Announcing A September Meet & Greet

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Who will be the first to belly dance?

Who will eat the most baklava?

Find out as we Mo’Rock – it with Mo’Rockin in Morocco! 

Join us on Friday, September 7, 2012, as members of the team will be celebrating the 28th anniversary of the opening of the Morocco Pavilion in Epcot. We love to hear about how you and your family are putting your subscription to good use. Stop by, even if only for a few minutes to share stories, ask questions, and enjoy the Moroccan atmosphere.

All aboard the Marrakesh Express!

Where: Morocco Pavilion in Epcot

When: Friday, September 7, 2012, between 4:00 and 6:00 pm

What: A meet & greet with your favourite celebrities (the spelling should be a clue)

Why: Do we need a reason?

Posted on August 7, 2012

25 Responses to “Announcing A September Meet & Greet”

  • Does the timing of this event have anything to do with Dapper Days scheduled for September 8th at DHS and the Boardwalk??

  • See you all there!! I’m entering this belly dancing contest… but only BEFORE I eat my body weight in baklava. That could get gross with a baklava belly.

  • Woohoo … after watching meets roll by for years and not being able to attend, I can finally say: “I’ll be there”!!
    Looking forward to meeting some other Disney fanatics/enthusiasts/nuts (delete as applicable) 😀
    See ya real soon!

  • This is perfect, my plan actually involves being in Epcot on Friday afternoon. I’ll be there 🙂


  • by Jennifer Hand on August 8, 2012, at 4:42 pm EST

    I wish I could be there. Not arriving until about 6:30 pm for our “surprise” vacation for our boys and a friends family with two boys.

  • Just signed on for a subscription a few minutes ago in anticipation of our September trip! Hope to see you guys on Friday!

    Although Lines is telling me that Epcot is “a Park to Avoid” that day. Hmm, is this a trap?

    • Haha, good point. It’s a test to see how many people actually follow the park recommendations 😉

      • Yes, good point. It was a test…and you passed. However, we are still going to Epcot 🙂

        One thing we are very interested in is people’s opinion on what defines the size of a “crowd”. Early September in one of the best times of the year to visit. We’ll see how the crowds at Epcot measure up while we are there.

        • September after Labor Day has always been our favo(u)rite time to go. It’s still plenty warm (I mean, it’s still Summer until the 21st), so we can make full use of the pools and water parks, and the daily deluge of rain seems to clear the parks out for a golden hour or two, allowing us to virtually walk onto rides. Come prepared for the weather, I say!

          Looking forward to meeting everyone. Now to get an ADR at Epcot for Friday night; San Angel Inn and Tutto Italia are already slammed for dinner hours! Yikes!

  • Ah man! We arrive on 9/8! Bummer. Sounds fun.

  • by Cindy Turner on August 9, 2012, at 7:08 am EST

    Hi, on your touring plan for Sept 7 EPCOT is the park to avoid. I planned to spend the day at Animal Kingdom because of your recommendation. However, I did purchase park hopper tickets for the first time for our September trip, so count me and my grandson in! We will hop over for 4pm. See you all there!!

  • Wahoo! It will be the last night of our trip and we can’t wait!

  • Our plan has us in DHS that day, but I’ll try to free an hour to visit the makers of my favorite touring plans!

  • Okay, Fellow Touring Plan Pals –

    Dinner reservations that night at Chefs De France: 5:40 or 8:00 pm? These are my current choices. Which would be more conducive to hanging out with everyone?

  • Bummer… We will be leaving WDW on the 6th! Would have loved a chance to meet the Unoffical Guide folks.

    • Hi Laura, I will be there from Sept 1-8 so perhaps we will have another opportunity to meet. We usually try to post our location on twitter, follow us @touringplans if you don’t already.

  • I am both thrilled and afraid to say I will be attending. I will be fresh off of a plane and no doubt cranky and in need of one of Fred’s special hugs (which he gives to all that ask).

    See you all there!

  • Well, shoot! We arrive on the 8th for 2 weeks, so I’ll miss out on meeting my favorite blogging crew. Have a great meet!