10 Things You Should Know About Disneyland Tickets

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Disneyland tickets are a little tricky! Of course, Disney could have made things simpler by aligning its dining plans and ticket options on both coasts, but it didn’t. So, there’s no use crying over spilled milk! We’ll just try to understand both systems. This blog won’t focus on how to save money on Disneyland tickets; I covered that in a previous blog. Here are 10 things that may help when you’re deciding which tickets to buy.

1. Prices Just Went Up – In case you missed the uproar of the last few weeks, on May 13, 2012, Disneyland ticket prices went up. In some cases, they went up A LOT! Disneyland and Walt Disney World ticket prices go up every year, so the fact they went up was not a surprise. How much they went up, however, was a surprise. Disneyland Annual Passes had some of the biggest percentage increases we’ve seen in a while. If you are looking to save money, there are a few companies that buy large quantities of tickets to sell, and there’s a small chance you could still get some tickets at last year’s prices through these outlets. You do have to be careful that you’re buying from a reputable dealer. If you live in Southern California, I understand some of the grocery stores still have stock to sell. Another option to save money for a few more days is #5 below.

2. Park Hoppers vs. Non-Park Hoppers – We debate Park Hoppers every time we go to Walt Disney World. They are super convenient and give you so much flexibility. So what’s the debate? They’re expensive! They’re $55 extra (before tax) for each ticket if you have a 2- to 10-day ticket; that’s over $200 more for our family of four! Is going to another park for a few hours worth $200 to us? Not usually. At Disneyland, however, it’s a whole different discussion. First of all, Park Hopper tickets at Disneyland are cheaper than Park Hopper tickets at Disney World. On 2-day or longer tickets, they’re only $30 more. And we park hop at Disneyland all the time! There’s virtually no touring time loss involved in park hopping at Disneyland. At Disney World, you are probably looking at a minimum of 30 minutes to change parks. At Disneyland, you are most likely talking 5 minutes or less. When the other park is right next door, then yes I want to park hop, and yes I will pay an extra $30 per person to do so!

3. Unused Tickets Expire – A major difference between Disneyland and Disney World tickets is that unused Disneyland tickets expire, generally within a year from when you purchase them (e.g., a ticket purchased today might be valid until December 31, 2012). This is important to remember! At Disney World, sometimes even Annual Passholders will buy day tickets so they can qualify for a package special like the ever popular free dining. Unused Disney World tickets never expire, so Passholders can save the tickets until they don’t have Annual Passes, or they can even apply the value of the tickets to another Annual Pass if they are renewing or purchasing them in person. You can not do this at Disneyland: they tickets will expire.

4. No Expiration Option – At Disney World, you can pay for an add-on option called No Expiration. As the most astute of you may have guessed, when you purchase this option, your tickets will not expire! Disneyland does not offer this option. All activated tickets expire 13 days after the first use.

5. Passport Plus – There’s another ticket option that isn’t available online and is actually considered a package, believe it or not. It’s called Passport Plus. It’s essentially just a park hopper ticket of two days or more, but because this ticket is considered a package, you also get preferred seating at some of the shows in Disney California Adventure. Here’s a big tip for you: as of right now, the prices for 2012 have not gone up for the Passport Plus. They are scheduled to go up on June 11, 2012. You can save a good deal of money if you didn’t get tickets before May 13. There’s a $13 flat fee when purchasing these tickets, no matter how many you order.

6. You Can Buy Tickets that are Not Listed – Number 5 above is not the only ticket option that’s not listed online. If you look at the Disneyland site, you will see the most number of days on a ticket is 5, not including Annual Passes, of course. It was 6 until the ticket prices went up, and you can still get 6-day Passport Plus tickets. But you’re really not limited to 5 or 6. Once you get to Disneyland you can actually add days onto those tickets for just a few dollars a day. Just ask at Guest Services.

7. You Can Use Disney World Tickets at Disneyland – You cannot, however, use Disneyland tickets at Disney World. This is not a money saving venture since Disney World tickets cost more than Disneyland tickets (although that margin just got a lot narrower), but if you’ve got some Disney World day tickets (not Annual Passes or complimentary tickets!) that haven’t expired, you can use them to get into Disneyland. This has to be done at the front gate and could change, but it’s been working lately. Don’t bother calling Disneyland to confirm this; the odds are decent that the cast member you get on the phone will have no idea you can do this. It only works at the gate, and you can only exchange one day at a time. If you get a cast member who has never heard of this, ask for a supervisor.

8. Some Tickets are Mailed to You – At Disney World, whenever you book a package, your tickets will be given to you when you check in at your hotel. They’ll be on your room keys, a.k.a. Key to the World cards. At Disneyland, when you book a package at a Good Neighbor Hotel, Disney will actually mail your tickets to you (and I mean snail mail, not email). If you are getting close to departure time and you haven’t received them, you need to call and see where they are. Once you arrive at Disney, if you don’t have them you may be out of luck.

9. 3-Day Park Hoppers Get You Early Entry into Disneyland – Early entry at Disneyland is known as Extra Magic Hour or Magic Mornings (Disneyland can’t seem to settle on a name for this benefit). Unlike Disney World, you do not have to be staying on-site to get early entry privileges. Anyone with a 3-day or higher ticket can take advantage of Magic Mornings (this does not apply to Annual Passes, but see #10 below for the exception that proves the rule!). Disney just announced that starting June 18, 2012 (just a few days after Cars Land officially opens!), resort guests can also get early entry into Disney California Adventure on select days, and they’re calling that Extra Magic Hour. There are rumors that this privilege will extend to guests with 3-day or higher Park Hoppers soon after. The current schedule for Extra Magic Hour at Disneyland is Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For California Adventure, it’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

10. Annual Pass Early Entry – See, I told you this was confusing! Annual Passholders can register online for Annual Pass Early Entry this summer from June 18-September 13. Annual Passholders pick dates for one early entry into each park. The entry day options are actually the opposite of the above. Disneyland is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and California Adventure is Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can find the details here.

Even though the differences between Disneyland and Disney World tickets are confusing, don’t let them dissuade you from visiting Disneyland! It’s awesome! Now, do you have any questions? Does anybody else have any details we should know about Disneyland tickets?

Posted on June 1, 2012

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  • by Brian Noble on June 1, 2012, at 3:58 pm EST

    “But you’re really not limited to 5 or 6. Once you get to Disneyland you can actually add days onto those tickets for just a few dollars a day. Just ask at Guest Services.”

    I had no idea you could go past the maximum sold. That’s great to know!

  • So, how do you get the Passport Plus tickets if they’re not online? Do you have to be in CA to get those?

  • by Robert Berry on June 2, 2012, at 2:34 pm EST

    This is good to know. We’ll be going for our first trip in 79 days but I’ve been holding off on buying the tickets in case we have to cancel. I might need to go ahead and pull the trigger on the Passport Plus tickets. Thanks!

    • by Tammy Whiting on June 2, 2012, at 3:47 pm EST

      I’m glad I could help, Robert! They will save you a decent amount of money.

      • by Robert Berry on June 8, 2012, at 2:24 pm EST

        Thanks again. I booked two 5-Day Park Hoppers and saved $75! I’m glad I called today before the prices go up. I was told that if I need to cancel prior to 30 days out then it is a $50 fee and within 30 days it would be $200. I was afraid that I would have that option. I also expected to have to pay the full amount today instead of just a deposit. Is that because it is technically a vacation package though it is just the tickets?

        • by Tammy Whiting on June 8, 2012, at 2:53 pm EST

          Great! I’m glad you did it Robert! That’s correct. Since it’s technically a package, it follows the rules of a package. If you’re outside of 30 days, you only pay $200 and if you have to cancel, it’s the same penalty as a package.

  • “Unused Disney World tickets never expire”

    This confuses me. Unused Disney World tickets do expire, unless you pay for the No Expiration option. Right?

    • by Tammy Whiting on June 2, 2012, at 10:11 pm EST

      Sorry, it is a bit hard to explain in this small of a space. I’m not screaming, just emphasizing :). UNUSED tickets do not expire. USED tickets do. In other words, at Disney World, if you buy a 4 day ticket and use a day, unless you bought the no-expiration option, it will expire 14 days later. If, however, you buy a 4 day ticket and don’t use it, it will not expire and you can save it. This comes in handy in a few instances. One is the example above when someone is an AP holder but wants to get a package special like free dining which requires them to buy a ticket. They can do it, and save that ticket until they need it, however many years later. Or let’s say you’re going to Disney World in a couple of years and just found out the ticket prices are going up tomorrow. You could buy them now at the cheaper price and use them when you finally go. At Disneyland you can’t do that. You don’t want to buy the cheaper tickets now unless you’re going this year. They’ll expire, even if you don’t use them.
      Does that make sense?

  • I bought a 2-day park hopper ticket for so cal residents at disneyland because it was cheaper than a one day, but i wont be going back before my ticket expires. My ticket has my name printed on it. Do you know if I gave my ticket to a family member if they would be able to get in? Ive never seen a Disney employee ask for ID when going through the gate. Is it allowed by Disney for you to give away your ticket? Thanks!

    • by Tammy Whiting on June 3, 2012, at 4:07 pm EST

      Hi Kim! Unfortunately they do have a rule about that. The tickets are not supposed to be transferred to another person. It’s too bad you won’t make it back!

  • Hi! Do you know what shows you get preferred seating for with the Passport Plus(“you also get preferred seating at some of the shows in Disney California Adventure”)? I’m assuming that you just call the Guest Info & Ticket Sales # to purchase. Guest Information & Ticket Sales (714) 781-INFO (4636)?
    This whole Passport Plus ticket is a mystery to me since it seems odd that the prices didn’t go up when the rest of the tickets did. I know that Ares travel is still offering tickets are the old prices but I know they have limit stock.

    • by Tammy Whiting on June 5, 2012, at 6:34 am EST

      Hi Stephanie! It should be Aladdin, Muppet Vision 3D, It’s Tough to be a Bug and and Animation Academy, just like the 2012 packages. You many actually need to call the number for pacakges 1-714-520-5060. Believe me, I was surprised by the Passport Plus tickets too. I’ve sold Disney tickets for years and didn’t hear about them until last year. In 2011 they actually cost about $20 less than normal tickets. This year they prices evened out, but they’re a great deal right now! I have no idea why Disney doesn’t advertise them more.

  • I have a so cal 2 day park hopper ticket card, looks like a gift card but it’s the ticket. I went one day and it expires June 9. If I do not use the second day it just expires? No credit toward another ticket or so?

    Another question can I upgrade an annual pass and change the monthly payment?

    • by Tammy Whiting on June 5, 2012, at 6:46 am EST

      Hi Christine. Unfortunately it should expire with no credit towards another ticket. You should be able to upgrade it and change to the monthly payment if that’s what you mean. You can’t upgrade an annual pass and increase your existing monthly payments, but your situation should work.

  • Thanks Tammy!

    I was resigned to the idea that I was going to have to pay the new, higher prices for our trip in November. Instead…

    Today I called and bought five 4-day Passport Plus tickets, and saved $188!

    What an awsome tip! Thanks!

  • I just called. Passport Plus prices are going up June 11, 2012 to match regular pricing. Right now 2 Day Hopper Adult is $173 and 3 day Hopper Adult is $214 so Big savings. I’m thinking about it. They need 3 weeks to mail out. All visits must be used within 13 days after 1st visit. Expires Jan 13, 2013. Call Vacation Packages at 714 520-5050.

  • Great information! Thank you! I had read that you can exchange days on WDW tickets for one-day tickets at Disneyland and we were thinking about doing this with a non-expiring ticket we have left for our son. But if there is a chance we might be able to get early admission to California Adventure on a 3-day ticket we’re probably going to take that option. Oh, the power of Cars Land! Thanks for the tip!

    • by Tammy Whiting on June 13, 2012, at 2:41 pm EST

      I’m glad I could help! Watch to see if that’s confirmed about the California Adventure early admission! Right now it’s just a rumor. 🙂

  • Hi! Thanks for the tips. I do have a question on the information you noted on Item #9. “Disney just announced that starting June 18, 2012 (just a few days after Cars Land officially opens!), resort guests can also get early entry into Disney California Adventure on select days, and they’re calling that Extra Magic Hour. There are rumors that this privilege will extend to guests with 3-day or higher Park Hoppers soon after.”
    We purchased five 3-day Park Hopper Passport Plus tickets (before 6/11 as you suggested and saved a bundle) and are staying at a Good Neighbor Hotel. Can we use the one early morning entry to get inside CA Adventure on Tuesday, 6/26? Or is the Early Magic Hour still limited to resorts guests (people who stay at Disneyland, CA and Paradise Pier Hotels)? I would really appreciate your feedback. I would like to not line up for hours on the new Cars ride.

    • by Tammy Whiting on June 20, 2012, at 8:00 pm EST

      Thanks for reading 3HappyKids I’m glad you saved some money! Currently it is still only available for guests staying at a Disney resorts. There are reports of people that were let in using their Magic Morning admissions although it’s not clear if the CM’s just weren’t paying attention, or whether it’s a sign of what’s coming. If anything official is announced we’ll post it here. Otherwise, it may be worth a try, but there’s no guarantees. I hope you have a great trip!

  • True,Disney best within word.I will hope Disney travel.

  • Tammy – as of Jul 26, how sure are you that Guest Services will upgrade 5 day hopper tix to 6 day hopper tix at disneyland? A most unhelpful and somewhat rude disney operator adamantly insisted this would not be possible in any way. There was no wink-wink or expression of ignorance but an outright emotional denial. Just checking if the policy has changed since you wrote the blog.

    • by Tammy Whiting on July 26, 2012, at 9:45 pm EST

      Interesting you should ask, Joe. The phone operators have almost always insisted that it’s not possible, but when guests were at the ticket booths and tried it, it worked. Something may have changed in the last couple of weeks though. I’m seeing a lot of reports of people being turned down by multiple cast members. It seems a couple of people have still had success, but a lot more haven’t. So the future seems up in the air, but doubtful.

    • by Tammy Whiting on August 7, 2012, at 4:51 pm EST

      The reports coming out the last couple of weeks are much more positive, Joe. It seems most people are being told yes these days. Try at the ticket booths in the esplanade. I’d recommend trying your first day and if they say no, then keep going back every day until you find someone who can do it.

      • Do you know if adding days is possible for 5-day parkhoppers bought at a discount?

        • by Tammy Whiting on August 8, 2012, at 8:23 pm EST

          It shouldn’t matter how they were purchased, but since this isn’t a policy that is written in stone anywhere, you just never know for sure what’s going to happen.

      • Well, Tammy, the verdict is in. Disney would NOT upgrade me from a 5-day to 6-day pass last week. I tried it four different times in different locations with different supervisors, all of whom had a different story but a consistent final answer – NO! My discretionary day was Day 1 (arriving mid-afternoon from the East Coast), i.e., I had to attempt this upgrade before punching in for Day 1. Maybe that is the difference. I would love to know what works for other people. Perhaps if you punch in your first day and then try to upgrade from inside the park, the answer will be different. However, supervisors told me everything from they’ve never seen such an upgrade to “Disney just came down with an edict this week of no more upgrades.” It stinks that consumers can’t be dealt with on a consistent basis and that guests who travel a great distance are disadvantaged for wanting to make the most of such a trip.

        • Well shoot! I’m sorry it didn’t work. It does stink that it’s worked for some and not others. Maybe Disney really is eliminating them. Disneyland has a real problem with people “sharing” tickets, and I think this is the root of them not offering longer ones. Maybe one day soon they’ll go to bio-metric scanners so they can consistently offer longer ones.

  • I purchased passes Friday September 7th . How long does it take to recieve them my mail. A few days a week.

  • Hi,

    We are planning to head to Disney World Orlando for Christmas. I am not sure how many days we will be able to go to the parks. i am thinking about buying a 5day pass,however if we u=only use three days would that be a problem?

    • Hi Nikky! For Disney World, if you think you may only use 3 days, I’d buy a 3 day pass. You can add more days if you think you will need to. Just make sure you haven’t used all the days before you try to add. The ticket will expire 14 days after your first use (unless you buy the No Expiration option) so you don’t want to waste days.

  • If I buy 4-day park hopper passes to Disneyland (Anaheim) and I only use 2 days, can I give the tickets to family/friends to use the other two days? If you wouldn’t mind answering in two ways. One, per Disneyland rules and two, as per reality, in other words, do they check for ID and how is the ticket tied to a specific person. I would buy the tickets from Costco. Thank you.

    • Hi Dan! The answer is no. Disney’s tickets are non-transferable. Because so many people were transfering them, so to speak, they are now having people with 4 and 5 day tickets enter through a separate gate and checking ID to make sure the same person uses the tickets.

      • by Theresa Montes on February 17, 2013, at 5:34 am EST

        I am currently on vacation at Disneyland. They are printing names on 3 day passes as well. They also take your picture at the entrance and link it to your ticket now. There is no way to get away with using a ticket that someone else has already used. They have staff checking that your picture matches your face and then they hand the ticket to the staff member at the turnstile to check you in. I saw three girls get turned away today that bought tickets off someone else.

        • That’s good news, Theresa. If people can’t sell or give away partially used tickets, then hopefully Disney will start selling the longer ones again.

  • Can I buy a ticket from someone at Disneyworld and pick it up at California Disneyland? I believe it may be an unused ticket. Thanks..Sharon

    • Hi Sharon! I’m assuming you are talking about a private transaction? If so, you’ll have to work out the details with them. If you’re talking about buying a ticket at the ticket window, you will need to get your Disneyland ticket in California, not at Disney World.

      • It’s a private transaction. She lives in Florida and mentioned something about getting ‘group’ tickets and then having them waiting for me at will call. I am under the impression she can get them at a discounted price for some reason. Disneyworld seems to have different options than Disneyland. Thanks for your help.

  • I bought 3 day hopper tickets to disneyland and just found out that i will have to return in march for my daughters cheer comp. if i decide to upgrade to an annual pass will i have the monthly payment option and will i have to make any kind of payment besides the value of my already purchased tickets at the moment of upgrading?

    • Are you a southern California resident, Claudia? Keep in mind that the payment option is only for Southern California residents. If you are, you can upgrade your ticket and have the monthly payment option. The ticket is considered your downpayment, and the balance is broken up into 12 monthly payments. They will take that first payment out of your checking account in 24 hours.

  • Has disneyland starting checking id when using multiday park hopper tickets? I heard a rumor that they have started doing this. Has anyone been lately?

  • I am trying to determine if it is better/safer to purchase tickets for disneyland online or at the gate. Can you give me some insight? Also, I am trying to understand the Passport Plus but am struggling to wrap my brain around how it works. Right now the price for purchasing tickets online is $200 each. Does that include or exclude the Passport plus? And if I want to purchase the Passport plus, I need to call an info number? Help please! 🙂

    • Online from Disneyland.com is perfectly safe, and can sometimes save you money. From what I understand, the Passport Plus is not going to be offered in 2013.

  • Hi I wanted to know when purchasing tickets on craigslist or ebay what to look for and what questions to ask to make sure the tickets are really. Does anyone knoe???

  • Hi- My Annual Pass is expiring on the 25th, but I’m planning on taking my mom (buying her a 1-day Park Hopper) before the 25th. Do you know if I can apply that 1-day Park Hopper to the renewal of my Annual Pass? Thanks!

  • Hello so me and my
    Husband are going the end of January in 2013 we have always done 6 day hopper tickets in the past, will those still be available? And where is the best place to buy them?

    • Hi Paige! Right now they are not available. Because Disneyland is now requiring holders of 4 and 5 day tickets to show ID, there is hope that they can cut down on the ticket fraud and will bring back longer tickets. January may be a little early to hope for it, but maybe not. I’d buy them online when it gets closer to your trip. Then recheck at guest services when you arrive if no 6 day tickets are available beforehand.

  • I bought a eticket for one day park hopper in march 2012 was planning on going Xmas break now I won’t be able to go, do u know if the ticket expires December 2012 or does it not expires until I use it? Or does it expire when I purchase in march?

  • This may be complicated but here goes…We always go 6 days, hoped to add 6th day but sounds like this may not work. We have 5 in our group, so we thought about buying an extra 5 day pass and rotating it through everyone. If we just write my name on all the tickets and just rotate it should work. We figured it out but w them checking ID NOW I’m concerned. What do you think? Can’t id my kids. Thanks

  • Oh, can I use an adult ticket for a kids entry, as if I had accidentally bought an extra adult. Thanks

  • Random Question I am an annual passholder at Disney World in your article it said you can use your disneyworld tickets at Disneyland can you use annual passes or is there a discount to buying tickets if your an annual passholder in Florida?

    • You can’t use regular annual passses at Disneyland, but you could upgrade your annual pass to a Premier Annual Pass which covers both parks. Do the numbers to see if that would help!

  • Hi there! I have found this conversation very interesting and I wish I’d come across it sooner! I do have a question though… We bought 2 day 1 park/day tickets and have used the one day .. We didn’t get to see everything we wanted – can we upgrade the last day to a park hopper so we.can go back and see the shows we missed? Thanks for your help!

  • Good morning! I’ve been going over this for data trying to work out a solution on my own, but haven’t come up with anything :/ my family of 7 travel from Canada to Disneyland every other year and have always been able to get 8 day passes (we have younger ones and just need the extra days) so I’m heartbroken to learn they no longer offer this option! Is there ANY possible way around this? It’s my understanding they no longer upgrade at the gate? What if I bought 8 day Disney World tickets and claimed “oops”… Would they still allow me to use those days there or has that changed too? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jennifer! I know it’s a bummer that they’re not doing it. Lately they’ve started taking pictures of guests with tickets of longer lengths to cut down on ticket fraud. I really think that’s another step towards bringing the longer length tickets back. But the question is when.
      If you bought 8 day WDW tickets, it may work, but I just don’t know. You’d be taking a definite risk.

      • We aren’t going until late April, do maybe I’ll just be patient and see what happens before I start taking drastic measures. Thanks for your help! 🙂

  • Do you know if Disneyland will be offering their So Cal Resident spring discount for 2013? It used to be called the 2fer ticket. We’ve been going for the past 3 years and have used this deal but I haven’t seen any information on it for this year yet. I live at the very North line for the So Cal deal, so don’t want the year pass… Thanks!

  • Hi Tammy, I will be visiting Disneyland CA over two days from 20-21 Jan 2013. If I buy a day ticket, does it allow entry for one day i.e. for that Sunday only or for 24 hours from the time of admission into the park? What ticket would you suggest I purchase? Thanks very much! Kath

    • Hi Kathryn!
      The day tickets are for one calendar day. So if you go in on Sunday night, no matter how late, you have used a day. I’d probably recommend a park hopper if you’re only going for two days! That will give you some flexiblity. 🙂

  • Thanks so much! That’s exactly the info I needed 😉

  • My mom and I are planning on buying two day park hoppers, but my sister already has a two day one park per day ticket. Can she upgrade hers to a park hopper?

  • Hi Tammy:

    Great info, you have much knowledge. I think I’ve read this several times but I want to confirm (or maybe I’m just hoping I read everything wrong) but if I have a Premier Pass for Disneland, they in fact will NOT take it Disney World. Is that correct? If so (and after I finish my ranting to my friend who SWORE it would be ok) are there discounts available for day passes. I’m not going to FL for Disney, I have a wedding to be at, but I want to walk around and check things out without it costing me two ears and tail.

    • Hi Karla! The Premier Pass WILL work in Florida! The Premium Pass is only good for Disneyland, but if you have the Premier Pass, that will work!

  • by Desiree Dziurgot on January 30, 2013, at 4:34 am EST

    If I go to disneyland on July 24th and buy a ticket to enter. Can I upgrade it for a pass once inside? I want to buy the cheapest annual pass but i know its blocked out for all of July.
    Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Good news! The standard rule is this. If you buy an annual pass with blackout days, you can use it the day of purchase, even it it’s a blackout day. Confirm when you get it that nothing has changed, but you should be good!

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  • Hi
    We are travelling to Disneyland in August,for 3 days then a week later spending 7 days in WDW, would I have to buy separate tickets to each park or is there a more cost effective option?

    • Good question, Tonyhad. There are a lot of factors to consider here. First you can’t use Disneyland tickets at Disney World (nor would it work since they don’t have 10 day tickets) so you would be looking at buying 10 day Disney World tickets and trying to use 3 days at Disneyland first, then finishing at WDW before the 14 day mark when they would expire. While that may work, there have been times when guests have a hard time using inactivated WDW tickets for the first time at DL. Some have reported it worked, but that’s an expensive risk to take.
      Your best options are probably to either just buy a set of tickets for each park or buy the Premier Annual Pass that works at both parks. If you plan to go back to either park before the next August, the Premier pass is almost certainly worth it. Especially if you were planning on park hopper options which will drive up the cost of both sets of tickets. A Premier annual pass would also give you the benefit of discounts in both parks. Something to consider!

  • Hi! We just purchased the 3 day hopper military special rate tickets! Do we get to take advantage of getting in an hour early with these tickets as well? After all, they are 3 day hopper tickets? Curious how these work?

    • That was a good question, Colleen! I just checked and according to Disney’s official site, the military tickets do not qualify for Magic Morning. It’s a strange exception!

  • I have a question about Disney world, we are Florida residents and would like to do a family trip. If I purchase tickets for family that don’t live in Florida, would they be able to use the tickets if I have them mailed? Do they actually mail tickets or vouchers?

    • Are you trying to purchase Florida resident tickets for everyone? If you are, then you should know that Disney states that Florida resident tickets are only for Florida residents and they may check ID at any point. If you just mean you want to order normal tickets for them, that’s not a problem. You can choose to pick them up at Will Call or print an E-ticket even. 🙂

  • We are 2012/2013 annual pass holders and they expire in april. Will the price go up if we decide to renew them?♡thanks in advance

    • by Tammy Whiting on March 9, 2013, at 3:55 pm EST

      Last year the prices went up in June. There’s no way to know for sure when it will happen this year, but April is probably safe. 🙂

  • Hi! 🙂

    My mother is going to Disneyland the first week of May and I will be going the last week of May. Is it possible for her to upgrade her ticket to an annual pass in my name? We thought about this last time but never tried it. I know this sounds a little too good to be true, but I thought I’d ask!


  • Is the 2Fer offered? I have not been able to find it,,I looked everywhere and in grocery stores,,since i live in socal but have not found them,,I am planning a trip me and my two kids,,,and everything is sooo expensive,,let me know please,,Thanks

    • by Tammy Whiting on March 13, 2013, at 10:04 am EST

      There aren’t any 2Fers right now, Eloisa! I’m sorry. They just haven’t had as many discounts since Cars Land opened!

  • Hi. Since, there aren’t any 2Fers right now. Do you know of any trusted websites that we can get discount tickets from? I some great deals online, but are not sure if I should buy it from them. Will costco sell the tickets for cheaper? I remembered they had discount tickets last yr. Its so expensive now!! Thanks.

    • by Tammy Whiting on March 26, 2013, at 6:37 pm EST

      Costco does have discounts sometimes, but I don’t believe they have any right now. AAA might. I’ve also heard good things about aRes Travel. I believe they have a slight discount.

  • Hi! We have been disneyland annual pass holders for over 7 years and when the prices went up we didn’t renew. Now we’re rethinking the decision. We live on California and want to do the payment plan. My question is, is the pass valid while making payments or does the pass have to be paid off before its valid?

  • Hello! I have Disney World cast member tickets that I want to send to my family in California. Would they except these at the gates in Disney Land?

  • Hello Tammy, and thanks for the awesome tips! I have a few questions regarding upgrading a 3 day DL park hopper pass to 5 day.

    1. The tickets are from AAA and appear to be non refundable, or i’d just swap them. They sell 5 day but unfortunately we already bought 3 day. If I take this to guest services to upgrade, will I be charged the price of AAA 5 day, Disneyland gate 5 day, or Disneylands websites tickets? Its not a huge deal either way, but i’m a little worried we could get charged the entire difference between AAA 3 day and gate price 5 day.

    2. These AAA passes come with free parking. Any chance an upgrade to 5 days will include parking for the additional 2 days?

    We are not going until June so we have plenty of time to figure this out. Thanks for reading!

    • by Tammy Whiting on April 29, 2013, at 4:26 pm EST

      Hi Donna! Thanks for reading!
      My understanding is at Disneyland there is no price bridging. Meaning your ticket isn’t worth the same price as a 3 day ticket, it’s worth what you paid for it. At WDW if you have a discounted 3 day ticket and use one day, you lock in the current value of a 3 day ticket and will pay the difference between that and a 4 day ticket if you upgrade. At DL, the prices are coded in the ticket and you will only get the value of the ticket. Hopefully that makes sense. It wouldn’t hurt to enter the parks that first day and then try it though. Just in case!
      I do not think you’ll get those two extra days of parking either way, although I’ve never used AAA tickets personally.

  • Great website . . . we are going to Disneyland in October. We have two young boys and are trying to decide if we should get a 3 or 4 day hopper pass. It’s my understanding that you can upgrade to a 4 day pass from a 3 day pass, is that correct? Do you just pay the difference? Thanks for your help!

  • Hi!
    I´m from germany and have a few questions. Can someone explain me this passport plus tickets? Is it an add on for the 1 – 5 day hopper passes or a different passport? Is ist only available at Disneyland Anaheim directly? I can´t find it at the homepage. What benefits does this passport have?



    • by Tammy Whiting on June 2, 2013, at 3:42 pm EST

      Hi Martina!
      Disneyland no longer sells the Passport Plus tickets. They stopped in 2013. 🙂

      • Hi Tammy,

        Thanks for you fast answer. Do you know if it is possible to upgrade the 5-day hopper to a 6-day-hopper-pass at the informationcenter or anywhere else and do you know the price of upgrades.

        • by Tammy Whiting on July 6, 2013, at 6:58 pm EST

          Hi Martina! I’m sorry, I’ve been in Europe for a few weeks. It has to be done at the ticket booths and it should only be $5-10.

  • When you buy an annual pass is it from Jan 1- Dec 31 or one year from the day you purchased it? Thanks for your help! Lots of great helps!!!

    • by Tammy Whiting on July 6, 2013, at 6:53 pm EST

      One year from the day you purchase! 🙂

      • Isn’t it one year from the first day of use? I bought my pass on-line but didn’t use it until a few weeks later… and was under the impression that the year didn’t start until I used it.

        • by Tammy Whiting on July 11, 2013, at 9:40 pm EST

          Yes, Elaine! I’m sorry, I didn’t think about my answer. I was assuming Sandi was asking about the day she was in the park and buying it. Of course that may have been a bad assumption. The annual pass is valid one year from the first day you use it. You can buy it and not use it right away. The days won’t start ticking away until you use it hat first time. Thank you! 🙂

  • Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for your help. I hope you enjoyed your time in europe.


  • Thank you! Great information!

  • Hi Tammy,

    Is it worth to pay the extra price for Mickeys Halloween Party in Disneyland or “Not so scary Halloween” in Disneyworld? We are traveling without kids.



    • by Tammy Whiting on August 7, 2013, at 3:18 pm EST

      Hi Martina!
      I say definitely yes if you have kids. Without kids it’s a little more clouded. We really enjoy the parties, but our kids loved them! I think it’s worth it for the extra Halloween theming and offerings, but it’s hard to justify the extra cost sometimes.

  • Do you know when the holiday decorations go down after Christmas? Wanted to go to Disneyland to see it decorated for Christmas.

    • by Tammy Whiting on August 7, 2013, at 3:19 pm EST

      Hi Elaine! Usually the first few days in January. I believe January 6th was the last day they were up in full in 2012.

      • Thank you! Do you know if they’re going to start charging for Christmas events? Like they do for Halloween.

  • I have just come back from Florida and I purchased 2 day pass for my nephew who is 5 and his first trip, only to have Disney rained out and I have 1 days left which I was going to use for Animal Kingdom, only to have that rained out as well so I went to try to get a refund for the day that was not used only to be told that because they took my finger print at Disney World I can not get anything back and the tickets will expire in 14 days, which I think was terrible as I do not live in the United States and will not be back until next summer, can someone give me an advice on this

  • by Tara Hargrave on October 5, 2013, at 1:57 pm EST

    Can you share a parking pass with someone or do they really make sure it is you and it doesn’t work?

  • Outstanding story there. What occurred after? Thanks!

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  • I’ve read that Disneyland no longer accepts Disney World tickets for admission anymore. Can anyone confirm if this is true?