“My Disney Experience” Mobile App Launches August 2012

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Walt Disney World will roll out the next phase of its NextGen project in early August 2012, with an app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android reports WDWMagic.com. The name of the app, “My Disney Experience,” is one of a handful of names that has been thrown around as a candidate for the eventual public name of the NextGen project based on domain and trademark registrations. The app will eventually replace Mobile Magic.

No word yet on what level of functionality the app will have when it drops, but given the ongoing nature of NextGen testing, we do not expect it to be fully fleshed out upon its initial release. More likely, it will offer Mobile Magic “plus” functionality, and will perhaps be used in limited paperless FASTPASS testing at select attractions (word is the RFID readers are back at Haunted Mansion), with other features added once further testing with limited app functionality is completed.

No date has been set for a full scale roll out of the NextGen/My Disney Experience project.

Posted on July 30, 2012

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