A Basic Touring Plan for LEGOLAND Florida

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We visited LEGOLAND Florida last month to start working on an eBook. This resulted in many good photos and a lot of ride data during our two days there. Below is a very preliminary one-day touring plan for the LEGOLAND Florida park. It includes all major rides and attractions. If you use the plan, please let us know how it worked and what might be changed.

StepTouring PlanLocationRide Restrictions
1Ford Jr. Driving SchoolLego CityAges 3-5
2Ford Driving SchoolLego CityAges 6-13
3Rescue AcademyLego City34″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
4Boating SchoolLego City34″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
5Flying SchoolLego City44″ min height; Under 52″ must be accompanied by an adult
6Junior Fire AcademyDuplo Village36″ min height
7Big Rig RallyDuplo Village36″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
8Granny’s JalopiesDuplo Village36″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
9Safari TrekLand of Adventure34″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
10Beetle BounceLand of Adventure36″ min height
11CoasterasaurusLand of Adventure36″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
12Lost Kingdom AdventureLand of Adventure34″ min height; Under 42″ must be accompanied by an adult
13Play in the Pharaoh’s Revenge PlaysetLand of Adventure
14Eat lunch and work in any shows you want to seeVarious
15Tour the Miniland buildingsMiniland
16Tour the Duplo FarmDuplo Village
17Merlin’s ChallengeLego Kingdoms36″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
18The DragonLego Kingdoms40″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
19Royal JoustLego Kingdoms36″ min height
20The Forestman’s HideoutLego Kingdoms
21Test TrackLego Technic40″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
22AquaZone Wave RacersLego Technic40″ min height; Under 52″ must be accompanied by an adult
23TechnicycleLego Technic36″ min height; Under 40″ must be accompanied by an adult
24The Grand CarouselFun TownUnder 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
25Island in the SkyThe BeginningUnder 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
26Tour Cypress Gardens(Cypress Gardens)
27Kid Power Towers, if time permitsImagination Zone40″ min height; Under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult
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29 Responses to “A Basic Touring Plan for LEGOLAND Florida”

  • Awesome Len! What about one for Legoland California?

  • Heading there this fall and looking forward to trying this or a newer plan out. Thanks Len!

  • Now if I can only get a couple of touring plans for Hershey Park, we will be in business.

  • In your ebook will you discuss the new water park at LEGOLand. Can this tour and water park be done in a day?
    When will the ebook be released?
    Thanks for the plan.

    • Hey Julie –

      Good question. It depends on the park’s hours, but I think one day would be pushing it a bit. Definitely two days though, or even a day and a half. Are you heading down there?


      • Len,
        We are going Nov 10 and I only planned one day. The rest are disney days (yippy!). I have a friend going in Aug and she definetly wants to do the waterpark with her kids. I’ll try and skip the wp in NOV. From your blog post I’ll suggest to her two days.
        Love your books!

  • Mark D, it’s funny you mention Hershey Park. I’m going there in a couple weeks as a chaperone on a school trip and was thinking how much I would appreciate a good touring plan there! If Touring Plans wants me to gather data while I’m there, then I’m happy to do so (though I’m not sure how valuable one half-day of information would be).

  • Perfect timing, Len! We’ll be visiting Legoland the first week of June. Is there any evidence to suggest Legoland crowds are worse on Sundays versus Mondays?

  • Jack and I are going June 23 so we’ll give this a try and let you know.

  • I’ll be there the week after Thanksgiving. Hopefully as quiet as it’s been at DW the last few times we’ve been there that time of year. Safe to say LEGOLAND is doable in a day, even with the 10-5 park hours?

    • Yes! With light crowds you’ll do everything you want multiple times and leave feeling very satisfied.

  • Yes Lego land is very do able in a day. My family visited in January and found it to be quite relaxing if you can use that word. The park has a very different feel than other parks and was a refreshing change. My kids are 5 and 8 and enjoyed riding everything in the park. Hey Len make sure you mention the apple fries from Grannies in your book. My kids … and my wife are still talking about them and are one of those special things you stumble on in a small park. We will definatley return toLego land on our next Disney trip!!

  • We were there for two days in late April and my 4 and 5 year old sons loved it. We found the longest line for AquaZone so I would do that earlier. Also get there early – one day they opened early (including the rides) and we did Test Track 4 times (without getting off) before 10 am. Also I would add that they do not ask age at Driving School – my 4 1/2 year old did it with no problem and followed all directions.

  • We arrived at opening in mid February over President’s day week and were essentially done by 2pm. The park touring plan steps 1-6 were how we proceeded and we didn’t notice many people in the park before 11:30am. I can’t imagine spending two days there as the theming was quite a letdown (about a 4 on a 10 scale) after being at Disney. Of course, the boys, ages 6 and 3, loved getting to buy a lego souvenir with their Christmas money, but would have been just as happy visiting DTD and spending more time in the pool as opposed to the 2 hour round trip commute. I would not plan to return. I am very pleased to see that UG is now creating some touring plans for other parks in central Florida. Now, if there were some plans to tackle the Dream and Fantasy!

  • by Jeff Willett on May 22, 2012, at 4:12 pm EST

    Glad I found this … we’re heading there sometime between June 9-14. Trying to see what day may work better as we are mixing in WDW and Star Wars Weekend. Can only do so much in 6 days.

  • I just went to LegoLand and used this plan on Saturday 5/26. Overall, it is a good plan. Here are a few of my comments.

    1 – I definitely think heading back to Lego City first is a good idea. We did ride the Technics Test Track on the way back (my boys just couldn’t wait to ride a ride).

    2 – I would suggest going to Boat School first as its line seem to take the longest. I would hit Boat School then Driving School then Flying School. I would save the Rescue Academy for last as it has no line.

    3 – We saved Duplo Village after a late lunch. There was no wait whatsoever. My three boys got to ride each of three rides multiple times with no wait.

    4 – I would move up Royal Joust early in the day (would probably do Coastersaurus after Lego City then Royal Joust)

    5 – Coastersaurus plans got thrown off because it was down for mechnical problems when we planned to hit it after Lego City. We had to wait a while later in the afternoon for it.

    6 – Lost Kingdom Adventure was the only other ride with a significant wait.

    7 – We toured the MiniLand buildings at the end of the day. It looks like a lot of people get sucked into looking them at the beginning of the day. My boys definitely wanted to look at these amazing Lego creations, but I talked them into hitting the rides first.

    Overall, I think it is a great tour plan. We were there the first day the water park opened, but we only did the regular park. All three of our boys (10, 8, and 4) are big Lego fans. We did the four parks at Disney, Universal’s Island of Adventure, and LegoLand (as well as the beach) on this trip. LegoLand was their favorite and it was definitely the most laid back day we had at an amusement park.


  • My family gives Legoland mixed reviews. First the pros, we were there the week of Memorial Day, on a Wednesday, and the place was virtually empty. Got there about 9:30, and while there was a steady stream of people heading in, by the time it opened, that crowd dispersed. Having an 8-year-old thrill-seeker we headed to all the roller coasters first thinking we needed to beat the crowds, but alas, there were none. We rode Project X 8 times b/c there were no waits! After lunch, we headed to the Waterpark, and, once again, low crowds. The waterpark was nicely done…lots of fun, and not too big. The only complaint about the waterpark was that they charged us another $12/pp to enter. All along, I assumed it was included in the admission to Legoland. Because it has been open only 5 days at this point, there was no information on their website alluding to the fact that the waterpark cost extra.

    Now for the cons. I had read (and agree) that compared to Disney parks, there is very little magic residing here. It probably would have been best to do it first and then build up to Disney. Legoland is REALLY geared towards little ones. The above mentioned 8-year-old thrill-seeker only rode a handful of rides, as most of them were geared towards kids under 5. And honestly, even my 4-year-old was left a little bored. I couldn’t believe they called some of these attractions “rides” as there is nothing much to ride (i.e. Rescue Academy). I found myself having to do work (peddling, pumping, etc) to make the “rides” go! Lastly, I was able to buy BOGO tickets and saved $130. Had I paid full price and then another $12/pp for the water park, I would have been ticked off. In my humble opinion, Legoland is not worth a full price admission and I wouldn’t go back. I hope Legoland lasts, but based on the low attendance and long drve from Orlando, I wouldn’t be surprised if it jumps the shark in the next 5 years. All in all, I would recommend this to families that have die-hard Lego fans, but would send them off with a few warnings to lower expectations.

  • We visited Legoland on August 17 2012 and the crowd level was effectively 1 out of 10, so a touring plan wasn’t going to make a big difference. On this trip we did go to Legoland before WDW.

    We attempted to use Len’s Legoland touring plan. The park is not hub and spoke like the Magic Kingdom so it is difficult to navigate to where the plan should start. Actually it was impossible to get back to the Driving School with too many distractions along the way for a 6 year old. A Legoland park map along the style of maps found in touringplans.com or with colour coding (such as the maps in Passporter) with clear pathways would be a huge help.

    With a 6 year old, the park is geared to someone his age, but he quickly tired out by the afternoon and we ended up leaving the park soon after. A recommendation to go back to the hotel for an afternoon rest might have been in order, but Legoland is too far away from the Disney area to do that. I don’t have a solution other than you may want to develop multiple touring plans for different age groups.

    My 6 year old loved the Pharoah’s Revenge play area. Small crowds for two hours after park open allowed for multiple rides on Coastersaurus which young kids are going to want to do. Rescue Academy is tough to operate with a 6 year old pumping on one end, fortunately a model citizen (Lego speak for a cast member) helped push. The Lego Factory exhibit is a huge letdown for all age groups.

    Some other Legoland notes:

    I used a McDonald’s promotional code from Mousesavers to buy Legoland tickets online and saved a bit of money.

    Legoland allowed outside beverages and would have allowed outside food because they did not search bags. Food inside was reasonable though.

    It is a good place to buy Lego Star Wars toys especially toys that include mini figures. We bought a Lego watch that included a Luke Skywalker figure with lightsaber and later discovered you can’t get things like that on Disney property. At the Lego store at Downtown Disney you could buy a Lego Star Wars magnet but not an actual Lego mini figure. We were told at the Downtown store that it is a licencing issue. Go figure. (sorry about the pun)

  • Len, given the comments – would you recommend moving AquaRacers earlier or maybe at 4:30 (right before closing)?

  • We are going to Legoland for a day this summer when we go to Disney/Universal Orlando, so we are definitely going to try out your touring plan.

  • My son (11) and I just did LegoLand on Saturday May 18, 2013.
    The park opened at 9:30. We were in line at 9:15 am and were the 5th or 6th family back from the entry scanner. There was a little rope drop show, where they pick a child to flip the switch to open the park. If you weren’t right up at the front, you couldn’t see any of it.
    We entered the gates at 9:34. the gate attendant was having problems with her scanner and was punching bar codes in by hand! I felt soo bad for her! Why some of the people were being rude to her, I have no idea! A manager should have been on hand to help, or open another scanner, and perhaps they were in he midst of doing so.

    Two cast members at the front gate suggested we take our bags right up to the Waterpark so we didn’t have to come back and get them (fab idea as the Waterpark is at the absolute opposite end from the front entrance!!). The CMs said they’d let us in the WP to just get a locker even though it did not open until 10am.
    So we hoofed it all the way back towards the WP but got stopped at the entrance to Lego City: apparently this area does not open until 10am. So we had 15 minutes to kill. Rode the three rides in Technic area twice. By then they had just opened City and we walked right up to the WP. We were so hot by this time that we chose to do the WaterPark first! This was a fabulous idea as there were no lines! By the time we headed back into the park at 12:30, we were cool and refreshed and the WP was getting inindated with people… The lazy river was Packed solid like a Lego brick wall.
    We ended up just working our way back to the front and back to the WP again to get our stuff from the locker. The longest we waited for anything was 15 minutes for driving school, and 10 minutes for boating school. Also, there was a very long line up at the ice cream shoppe … We don’t do ice cream, but people in line were not happy. 🙁
    All the other attractions were no wait! Walked right on.
    My only complaint would be the unenthused staff. We encountered a couple of great cast members (pretzel cart in Waterpark, front gate, guys in Imagination, the greeters at the theatre) but there were so many CMs who seemed like I was putting them out by asking them to do their job. The more mature employees were wonderful, but so many of the young adult employees couldn’t care less. Perhaps we are just too spoiled by Disney!
    But we wouldn’t allow a few grumpy young adults to ruin our day! It was a fabulous day!

  • My son and I, plus grandma, plan to visit Legoland later this week (June 6-7) for the first time. Anyone have advice on whether a Thursday or Friday would be better, and does anyone know if area schools are still in session? I’ve read elsewhere that school groups can block the park on weekdays. Thanks!

  • YEAH! so glad to have found these helpful plans! after all the info on Disney Touring it feels a little scary to walk into Legoland blindly! glad to see people had a relaxed day and that crowds weren’t a problem! Hoping for a fun trip in July!

  • Can anyone recommend a vacation rental near legoland?

  • Len, I was just about to “wing it” for a July trip but the thought occurred to me to see if you all had a blog post. Much appreciated- you spared me the meltdown of the thought of being unprepared!

  • Thanks so much for the info! I’m wondering how and where to include the brand new “The Quest for Chi” ride. Has anyone experienced it yet? Should I put it first on the list, even though it’s a long way from the Lego City area? The only info I could find online shows a 0 minute wait even at peak time, so I’m tempted to push it until a little later in the day. We’re going in August. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    We are visiting Disney in May 2014. Specifically the last two weeks. We are planning to add Legoland to our trip. How crouded should I expect it will be. Also, is it still a one day trip?

  • The LEGOLAND Florida theme park located in Winter Haven, FL will start building an official LEGOLAND Florida Hotel just as the one in California but with 5 levels and with 150 rooms in 2015.