Princess Merida Play and Greet Soft Opens

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Princess Merida from Disney-Pixar’s upcoming movie Brave began holding a preview of her Play and Greet at Fairytale Garden in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

This new meet and greet experience allows guests the opportunity to meet Merida, who is the newest character from the minds of Pixar. This passionate and fierce young woman has a Scottish brogue and flaming red, curly hair.

In addition to meeting Merida, you’ll get to meet the Baby Bears. What is especially neat about this portion of the adventure is that these bear cubs are animated, so they will blink, move their heads, and you may even catch them laughing as well as sort of smiling!

But this is no ordinary meet and greet. Not only do you get to meet characters from the movie, guests are also taught archery techniques and are given the chance to color a picture based off the movie. Parents, have no fear that your child will put an eye out learning how to shoot a bow and arrow. The arrow appears to have a rubber tip, and there are Cast Members there to teach guests proper techniques.

The play and greet experience will continue on an intermittent trial basis until it officially opens on May 18, 2012. Then you, too, will be able to “change your fate.”

Posted on May 13, 2012

5 Responses to “Princess Merida Play and Greet Soft Opens”

  • This is going to be amazing! I can’t even imagine how long the line will be but you bet I will be in it.

  • Any idea how they plan on moving the lines along. The meet and greets are already quite a wait and that’s without and of the extra’s this one seems to have!

  • by Mrs. Norcross on May 14, 2012, at 11:04 am EST

    Super excited! Can’t wait to be there in 14 days!

  • The line for this is going to be insane, no doubt about it!!!

  • I went on the 3rd day this attraction was open and I spent more time waiting for my friends to catch up with me (they wouldn’t let me in without my party) than actually waiting for Merida. The 3 cubs were adorable!! Merida asked my friend’s boyfriend to show his muscles and all 3 of the cubs began to laugh. It really was well done.

    A note though: While waiting for my party a couple of families came up asking about the attraction. When a parent told the child they hadn’t seen Merida’s movie yet the child usually asked to skip the attraction. I wonder how this will change once the movie comes out on June 22nd?