A new episode of the Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish podcast is available on iTunes (link) and MP3 (link).   We walk through Frontierland and Liberty Square in this show, and Sam points out some surprising details along the way.  For example, you know that archway in the Adventureland plaza that has a sign saying “Frontierland” on one side and “Adventureland” on the other?  That’s not actually* the border between those two lands. Where is it?  Sam describes what to look for to find out.  We also find the Mississippi River, and, of course, more sewage as pavement.

* I was going to write literally then thought better of it.


    • Seriously, I really enjoy Sam’s segments. They are positive, informative, and eloquently discussed. I’d like to see you do each of the parks with Sam.

  1. Len & Sam – I’m loving these podcasts! I especially enjoyed all the details about Liberty Square. I promise I’ll pay better attention next time I’m there. 🙂

  2. These are getting better and better. I loved the part about the ships in Harbour House.

  3. Here’s an idea for future shows with Jim or Sam: In-depth coverage of a single attraction. In your shows with Jim you cover a lot of territory in each gloriously long show, but if you devote a single show to a single attraction, you can go into much more detail. You can talk about the inspiration for the attraction, the imagineers who worked on it, potential sponsors who were approached, changes it went through during the design process, creation of the backstory, soft opening and official opening, controversies, changes it has gone through since opening, and its present condition including what you would like to see changed.

  4. Do you happen to have an MP3 link to the Adventureland episode with Sam? I can’t seem to find the link anywhere on the website 🙁

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