magic Kingdom Parents with small children plan. I’m using a mac lap top. No box is coming up to change the date. It just show todays date.

  46. Just to update everyone: I’m working on the failing plans now, going to install some new things to help me troubleshoot the issues. The process of checking each plan and determining failing patterns will probably take most of the day, and I should be able to start getting plans up and running late tonight.

    What this means: if your plan is failing, please continue to post the links here or in the bug report. I expect to be able to fix the large majority if not all of them this weekend.

    • Sarah, Thank you. I hope you have an option for a plan just like the old one with no times. Because I don’t know exactly when I will be getting to the park. I want the old plans.

      • Dave, the old plans are still there and unchanged – they just look a little different is all. Sorry for the confusion, I’m going to get rid of the fake date in there as several people have mentioned this. You should find that there are no times for the premium plans, they are generic to any day.

  47. When did this change go into effect? I purchased a subscription based on the fact that I could change the date on a premium plan, which I could less than two weeks ago. Now it won’t work and my customized one won’t edit correctly either. We arrive at WDW in 2 days. What do you suggest? I am not going to put in steps for everything for each park when all I want is the premium ultimate plan with correct dates that I signed up for. I have tried to get help with this issue for the past four days but no luck.

    • Hi Leslie, I’m sorry for the trouble. The copy feature will be up very soon, and will enable you to do what you’re wanting. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s done – my plan right now is for it to be tonight, I just have to work out a few more things with the new system.

    • The copy feature is up and running now! Please let me know if you have any further issues. Thanks.

  48. Copy now works for premium plans! You’ll be able to edit the date and change the steps, evaluate, and optimize from your new personalized plan after copying.

    I’ve also changed the look of the premium plans to make this more clear, and added some back-end things to help troubleshoot plan optimizations.

    Next: Working on failing plans. Make sure if you’re having problems that you post your url here or in the bug report. Thanks!

    After that: Fixing the speed sliders.

    • Oh, also – rest steps can now have custom titles. If you add a title, you’ll no longer see “Rest” in bold for that step, you’ll see the title instead.

    • Some of your plans are working now, the rest should be ready soon. I’ll take a look at the times, thanks.

    • Ok, we’re generating new forecasts for the World of Color fastpass. That’ll be done tonight – until then the plan evaluates without it fine now. Thanks!

  49. Some plans that were failing should be starting to work now, and it’s looking good for having all plans optimizing sometime tomorrow. Thanks for your patience as we work these final things out!

    • There are still some issues left with some plans evaluating. This should be fixed by end of day tomorrow.

  50. One thing I’ve noticed is that optimized plans have you arriving for shows pretty much at the start time of the show. For example, I just created a random plan at DHS on a random day in August (, after optimizing it has me arriving at Beauty and the Beast at 2.01pm and then waiting 1 minute for a 25 minute show. In your book and here:, you recommend arriving at this show 25-35 minutes early: “The production is so popular that you should show up 25-35 minutes early to get a seat.” This is just one example. Perhaps you could include a customisable ‘early arrival’ time ahead of shows, and default the time to that recommended in the book? Then, if I wanted to, I could tweak the early arrival time to reflect my personal preferences.

    • Ah, also, I have a fix for “show arrival” coming up soon. The thing I’m tweaking right now is to tell the optimizer how much time is “too much time.”

      For example, say our standard advice is to get to the afternoon parade at the MK 30 minutes in advance. Is getting there 45 minutes early better or worse than getting there 15 minutes early? What if you can get an extra attraction out of the way, but you only get to the parade 15 minutes before it starts?

      (If that doesn’t make sense, then it’s because I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far. πŸ™‚ )

      Anyway, I’m working on balancing out the “arrive a little early” and “arrive a little late” scenarios. Should have something out within a couple of weeks.


  51. I copied the premium plan ‘DHS One-day holiday TP for adults’. I changed the date to a random date in July, then optimized. Got a ‘server reported and error in processing’ message. By chance I noticed that two meal steps were included and in the text by each there was a note saying that they could not be optimized, I think because I hadn’t entered any times for the meals. I deleted the meal steps and then optimization worked. Perhaps the note about ‘cannot optimize this step’ could be highlighted e.g. in red text? Or, where a premium plan is copied, don’t allow optimization until meal times are added?

      • No problem. I’ve just spotted some other anomalies with this optimized premium plan

        1. It has me riding ToT then grabbing a FP for Toy Story Mania, then riding TSM, followed by 96 minutes of free time – this free time starting at ~09:50 doesn’t seem very optimal!

        2. Later, the step to ride TSM using the FP obtained earlier is scheduled at 12:08 which will be outside the 10:45-11:45 FP return window (I’m assuming the return window is 1 hour).

        3. Some of the step ‘Notes’ copied from the original plan don’t make sense once it has been optimized. See steps 2, 4 & 18. (Step 18 is using a FP obtained earlier).

        4. The optimizer seems to assume that it only takes 1 minute to use a FP booth. From what I understand, obtaining a FP for TSM can involve quite a queue. Do you have data for FP booth queue times?

        Here’s a question/suggestion:
        When I’m in a park and obtain a FP, can I enter the FP return window into Lines and optimize? If not, this would be a really cool addition as the ‘hard’ FP return window would then be integrated into the plan.

        • Unofficial Guide 2012 says that you can use your FP any time after your return time, up to park closing (even though the window given is an hour). I hope this is still true… Also hoping it’s still true that you can obtain another FP after your return time or 2 hours elapses, whichever is sooner, whether you’ve used your other FP or not…

        • Hi Toby, we’re looking at the plan to check on the timing now, thanks! The notes aren’t automatically generated, so they’re not cleared after optimize. Some people will want to keep them and some not so there’s not a good way to automate that. You can edit the steps and delete the notes you don’t want. And yes, we assume a minute at any fp booth right now.

          The FP return time feature is actually next on the list after the this is running smoothly. πŸ™‚


        • Hey Toby:

          1) The 96 minutes of free time doesn’t look obviously incorrect, given the other things you want to see. For example, the longest wait for any attraction after that free time is 13 minutes. It’s not clear to me (without changing your plan) that moving things to the morning would result in less waiting.

          It’s possible the optimizer thinks that the right thing to do is to schedule your free time then, instead of later in the day.

          2) The FP return window printed on the FASTPASS is 60 minutes, but Disney’s policy is to allow around an 80-minute window (5 minutes before through 15 after the window). I’ll check what we’re passing in as the value for that window, since your plan’s window should end at 12:00, not 12:08. We may have a 90-minute window set.

          3) The notes aren’t adjusted based on the steps, so I’d suggest deleting any reference in notes to the relative order of steps.

          4) Good idea. We can work on this.

          These were great questions. Thanks very much!


  52. Sarah- thanks so much for working so hard to get these bugs out- seems like you worked all night. For a beta release, I’m amazed at your dedication to get this right so quickly!

    Another thing I’ve noticed- when I optimize epcot, World Showcase attractions are often suggested 15-20 minutes before 11am…

    Thanks again-


  53. I’m trying to use EMH at Magic Kingdom (at 7am). I click the button to use the EMH and it updates my start time to 7am. When I click save, I get an error that my start time is outside park hours. Thanks!

  54. I would like a plan for 2 days at 1 park ie. MK. from opening to 4pm each day. I was able to do this under the old. Now I don’t see this capability. If your site slow? I find if painfully slow.

  55. Speed has significiently improved.
    When selecting attractions, it would be nice to be able to click on an attraction and a brief description of the attraction.As the variable selections do not include ie. adults with no children, the attraction list shows ALL attractions catering to walks of life. While the Prince Charming Carrousel seems obvious at to what the attraction is, the Mad Tea Party attraction title does not lend itself to a bunch of tea cups swirling around.For nubie’s, the choices are not obvious compared to seasoned visitors.

    Vast improvements over the previous version. CONGRATS!! We appreciate all the hard work involved with this revision.

    • Thanks! This is one of the features we’re planning on adding in a future update. Appreciate the suggestion!

  56. The Evaluate bug hitting some plans has now been fixed. All plans should be able to Evaluate and Optimize now – please let me know if you have further issues! I’ll be checking all the plans I have urls for from people.

    Next: fixing the sliders, and making sure all the attractions show up correctly

    After that: more performance upgrade and a few little improvements


  57. When I change the walking speed of a created plan from very relaxed to fast, the optimizer reduced a complete day of attractions by 1 minute.

    Also when I optimize a plan with no changes, it gives me different complete times by approx. 10 minutes.hmmmm…..

      • I’d have to go back and find and not sure if I can as I was just experimenting but if your working on the sliders, I’m sure you will sort it out. I’ll post the URL next time I find an issue. Tks Sarah.

    • Not sure if this will help but when I remove Reflections of Earth, I don’t get this free time anymore and things are normal. Yaaa!!! When I add it back and opt, I get the same wait time or approx.

      • Carl, this is just showing you that you can get everything done in your plan and still have time to spare before the first fireworks show. If you add more steps, you’ll see the free time reduce as needed. Thanks!

  58. Could you let us know when the sliders will be working. Although 4 choices to choose from exist, the total time does not change regardless of what position we choose. I believe plans as we speak are being optomized at average.

    Can you confirm this. I’d like to print plans with a “very relaxed” setting for a trip very shortly.


    • Can you also kindly advise when the missing attractions have been added. My plans are incomplete because missing attractions I was going to include were not available.


  59. Great job with all the work you’ve done on these! I’m having a lot of fun planning.

    As others have mentioned, I’m finding the plan below telling me to go on rides during EMH when they aren’t open. Also, I can’t delete anything from this plan.


    • Hi April, are you using IE6? If so, an upgrade should fix the problem with delete. Checking on emh. Thanks!

    • The system doesn’t think you’ll have time for everything, that’s why the wait times are crazy. I’m showing this to Len to see what he wants to do with Ultimate plans.

  60. Great to see the new enhancements. On this that is (perhaps) a quick fix would be to get the American Adventure Show added back into the list of Epcot WS Attractions. I am planning strip right now and it is “mission critical” to have that on my touring plan list.

    Any chance of getting that tweak implemented soon? πŸ™‚

    Best wishes,


    • Clark-

      I think it’s under “Entertaiment and Parades” as a show-based attraction.

      Love the name-


      • Hi Scott:

        I thought that might be the case too, but, alas, it is not. “The American Experience” is no longer listed for Epcot — anywhere πŸ™‚

        • Clark-

          I just tried to create an epcot plan, and found it listed… it’s called “The American Adventure” and I see it both when creating a touring plan, and also when adding an attraction.

          Hope it works for you before your trip!


          • Scott:

            This is so weird. I just tried to create a new plan given perhaps it didn’t show on my dropdown list because I was editing a plan created before the site upgrades. Strangely, creating a new plan didn’t make any difference. I’m not smart enough to know how to create/share a screen capture so you can be sure I’m not nuts. Here’s a cut & paste of he full list of WS Attractions and Shows. It just isn’t there!

            Like I said, weird. If you can see it below, please tell me. Maybe I AM GOING NUTS and that’s why I don’t think I am! πŸ™‚

            Headliner Attractions &

            Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros
            Impressions de France
            O Canada! World Showcase
            Reflections of China World Showcase
            Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

            Shows, Parades
            & Diversions:
            IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
            Off Kilter
            The British Revolution
            World Showcase Players – United Kingdom
            The Hat Lady at the Rose & Crown Pub
            Remy Experience
            Restaurant Marrakesh Dancer & Band
            Voices of Liberty
            Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps
            The Ziti Sisters
            Oktoberfest Musikanten
            Mariachi Cobre
            Friendship Boats

          • Clark,
            I had an existing epcot plan created using the new UI without The American Adventure in it, I went to Add Attraction and The American Adventure appears in the drop-down list under Entertainment and Parades. However, my list is different to yours!! Something wacky is going on, perhaps there’s a reason why some attractions are not included in the drop down?

  61. I have been unable to add a meal to a touring plan. I have tried a couple of different plans for MK and it allows me to add attractions and reorder, but when I attempted to add a meal it can not seem to calculate.

    • Do you have a url I can check out? Also, I’ve added more error checking which may help solve the issue. Thanks!

  62. I have a couple of plans ( is an example) where I can’t delete steps. I click the X but it just takes me back to the top of the page.

    Also, on that plan above, we have Crystal Palace reservations for before park opening (8:05am). It won’t let me set my start time before park opening so it’s forcing my reservation to actually start at 9am which pushes everything else in the plan out incorrectly. Would you just recommend not adding pre-opening meals to the plan?

    • Hi Michael, what operating system and browser are you using? The site needs a version of Internet Explorer greater than 6 if you’re using that browser, so an upgrade should fix the delete issue. We’re looking at the pre-open meals. Thanks!

  63. Two Things:
    1) This is worth the subscription to touringplans. The data on the optimized plans is incredible. I’m so psyched to get back to Florida this summer and try it out.

    2) Last summer, my family went to the Magic Kingdom during an extra magic hours morning, and half of the park wasn’t open until 10. Is that common or was that a unique day at the park? I ask, because the custom touring plans don’t appear to take that into account.

    • Hi Rob,

      It is a normal thing. Only some of the attractions are open for morning EMH. You can find the list at (or probably somewhere on this site too)

      I pasted it here for convenience:

      Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
      Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
      Dumbo the Flying Elephant
      “it’s a small world”
      The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
      Mickey’s PhilharMagic
      Peter Pan’s Flight
      Space Mountain
      Stitch’s Great Escape!
      Tomorrowland Speedway

  64. I have encountered three problems with the personalized Disneyland touring plans.

    First, when I try to set Magic Morning hours for August 21, I get an error saying that the plan cannot start before the opening time of the park. This may be because the hours for this date haven’t been released by Disney. However if this is the case, it should not be an option for the user.

    Second, when I optimize the plan for April 24, the 12:30pm lunch break that I scheduled for gets changed to 9:20am.

    Finally, I am not able to delete existing personalized plans.

    • These should all be fixed except delete, which is part of phase two and will be coming soon. Thanks!

  65. Every time I optimize my plans the time of my ADR is not at the time I set it for. An example is Yak & Yeti lunch set for 12pm and the duration is 60 minutes. The TP has me going to the resturant at 11:42am. This is not the only TP that I have had an issue with. Others have me going to eat hours after the time I put in… Please advise.

    • I noticed that too, for a quick fix, I just set my time to 12:15 and cut the minutes down to 45.

  66. Hello, Here are the issues I have as of 4-23 – most of them mentioned above

    1. Countries in Epcot are not listed just the attractions (i.e. Maelstrom, but not Norway)

    2. Also after optimizing, the bar for walking speed always default backs to average, Also on my interent explorer at work the bar does not even move, though the words change from average walking to minimize walking.

    3. Funny thing also sometimes when I change my plan to less walking, the plan takes less time to finish, it is only a couple of minutes difference, but still you would think less walking would take longer for touring than average walking. This I noticed on the old way, but haven’t tested it on the new way.

    4. The option to drag a ride from one time to another does not work with my version of IE at work, home it works fine,

    5. The wait times to me seem off also. There is always a wait time. For example if you could get on the Mad Tea Party right away, there is still a wait time for unloading and loading. You are never going to get right on ride and the ride will start, there is always that waiting for unloading and loading, unless you are the first person in the morning to get on that ride, but you will still have to wait for loading of other people. Another good example is Astro Orbitor, when I optimized it had wait time is 1 min and the ride is 2 minutes. Don’t even think that is possible, because of riding up in the elevator, then there is always a line to wait for the current ride to stop and unload. I don’t know — you guys are the experts, but it seems that load (or unloading) times are not included.

    On old IE version when I optimize sometimes put my dinner reservations at odd time, like I had 4:30 ressie and it put it at 8:30.

    I took the old Halloween party touring plan and saved it as my own. Will only optimize up to 7:00 when the official park hours end, I understand this is probably just not updated.

    I REALLY LOVE TOURING PLANS!!!! I could play with it all day testing out different scenarios! lol

  67. Is it just me or was it decided not to include these in the new touring plans? 4 pavilions are not available in the “attractions to visit” in the Epcot plans. I understand that it’s almost impossible to determine an average time for the visit to these attractions as so many variables exist, but perhaps they should be listed anyways but noted that chosing these attractions will not be included in the plans for this reason. I would then be able to put a note for myself in the available planning notes box, that time permitting, I should include these as part my itenerary time permitting.

    If these 4 pavilions do not appear on the “attractions to visit” plan, I would never know that these attractions actually existed and perhaps not consider extra time to see these attractions.Furthermore, I can’t help but think what else was not included in the “attractions to visit” list in the other parks.

    What else might I miss? Just saying.

  68. I’m still having issues with ‘Evaluate’ on plan
    Plus, most of the time if I try to drag Tom Sawyer Island anywhere it crashes IE.

    Also, I just noticed when I create a new plan and use the calendar to select a day the numbers are in the wrong order so it will not accept it. I don’t seem to remember it doing that yesterday.

    • Date formatting should be fixed now. If you’re using IE 6, an upgrade should fix the problem of dragging. Checking on the plan. Thanks!

  69. I am sure this has been asked. I have an ADR at Askerhus that starts pre-RD. I can’t change the time to show that we will be in the park before it opens. Obviously I can remove the ADR but, we will be starting in a different part of Epcot. Would that affect the “optimization” of my TP?

    • I am curious about this too. I have a pre-RopeDrop ADR at Crystal Palace that I wanted to enter on my custom touring plan but the system said I couldn’t be there before 9am (official opening) Other than that issue the changes seem pretty cool πŸ™‚

  70. I thought I posted this earlier but cannot find my post. So here it is again, sorry if it is out there.
    These have been my issues, most probably have already been posted
    1. Countries not listed in Epcot

    2. Slider bars not working, in my IE version at home the slider moves, but not at work, don’t think it really works after optimizing.

    3. Funny thing also sometimes when I change my plan to less walking, the plan takes less timeΒ to finish, it is only a couple of minutes difference, but still you would think less walking would take longer for touring than average walking. This I noticed on the old way, but haven’t tested it on the new way.

    4. The option to drag a ride from one time to another does not work (not sure if this is only when I am work with the version of IE we have here, will have to try it at home)

    5. The wait times to me seem off also. There is always a wait time. For example if you could get on the Mad Tea Party right away, there is still a wait time for unloadingΒ and loading. You are never going to get right on ride and the ride will start, there is always that waiting for unloading and loading, unless you are the first person in the morning to get on that ride, but you will still have to wait for loading of other people. Another good example is Astro Orbitor, when I optimized it had wait time isΒ 1 min and the ride is 2 minutes. Don’t even think that is possible, because of riding up in the elevator, then there is always a line to wait for the current ride to stop and unload. I don’t know —Β you guys are the experts, but it seems that load (or unloading)Β times are not included.

    6. Can not delete plans.

    7. After you hit the option to print, there is no way to go back to previous page.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE TP!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to go in October to test out this new optimizing option.

    • I am having much of the exact same issues. I go in less than 2 weeks and I hope most of the bugs have been sorted out by then. My 6 days of plans that I worked on will probably have to be done over just prior to arriving at the park.

      I’m sure the software developers are working hard with fixes. I wish they would keep us informed of the latest developments so we can further test when the fixes have been put in place…

    • Donna (and Carl) – Working on sliders and missing attractions. If you’re using IE 6 or before, an upgrade should fix any problems with dragging. I believe the load time is included in the duration, but I’ll check with Len on that. Delete is part of phase two, and for now just hit the “back” button when done printing – we may do something different with this down the road. Thanks for all your input!

  71. I know it explains on Touring plans but I still don’t get the difference between Evaluate and Optimize the plans, I am being stupid, I’m sure, but it sounds like the same thing to me.

    • I had the same question but was afraid to ask. Looks like we are 2 stupids. Perhaps someone here can explain the difference

      • “Optimize” uses the software to suggest the most efficent way to tour the park, based on the attractions you want to see, the breaks you want to take, and the meals you want to eat. Eventually, the sliders will play into this as well.

        “Evaluate” allows you to move the steps around to your liking and see how efficient it is.

        Maybe the optimize feature tells you to ride Space Mountain first, but you are desparately wanting to fastpass it right away and go to Dumbo. You can adjust the steps and hit “evaluate”, and it will let you know what that order looks like.

        Does that make sense?


        • It sure does make sense now that you explained it! What a great idea for the evaluate button, TP gets better and better! THANKS!

  72. The times for my MK days on is completely out of order:

    My MK day 2 does not give me any times when I click evaluate:

    I’ve completed my HS and AK plans including evaluating and they are fine. So, I know I’m doing it correctly.

    My epcot plan that I created before the evaluate option was added is completely gone. I submitted that problem with the form for the link above. Should I do the same for these 2 as well?

    • Bug reports in the form are always good and preferable! I may not respond to all of them, but I will read and check on every one. Thanks!

      (both of the above plans should be working now, also)

  73. Good Afternoon,
    I have two minor issues with one of my plans, First, I am attempting to remove an attraction (the parade) with no luck. The page will display “Data Change!” but nothing happens. Do I need to create a whole new plan just to get rid of it?
    Secondly, if attractions are added, you can not prioritize if the plan has already been “Evaluated.”

    Please advise.

    Thank you, Jen

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I was able to remove the parade on your plan. Could you tell me what operating system and browser you are using?

      I’m not sure I understand your second issue – are you saying you cannot move the steps?

      I believe the problem is probably a browser issue – if you are using IE 6 or lower, or an older version of Safari, updating your browser to the newest version or changing to a different browser will probably solve your issue.

    • This plan has a fastpass booth but no matching attraction. Evaluate won’t work in that case. I’ve added an error message for that.

  74. How can I delete my personalized plans. I have several that I can’t use because they are riddled with bugs. Thank you.

  75. I too would like to either delete plans or be able to take them completely back to start to input my attractions instead of having to delete out the steps and then re-add different steps.

    Love the ability to customize! Can’t wait to use it for my October trip.

    • It should be working fine Jon. Are you getting an error? If so, please post the url so I can take a look. Thanks.

  76. Can you please add Kidcot stops and character meet and greets to the attraction list in the Epcot plans that include small children?

  77. Can we please (PLEASE, Pretty Please) get The American Adventure added to the Epcot attractions or Shows drop down list. Right now, I am being forced to schedule a “break” at the time we would like to see it – less than, well….Optimal.

    I also know from previous post that it apparent does show in some drop down, but not others. Just so you know I am not “Nutz”, here’s the touring plan # in question:

      • Carl: Yeah . I know. Bizarre. And “forced” was probably a bad word choice. I am using the “break” function to carve out 30 minutes for The American Adventure because I can’t add it with the “attraction” function.

        Anyone know of ETA on when this issue will be resolved?

        • Hey Griswold, How do you know 30 minutes is sufficient or too much? Without the right estimate, it could knock your plan off either way by several minutes. Then, what are you going to do? Kidding

          BTW, after all these years, your finally planning on seeing a real park?

        • See below, but I am going to work on attractions not appearing tomorrow – I’ve been focusing on making sure what appears optimizes and evaluates correctly first. Thanks!

  78. It’s working great for me planning a Disneyland trip. I really like the evaluate plan option.
    However, every time I click to view and print, it changes my times. Times change both at the top and throughout my plan. Sometimes if I try again and again and again, eventually I can get the times to show up correctly to print. Mostly, I lose my times and it’s no good to print it because the entire timeline for the day is incorrect.
    I love all the upgrades and new options. I hate to complain, but I invest a lot of energy in my plans and want to print them!

    • I am having the same problem. I get what I think is a good touring plan and then decide to add an attraction or lunch. Then I ‘Evaluate’ and everything changes. And it doesn’t change for the good. I’m trying to get good plans and it is not working. Someone please HELP>

  79. Fixed a bug with opening plans – if you were having trouble this morning, try again it should be up now. Thanks!

    I’ll go through here this afternoon and answer specific questions, working on several things for an update now.

    • Thank you. Can you please (Pretty please) put adding The American Adventure to the Epcot attractions list at the top of your afternoon “bug fix” list? πŸ™‚

      • Clark, did you try and recreate a new plan to see if its there? I just created a new one and it’s appears as it should.

      • It’s there I believe – check under “T” – I’m going to change the sort order to make things more clear there, most people don’t look under “The”.

  80. I can’t seem to find MSEP on the list of attractions/shows. I would like to add it to my MK TP. I tried adding a break and that messed the TP up… Please advise.

    • Please let me know the url of the plan so I can help – also, how did it “mess up”? Did you get an error message?

  81. Ok, I just fixed several problems with Evaluate and I adding a bunch of warnings if your plan is not ready to Optimize/Evaluate – checking that you have an attraction step if you have a related fastpass step, for example.

    I also worked on the sliders – they’re working now, but I think I need to adjust the numbers on them slightly so expect more changes there tomorrow.

    Please note that the World of Color Fastpass booth is requiring some special code that I’m not quite done with yet – it works differently from every other booth. I expect to have this done at some point tomorrow as well. Until then plans with this step will not Evaluate as the system doesn’t yet have forecasts ready.


    • Thanks Sarah!

      It seems like the sliders still aren’t working… at least they seem to revert back to defaults after optimizing is done. I tested in IE8 and Chrome.



      • They do revert to defaults when done, but they are sending different values now based on what they are at when you optimize. I may need to tweak the values sent however if you’re not seeing a difference, I’ll take a look and see.

        • Thanks- it would be great if there was some way to know that the plan you’re looking at was produced with a specific slider combination. For instance, by looking at the resulting plan, I can’t determine what the sliders were set for when I optimized.


        • Also- I still see World Showcase related steps in my plans before 11 am… sometimes Maelstrom, sometimes a pavilion.



  82. Go Sarah go!
    It must be a nightmare having to adjust compensation factors and all the variables that exist. Maybe one day when the dust settles, you’ll explain how you adjust and calculate the walking speeds. I have long legs, some have short, distances from 1 attraction to the other differ…How do you do it?

    I’ll be down there in a little over a week for 6 days testing out the plans and so, so anxious to test the accuracies of it all.I printed all my plans now, would you suggest I optimize once more and print prior to leaving?

  83. I Know you have more important issues to fix Sarah, but when you get a moment can you define very relaxed, relaxed, average and fast. Is fast at a slow jog? tks

    • Checking on the speeds – I know we test walking times, not sure what the official description is. Optimizing probably won’t change too much in that time but it’s nice to check, especially since you have your “backups” printed out in case you decide you liked your original plan better. πŸ™‚ If you have a smart phone, you can use Lines to optimize right in the parks – that’s where you’ll see bigger changes, as it checks who is in the park, what the current reported as well as predicted wait times are, and you can complete steps and modify your starting location on the fly.

      If you can, I recommend optimizing in the parks whenever you’ve been in a location for a long time, just to check for unexpected line surges nothing can predict, such as can happen during a storm or if a ride breaks down. It’s also great for providing a little spontaneity in your plan, like a quick shopping trip or extra snack. πŸ™‚

      • Wonderful idea Sarah. I was going to go down with plans printed back home a few days prior to getting to the parks. Never though about optimizing while in the park during a break to see if anything has changed.

  84. Is there any way that you could enable deleting of personalized plans. I’m up to about a dozen and it’s getting to be a pain wading through my unwanted versions.

    BTW, I love the new optimized plans and that you can now evaluate a modified plan. I don’t always agree with the optimized plans, and having the ability to still get the time breakdowns doing it “my way” is awesome! Great job!

    • Hi Dee, I have a pile of plans I’d like to delete as well. For me its not a biggie. I just rename them something obvious that wouldn’t confuse me with my latest and greatest plans.

      I am interested with your findings as to why you don’t always agree using the optimization option to create your plans. I put a lot of confidence using the optimizatoion button but now you have me thinking. Can you share your experience? tks

    • Dee,

      I think Sarah mentioned further up that deleting plans won’t be coming until phase 2. Just an FYI. I like Carl’s idea of renaming the plans though. I think I’ll have to give that a shot.

  85. Lots of bug fixes tonight! Evaluate and Optimize should be *much* smoother now, and should tell you when there’s a problem much more often. I think this will be a big help.

    Also fixed the date format validation issue for new plans, and a few other annoying glitches around. I put the code in place for World of Color fastpass – the forecasts have to run which takes a while, but depending on when your date for your plan is you’ll be able to evaluate with it between now and tomorrow night. It will give you a return time of 15 min before the showtime the engine believes you’ll be assigned to.

    I’m still working on some of the attractions not showing, that will be fixed soon. Also, I see a few people asking about delete – that is coming, but it’s part of phase two which means “sometime after I finish making sure phase one is running as smoothly as I can make it”!

    Thanks for all the comments and especially for the bug reports on the form!

  86. I created a personal plan and optimized it 6 times with no changes and am getting very different results. The 1st 4 attractions for each of the 6 optimizations are as follows:

    Toy Story Mania
    Movie Ride
    Star Tours FP
    One Man’s Dream

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Toy Story
    Disney Jr.
    Tower of Terror FP
    Studio Backlot Tour

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Toy Story
    Tower of T. FP
    Disney JR
    Tower of Terror

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Streets of America
    Toy Story FP
    Muppets 3D
    Voyage Little Mermaid

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Tower of Terror
    Studio Backlot Tour
    Streets of America
    Great Movie Ride

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Star Tours
    Toy Story FP
    Studio Backlot Tour
    Disney Jr

    Start time, end times, sliders the same. Why am I getting different results? Should’t all 6 optimizations withe the exact attractions provide me the identical plan?

    attached in the plan from the # 6 optimization. I overwrote the same plan all 6 times.

        • Hey Carl-

          Thanks for the details; they’re very helpful.

          The current touring plan optimizer program starts off with a random version of your attractions, and attempts to find an optimized version from there. Because of that randomness, this version of the program may produce two plans that are equivalent, but whose attractions are in slightly different orders.

          That being said, your larger point is that if I run the same attractions through the optimizer twice, the second touring plan should be at least as good as the first. That’s currently not the case, but I think we know how to fix that. Let me talk to Sarah on Monday about doing it.

          We’d done something similar to this in the last version of the optimizer, but not yet in this version. Thanks for the reminder.


          • Tks Len/Sarah, Can you let me know when you’ve done a fix so I can run my plans one final time before I leave. Having 6 different plans is totally confusing and not sure which one to go with. If no fix is done soon, would you recommend that I create a brand new plan and go with the 1st optimize and do not perform any further optimizations? tks

          • Just thought I’d share that I can see the same thing with: 157750. Every time I Optimize I get a different answer. And in fact it seems to get progressively worse. I jotted down the Line/Free/Walk times for several and it went: 107/5/55, 109/17/46, 111/12/50, 120/15/46, 109/31/50… If you add those up, the number keeps getting higher (and the Busy is the same throughout). It finally got a better one after about 8 tries, I think. Actually I guess if you subtract out the unnecessary Wait times some of them were better, but many were worse… Thanks for all of the great work…

          • Sarah/Len, Any update of a fix for the very inconsistant optimizations of the same plan some have been experiencing? I can’t deal with 6 different optimized plans for the same park that list the attractions in very different orders.

            Precise optimizations is crucial needless to say. I leave in a few days and the plans I have at hand are totally suspect until you give the green light that indicates the bugs have been worked out and i can run my plans again with total confidence. thanks both

          • Fix should be live no later than Thursday morning (5/3).

            With this new version of the optimizer, if you run the same plan more than once, every subsequent plan should be at least as good as the first.

            Carl, great job explaining this. I’ll also note that Sarah did a great job getting this into production quickly.


          • by Len Testa on May 1st, 2012 at 10:50 am EDT Fix should be live no later than Thursday morning (5/3).

            Hi Len/Sarah. maybe I’m a bit early. I ran an optimization on 1 plan AK 4 times and I get mixed results still. Kindly advise tks

  87. Regarding the Personalized Touring Plans I’ve created: When I click enable Optimize and Evaluate nothing happens. Is the system not working, or am I doing something wrong? Yesterday I was able to get the Arrival, Wait, Duration, Free Time, Walk Time fields to all populate. Now nothing. Please advise.
    Thank you,

      • Hi Sarah,

        So one of the url’s we’re having trouble with is

        The Pptimization and Evaluate function not working at all.

        An idea: can I access the old interface so we can schedule/optimize our plans? Problem is we’re visiting Disney this coming week (Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun), so we are nervous the site upgrade won’t be running or functioning properly without flaws by then. Thoughts?

        Thank you for your help, much appreciated!

        David E.

  88. Hi Sarah, everything is working wonderfully for my TPs now. Thank you!!! I LOVE the Evaluate enhancement! Only one small thing – not sure if it’s a bug or my misunderstanding. Can you tell me why my plan shows 20 minutes of free time after Pinocchio (and 5 minutes after Pirate’s Lair)? I thought it might be waiting until my FP is ready but only 5 minutes of wait time is needed for that (and zero if DL really lets us use our FP 5 minutes earlier than our stated window time). Thanks! Jeanne P.S. I Evaluate my plan, not Optimize, if that matters…

    • Sorry, thought I included my URL: 150354. Also have an extra 5 minutes of free time after Innoventions in 150371. And 5 after Monsters Inc and 17 after Turtle Talk in 151160. Thanks!!

        • Hi Len, any news on the unnecessary free times? It seems to be linked to when an attraction is ridden using a FP. (The unneccessary free time always occurs before the FP redemption, even thought it’s not needed to hit the window). Thanks!

  89. I really need so help. You guys are doing yeomen’s work taking care of all the micro / macro tweaks always associated with a major site upgrade, but I’d like to ask of two wimple things can be addressed before the start of the work week.

    1.) Still don’t have the The American Adventure listed in Epcot attractions (See this plan: – you’ll note I have inserted a “faux break” at the time we would like to experience that land in the World Showcase

    2.) In this same plan ( I can’t get the start time for Illuminations to change for 9:23 to the accurate 9 p.m. – Weird, right?

    Any chance these are on today’s :fix list?


    – Clark

    • Are you using optimize or evaluate? Just checking, I don’t want to mess up your order by optimizing if you have it planned out.

    • Ah, ok I just looked at this – the problem is that the times you have scheduled are impossible according to the optimizer. When you evaluate your Rose and Crown step, even though you have it set for 7:45, your arrival time isn’t until 7:51 – that combined with the 75 min duration and the other walk/wait times makes it 9:23 by the time you get to the central waypoint we have in the system for watching Illuminations. The system doesn’t know that you want to watch from Rose and Crown.

      My suggestion would be to delete the Illuminations step and just put a note in your Rose and Crown step that you should watch from there.

      • Got it. That makes perfect sense and should work. Thanks, Sarah.

        Now, how do you suggest I work in the American Adventure Show? It’s still not on the attractions of shows list. You’ll note I try to work it ion with a “faux break” but I have no idea whether that will work of not once at Epcot.

        Many thanks

  90. The new version is nice because it gives you times based on the order you input, and it still gives the option to optimize too. This is nice because you can check your own version against times to see if you are on track. However, I have noticed that there are few kinks.

    Towne Sq Mickey and Minnie Meet and Greet is not listed an attraction. The FASTPASS is listed as an option, but the actual attraction is not. When you choose the FASTPASS booth the program can’t evaluate or optimize because the actual attraction is not listed.

    Tinker Bell’s Nook is also not listed as an attraction. It was listed- and even optimized with it- on the original.

    Main Street Electric Light Parade is not listed as an attraction. Related to parades, there is no ‘afternoon parade’ option. You have to choose the name of the parade.

    Also, Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station is not listed as a dining option.

    We leave in 8 days- so I am hoping you can fix these soon so we can leave with plans in hand!

    • Hey Julie – can you let us know the date on which you’re optimizing your plan (or provide the URL)? The parade won’t be listed if it’s not being offered on your date of visit.

      Regarding the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station, we can look at adding it, but I don’t think it’s open often enough to rely on it.

      • URL is 155950; date I’m looking for the Main Street Electrical Parade is for 5/11.
        I’m also looking for the afternoon parade on 5/10- URL is 155937.

        Will the missing attractions be added?

  91. Hi Len,

    Regarding the Personalized Touring Plans I’ve created, when I click enable Optimize and Evaluate nothing happens. Is the system not working, or am I doing something wrong? Yesterday I was able to get the Arrival, Wait, Duration, Free Time, Walk Time fields to all populate. Now nothing. One of the url’s we’re having trouble with is

    An idea: can I access the ‘old interface’ so we can have the functionality of schedule and optimize? We’re visiting Disney this coming Thursday thru Sunday so I’m nervous the new UI for Optimized Touring Plans won’t be running or functioning properly by then.

    Thank you for your help, much appreciated!


    • Hi David – that plan had a step for Sunshine Seasons dining, but no time or duration, that’s why it wasn’t optimizing. I saw that you already had a step for lunch, so I deleted the Sunshine Seasons step assuming you didn’t realize it had copied over. The plan optimizes now. Are there any other plans you’re having problems with? If so let me know the urls and I’ll check those out as well. Thanks!

  92. Len, mistake above… i said “Yesterday I was able to get the Arrival, Wait, Duration, Free Time, Walk Time fields to all populate. Now nothing.”
    I meant to say several days ago. I believe it must have been before the implimentation of the new UI.

    • Ah, thanks. Hey, I’ll be in the parks this weekend (MK Saturday, Epcot Sunday). Look for people wearing red TouringPlans shirts. Would love to hear how the plans are working for you.

      • Looks like I’m going to miss you guys by a day. I have 6 days of touring plans that I will test and report back on this blog and share my experience of the new plans.

        Now if I could only figure out which of 6 very different optimized plans I should be using for Hollywood. I am getting the same phenomena with AK. Several optimized plans, different and which one to use.

      • Len, we are planning to be in Epcot on Sunday so will definately keep an eye out. Hope TT being closed doesn’t throw out the lines estimates too much!


  93. ‘Evaluate & Optimize Your Plan’ function is now working well for me for Epcot and Animal Kingdom – thank you very much!!!

    I am, however, having a problem with the following:

    When I copy the Blizzard Beach One-Day Touring Plan for Adults it doesn’t copy properly, it puts each activity as classified as a ‘Rest’ so when I go to Optimize nothing is there.

  94. I would like to add Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to my Magic Kingdom Travel Plan, but it is not in the drop down menu.

    • I had the same issue – a workaround until they get it fixed is to add a dining plan at Cinderella’s Royal Table and write in the notes that it is actually Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

  95. What I think you guys need is badges/titles for submitting feature requests or bugs (like Lines). Then I could strive to be things like “Master touring planner of Dinoland USA”

  96. Good morning Folks:

    Any update on getting the missing attractions/shows added to the UI? Most notably, The American Adventure at Epcot WS and Fantasmic at HS.



  97. Sarah/Len, I’m having the same problem with very inconsistant optimizations of the same plan…

    Very different optimized plans for the same park that list the attractions in very different orders.

    In our case we leave tomorrow and the plans we have at hand are concerning until you assure us the bugs have been worked out and we can run our plans again with total confidence.

    Thank you!!!

    • I’ve been seeing this issue to some degree even in the old UI. But it does seem worse. Often, it has me riding Soarin’ after Seas or Spaceship Earth first thing, no matter what the sliders are set on. I actually have been optimizing 6 to 7 times, writing them down in a spreadsheet, and using the best one… some of them vary quite a bit as has been mentioned.


  98. I was told that as of March 7th Disney would start enforcing the “return window” shown on our FastPass ticket so that after that date we will not be able to use the FastPass if we arrive more than 15 minutes later than the expiration time shown on the ticket.

    Is this true?

    Thank you,


    • I’ve heard the same thing. If it is true, then many of the touring will need to be revised. Several of the ones that I’ve looked at have you grabbing a FP in the morning and not returning until the afternoon to use it. That’s another reason why I’ve gone the personalized route.

  99. I’m not able to see most recent entries on this blog. Most recent i can see is from May 1st 9:28am. What am i doing wrong? Is the blog not working?

    • Strange, now that I sent another blog message I can see the blog entries that occured after 9:28am. Any idea why this happened?

  100. Hi,
    I’m having some issues optimizing a plan for Epcot. I pretty much just copied the One Day Plan for Small Children but added a couple attractions I’d like to see (Mission: Space and Sum of All Thrills) and dinner at Garden Grill 7pm. It keeps giving me weird times for my break and then giving times at 6am the next day?

  101. Is there a plan on adapting the opening times of the parks to represent the current “rope drop” routines? For instance, if a park is letting guests in at 8:45am, the plans are still assuming we’re allowed in at 9:00am.



  102. I created a custom touring plan, and I have a dining reservation at the Crystal Palace at 8:20, and the system will not let me add it, since the MK doesn’t officially open until 9. What do I do?

    • Hi Anne,

      Why don’t you just start your touring plan at the time you expect to finish at the Crystal Palace. You can write in the reservation details in the “plan summary”. That’s what I’ve done with my reservations for Cape May Cafe and the T’Rex Cafe. That way it’s still on my plan, even though it’s not listed in the plan itself.

  103. Emailed, now posting comment here:
    Love the touring plans, and trying to love the new version BUT… I am not able to move steps on any of the plans that I copy. I can add them and then do the eval and optimize. Sometimes it incorporates my new adds correctly and sometimes the computer outsmarts itself. I attached a sample I’m playing around with below. For example, it says I should leave the park, then do another ride and then take my break-time. In that same plan, I don’t trust the times. Not saying I’m smarter than the all knowing unofficial guide! but with my experience I think doing winnie the pooh would be better before break and not the carousel. Also some general suggestions: I always liked having the average weather listed on the plan and would love having that feature back. I also can’t tell if there are extra magic hours for a certain park, it lists rides at a later time but no notes on EMHs. It would be reassuring to see that listed on the plan. I’m not sure if the computer is just assigning a late time even though that ride would not be open. Thanks so much, Lisa

    Magic Kingdom Entrance Edit X 09:00AM 0 0 0 11
    Notes: Arrive at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom 25 minutes prior to opening. Disney transportation is almost always the best choice for Disney resort guests.

    Dumbo the Flying Elephant Edit X 09:11AM 8 2 0 6
    Notes: As soon as the park opens, ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant in Fantasyland.

    Prince Charming Regal Carrousel Edit X 09:27AM 5 2 0 9
    Notes: Enjoy Cinderella’s Carousel.

    Magic Kingdom Entrance Edit X 09:43AM 0 0 0 11
    Notes: Depart the Magic Kingdom.

    Peter Pan’s Flight Edit X 09:54AM 12 3 0 11
    Notes: Ride Peter Pan’s Flight.

    Rest and Chef Mickeys Edit X 10:20AM 0 150 0 10

    10:30AM for 150 minutes
    ** Leaving the park

    it’s a small world Edit X 01:00PM

  104. I have a question, when I hit Evaluate or Optimize are these based on times at the park today? Seems if I hit one of these buttons at any time during the day I get different results. For example I hit optimize and I get different times for walking/lines, etc. Sometimes something will moved on my plan.If it is real time, that makes sense.

  105. I am using the DLR app on my iPhone. Every time I try to add a step it takes me to the WDW homepage without adding the step. What am I doing wrong?

  106. I cannot move around the steps in my plan for Hollywood Studios. It does work ok for my MK plan. I haven’t yet tried Epcot or AK. But I have tried to create a couple of different plans for HS and none of them let me move the steps around.

  107. Using the Disneyland version and love create your own plan program, however, it seems the plan preferences (walk speed and minimize wait/walking) sliders are not functioning. No matter where I move the sliders, as soon as I optimize or evaluate they move back to average/balanced. Help please!

  108. Love the ability to personalize plans. We were doing one for a 6pm arrival at MK on Memorial Day weekend, and it said to get Fastpasses for Space Mountain and Winnie the Pooh (two hours apart). Is it likely that Fastpasses would still be available at that time on a peak attendance day, or is this a bug in the system?

    • Hi Tennessee,

      If you check out the wait times on the site, you’ll see even in peak days, the FASTPASS system take a long time to run out at Magic Kingdom.

      From looking at May 27th specifically, the Winnie the Pooh FASTPASS will still be available until around 9:30-10PM.

  109. Currently, I am finding when I “Edit” a personalized Touring Plan, the hours seem to revert to a default setting (I am guessing the regular park hours for that day). So, if I go in to edit a description on, for example, a half day plan (where I have set the hours to 8:00 (emh day) to 13:00) the hours will default back to something like 9:00 to 21:00(this is for a Disney Hollywood Studios touring plan).

    Also, any update on when the ability for users to delete tourning plans is going to be rolled out?


  110. I’m having a couple of issues with the personalized tourning plans. The particular one I’m attempting to customize is for Epcot ( The issues are…

    1. It’s not letting me drag to reorder my steps (I’m using IE 9 browser).
    2. I told it I’m entering from the back (International Gateway) but it still seems to think I’m entering from the front entrance.
    3. When I tried to evaluate and optimize, it put the “Leave EPCOT” step in the middle of the day! I deleted that step to try to solve that problem but not sure that’s the best answer.

    I would have simply deleted this tourning plan and tried to start over but I can’t figure out where to delete a personalized touring plan.

    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

    • Eric – I moved Soarin’ to the top of the plan and it seemed to evaluate well. Can you take a look at it and see if it makes sense now?

      I’ll ask Sarah to look at the Epcot Int’l Gateway question – that might be something we need to fix.

      • Len, it looks right now. Thanks so much for looking at it. I’d still be anxious to hear back if selecting the entry at EPCOT International Gateway (instead of the front entrance) impacts the plan.

        Thanks again for such a quick response!

  111. They still haven’t added Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as an option, or the ability to have a pre-gate opening dining option, like Crystal Palace at 8am. This makes it impossible to do an accurate touring plan.

  112. There’s also no Town Hall Meet and Greet for the Princesses or Mickey, only the Fastpasses for both. Until it’s fixed, I’ve just been inserting a break for a certain amount of time and naming the break for whatever attraction it is. For instance, I have a break inserted for Bibbidy Bobbidy at 4:30 PM. The appointment takes 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the level of service you request. That time is now reserved and shows up in my plan as “Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique” for 45 minutes and the notes reminding me to bring her costume and hair brush. There are ways to get around not having attractions listed in the selection menu and still have an optimized plan or one that fits your own time line.

  113. Here’s a suggestion: since there are some items missing that people are making custom steps out of (most recently, Dee right above), it reminded me of some issues I had trying to make plans for my trip last month: why not make the ability to have your rest or custom step at a particular location, with or without a specific time.
    Here is what I ran into: I was trying to put in my plan where I needed to be for the AK parade, in the wheelchair section next to Pizzafari, by 3:30. I tried to make it a meal break, but it screwed up Evaluating since I already had 2 other real meals in there.
    Also, what if you have a situation where a family splits up, or is joining another party. They say: Let’s meet up in front of Flame Tree BBQ at 4 pm. That’s a hard time & location, but not a meal. Or if you know you want to take your rest in a certain spot, say the benched near such attraction or restaurant (or even a store?), you can put that in as a hard location & hard duration, but with an open ended start time (just like an attraction).
    These would just let you fit in some other things into your plan, instead of bee-lining from attraction to restaurant to attraction, etc. And allow them to be included into the evaluate, or even optimize functions.
    Probably too many variables, but I can wish. πŸ™‚
    Love you guys! Thanks for taking my call last night on WDWT podcast!

    (PS I believe you had a coordinates function in the last UI version, but I never figured out how to use it)

  114. I was playing around with the new features, but now have saved personalized plans I don’t really need. Is there a way to delete them?!

    • Not yet. It’s supposed to be the next phase of the update once all the bugs are worked out on Phase 1. I have the same problem. Since I couldn’t delete the plans that I don’t want, I changed the titles to “DO NOT USE”. I think I have a list of about 12 plans total, and I hate wading through them. I wish it would at least alphabetize them, so the “DO NOT USE” would be grouped together, but I think the list goes by the date that you made the plan, so they are interspersed throughout. I leave in 7 days, so I guess I’m stuck with it the way it is.

  115. Len,

    I’m trying to fine tune and finalize my personalized plans for next week. I arrive on the 6th. I made two modifications after “evaluate plan” increased several time estimates and had us arriving late for lunch. When I hit “view and print”, the map went crazy, showing Country Bear Jamboree all the way up on Main Street, as well as other bizarre placements. I know Fantasyland is in transition, but I don’t think they’ve relocated things to Tomorrowland! It’s also starting my plan with step #2, and not step #1. I think I’m done editing and I’m going with my plans the way they were before the shiny new version was implemented. I don’t need this grief when I’m leaving in 5 days. If you want to take a look, my plan number is



    • Well, this just keeps getting weirder. I just went back and opened the plan again, and now it’s right. It definitely changed in comparison to the printed copy that I had. It’s now starting with Step #1 and the Country Bear Jamboree is back in Adventureland. Maybe Dumbo and Barnstormer are all the way over by the Tomorrowland Speedway now? Hmmm….

    • Len,

      Notice that the version I listed first says “print” in the URL. If you click on it, you’ll see the weird version. Now, click on this version: This is the plan before I ask it to “view and print” and it’s correct. Ask it to “view and print” and it goes nuts again. There’s definitely a bug in there.

  116. I like the ability to customize, but am making lots of mistakes and lots of versions of the same plan. Sure wish there was a way to delete the wrong plans. Even with renaming it’s getting hard to find the one I want…Also when I put in a dining reservation & evaluate it’s not adjusting for the time correctly. Miss the format you had back in 2010 – a little easier to use for the less “technical” visitor needing the quick plan option!

  117. Hi! I will be in Disney Saturday morning and I can’t set a walking speed preference! No matter what, it always reverts to average. It’s very annoying. It happens on all my plans in two different browsers. Please help!

    • Hi Jordan, the walking preferences do work, they just don’t save their settings for future use is all. This feature will probably be added in a future update.

    • If you mean the premium plans, yes we update those as needed and add new plans when there’s a need as well. If you see something you disagree with or think is a bug, please let us know at Thanks!

  118. Thanks for adding the delete button, the touring plans are working wonderfully for me, there are still a few kinks but over all it is fabulous! Thanks

  119. Hey guys, just a note – we’re not actively monitoring this old blog post for bug reports at this time.

    Please email any further issues or suggestions to – we always respond to our emails, usually within 24 hours.

  120. I am new to the site. I have been able to copy the premium touring plans. Is there a way to copy personal plans? I have made a couple that I am really happy with but would like a slightly different version of that includes more breaks and fewer attractions or a slower walking pace to leave room for spontaneity or expectected diversions.

  121. One week away from my WDW and beyond excited! Now is the time I am starting to “really” plan my attractions and edited my first touring plan for the Magic Kingdom and I’m trying to understand the “optimization” of the plan. It doesn’t make any sense….

    – The day chosen is a Monday with EMH (yes; I know, MK is considered a park to avoid because of that but I’m going anyway).

    – I’m getting into the park around 4:00 (only flight I could get, check in at resort hotel, that’s the quickest I think I can get to the park).

    – My optimized plan….

    1. It’s a small world (4:11 p.m.)
    2. Get Fasspass for Peter Pan’s Flight (4:42 p.m.)
    3. Ride Hall of Presidents (4:47 p.m.)

    What gives? This is an adult plan (two adults who are physically fit and walk fast with NO kids).

    I understand I can add attractions, etc., however, I’m quite surprised at how the plan output has provided me with 136 minutes of free time and I just got into the park. And oh yeah, did I mention that I was excited and running on adrenaline as soon as my foot hits the Main Street pavement?

    • Hi Mike,

      Take a look at your plan – it’s a math thing, really. If you have, say, 4 hours worth of attractions in your plan, but 7 or 8 hours of planned time to be in the park, then that extra “free” time has to go somewhere in your plan. What the optimizer has done is decided that it makes more sense to put that free time where your line waits would be longer.

      As a simple example, say you want to ride Peter Pan, and at noon the wait would be 45 min, but at 3 it would only be 10. Assuming you have those “extra hours” in your plan, the optimizer will probably tell you to take a break from 12-3 and then ride Pan, as opposed to riding Pan at noon and putting all the free time at the end of your plan. It figures most people would rather relax for a few hours than stand in line for 45 min.

      Of course, if you don’t want to take a break, just add more attractions to your plan, or set the finish time to earlier in the day. Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Sarah! I knew there had to be some logic but thought it was odd at first glance. I started with the “Late Arrival One-Day Adult” plan and deleted several attractions from that list and then realized that I could put arrival and departure times at the park too. Guess I need to add some more attractions to fill that 136 minutes of free time!

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