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We’re hard at work on the next version of the Disney World Crowd Calendar, which should be out later this summer. As part of that, we’d like to know how you feel about the way the calendar names “best” and “worst” parks each day.

Please take 1 minute to complete this survey. Your feedback will be used in the upcoming calendar.  Thanks very much!

Posted on July 26, 2012

36 Responses to “Your Opinion Wanted – Crowd Calendar”

  • Questions 1 and 2 are very confusing. The “Or, for example…” in each would solicit exactly the opposite response of the opening question.

    • I completely agree with Chris. If I answer Yes, to question 1, am I saying “Yes, there must always be a Best Park” (answering the 1st question in the stem), or am I saying “Yes, it’s OK not to have a best park” (answering the 2nd question in the stem).

      Regardless of how I interpret it, everyone will interpret it differently and you will need to throw out all answers to all questions that have an “OR”.

    • I agree….the questions were confusing because the opening statement and the “for example” were saying the complete opposite. I answered the opening statement question, hope that was what you wanted…..
      To clairify…
      If all are under 3 no need to list a worst park.
      If all are above 9.5 I would still like a best park listed.
      I don’t think you have to have a 7 day rule…I am more interested in the statistical “best” park….Because as long as you keep the neutral category I can always fit a park which may have not been listed as a best park all week….sorry if that is confusing.

      • my answers were exactly the same as celeste for the same exact reasons.

      • Maybe they changed the questions as of July 27, they seemed straightforward to me.

        I responded just the opposite way. I think it is MOST useful to list a best and worst park when all of them are relatively low or high crowd levels. I can always look at the numbers myself and pick the lowest. It is the other information, whether that is hunch, historical data, special event factors, etc., that is useful when all the parks are similarly rated. Just my opinion.

        I do agree that the 7 day rule is not important. Even though my upcoming trip is 7 days and we want to hit each park at least once (in other words, this rule was made precisely for people like me), I still think I would rather figure it out on my own, rather than get distracted by a park artificially being listed as the best on a particular day.

  • Question 3 is a little confusing – [The 7-Day Rule] Should each park be listed as a “Best” park at least once per week? For example, can there be 8 consecutive days on which the Magic Kingdom is not a “Best” Park?

    If you say Yes, are you saying Yes that each park should be listed as a Best Park once during the week, or Yes there can be 8 consecutive days where MK is not a Best Park?

  • by Aimee Malinowski on July 26, 2012, at 4:10 pm EST

    I like the way you currently rate the parks as well as giving the crowd levels which then help me plan which one to pick

  • If Green is good and Red is bad, should yellow be neutral?

    I like the numbers as well as the best/worst. Sometimes a park has a lower number on a red day, then it does for the rest of the week for a green day.

  • I agree that the examples given muddied the questions. I would answer one way based on the question alone but when factoring in the example, would say the opposite. I hope you are able to get the information you are looking for from this survey.

  • I didn’t answer the survey because the questions were worded in a confusing manner, especially with yes and no answers.

  • I agree with the other posters about the “or” questions. They ask two completely opposite questions within each question, so as phrased they can’t be answered accurately.

  • OK, thanks. I’ve updated the survey questions.

  • I agree the questions are confusing, even if you reworded them.

    Maybe instead of “Best” and “Worst” call them “Smallest Crowd” and “Largest Crowd”. That way the numbers speak for themselves. There will always be one park that will have the largest crowd and one with the smallest (unless there’s a tie) every day of the year, even if the numbers are really low or really high.

    And if a park doesn’t have a crowd that is smaller than the others for 7 (or more days) in a row, the reader will see that, but would then be able to base their decision on the numbers for that park… Like if MK is a 8.6, 9.5 & 8.7 for a 3 days period, while it may have larger crowds than the other parks, a reader could see that the 1st of the 3 days has the best smallest crowd of the 3 days. (Does that make sense?)

  • The survey is just like the crowd calendar. Contradictory =]

  • “Best” and “Worst” are terrible monikers. They assume criteria that does not apply to everyone. They assume you will not get to the park for morning EMH. They assume you will not park hop to another park. They assume your vacation incorporates 7 straight days of a park being ‘avoid’. I say eliminate them altogether. Show the crowd levels and let everyone decide what’s best or worst for themselves.

  • by matt new york on July 26, 2012, at 6:50 pm EST

    This would probably be too complicated to pull off but it would be nice to have different parts of the day have different ratings. For example AK is best in the morning but epcot is best from 4pm on.
    A lot of people who follow the recommendation in your book (and wdw today) of taking a break during the day, especially a pool break after lunch in the summer, may want to go to a different park after the break.

  • Len,
    I understand your reasoning behind the seven day rule, so not wanting to contradict that. My preference is merely to have the best available park for a given day though. Seems to have evened out more with HS offering Fantasmic every day now. Your thoughts?

  • The only thing confusing here are the comments. Don’t worry, Len, if they can’t understand the question, you don’t want their input.

  • When I took the survey, I made my answer apply to the first question asked for each number. I assumed the other question IN the question was intended as an explanation.

  • I think there should be some way to note the actual predicted disparity or margin of difference between the “best” and “worst” crowd level for a park on that day.

    That data exists but isn’t published on the calendar (probably because it could be somewhat confusing)…

    There should be a statisticians / advanced version of the calendar!!

    I love to play around with the numbers in excel forecasting the best 5 6 and 7 day stretches on the calendar.

  • A point you like to make is that having a touring plan is more important than choosing the “right” park on a given day, but terms like “best” and “worst” tend to overshadow the importance of having a touring plan and can play heavily on planning the vacation’s itinerary.

    So for that reason, I agree with others that terms like “best” and “worst” should be avoided. If there needs to be a label rather than just numbers, either make the label specific and descriptive, or make it something like “recommended” and “not recommended”, which speaks directly to the results of your analysis. There would not necessarily need to be a “not recommended” park on a given day, if the data indicate that all park options are basically pretty good on that day (as typically happens during slow weeks). If one stands out as clearly the best choice on that day, call it “recommended”. If not, don’t assign the label for that day.

  • by Terri Torrez on July 27, 2012, at 8:43 am EST

    Honestly, I never look at Best and Worst – I only look at the numbers for the days that span my trip. I would be inclined to get rid of the 7-Day rule and just go day by day. It’s fairly artificial and most people don’t seem to understand it.

  • by Terri Torrez on July 27, 2012, at 8:44 am EST

    I also agree with the PO that there doesnt always need to be a Worst park.

  • I just wanted to say that the whole lines app seem plain and at times confusing. I’m glad your doing these surveys to fix the problems and if I wasn’t so busy, I would volunteer my time to help fix the problems. Maybe I will have time 1 year from now. Otherwise keep up the hard work.

  • Just want to say Green/Red-Best/Worst is not better or worse or the same. It’s simply different.
    To my conscious and subconscious brain, for Christmas week — EVERY park is “red.” Red just to me, means really really bad crowds. Now, 1 park may still be the best of the 4, but I still wouldn’t think of it as “green.”

    On the other hand, during extremely low crowd days, all 4 parks may be green.

    So while Best and worst are relative terms… I see green and red being more absolute statements. Thus, I can see a park being Red, and still the best of the bunch. I could imagine all 4 parks being green, but the ‘worst” still being less green than the others.

    I’d also suggest using both colors and words at the same time. With coding anything at 8 or above as red. Anything below 3, as green.

  • I think the term’s “best” and “Worst” are confusing because it does not seem to be based on just the crowd level. The information that is needed is what made that day a better day or worse day. i.e. is if that is the day that will be better than the others in a 7 day period rather than its the lowest crowds or if it is a worst because there are extra magic hours. What needs to be clearer is what the thinking was behind the determination.

    The thing that I need fixed with Lines is my inability to get a signal in the parks to access it and when I can it is so slow that is becomes useless. An ATT iphone should not have that much difficulty, and yes I have had the phone checked. It’s a disney/ATT issue not the fault of lines but wondering if there is still something that could help make it more accessible.

  • I like the “best park – worst park” designation. When I plan a trip, I look at the overall crowd calendar to determine the general time of year. In my case, early June rather than late June or July. Once I know what week I’m going, I look at the specific “best park – worst park” ratings to plan out my week, deciding which park to go to on which day. For me, this is easier than looking at the various crowd numbers for each park on each day. Just tell me which one I should go to and which one I should avoid!
    Thanks for all you do! It is so helpful! 🙂

  • please, simplify it!

  • by Marc Ricketts on July 28, 2012, at 12:13 am EST

    Perhaps it is better to think in terms of best day for the park as opposed to best park for the day.

  • Thanks for the comments, folks!

  • I never really understood the whole 7-day thing. Is it saying what park is best during 1 given week? Does that mean it’s going to tell me what day is best/work from a Sunday to Sunday? What happens if you travel Wednesday to Wednesday? I always thought the calendar was way more confusing than necessary. I want to know which park is the most crowded each day and which is the least crowded each day.