New Information on Pete’s Silly Sideshow

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© Disney

© Disney

Today, after lots of speculation on what it actually would be, Disney finally announced details on Pete’s Silly Sideshow, which will be found in the new Storybook Circus area of the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

This new attraction will be a meet and greet area where you will be able to get up close and personal with some of Disney’s most famous characters, dressed in their best circus wear. During the meet and greet, you’ll get the chance to visit with The Great Goofini (stunt plane pilot), The Astounding Donaldo (a snake charmer), Madame Daisy Fortuna (a fortune teller), or Minnie Magnifique (a circus performer).

Guests will have 2 lines to choose from when they enter the tent.  The can go the path to meet Donald and Goofy or they can choose the path to meet Minnie and Daisy.

For those wondering about Mickey, well, you’ll have to head to the Town Square Theater on Main Street USA, where he is currently greeting guests.

So, it looks like another piece of the New Fantasyland puzzle is falling into place.

Posted on August 7, 2012

5 Responses to “New Information on Pete’s Silly Sideshow”

  • So excited to have another place to meet Daisy. She really deserves more love.

  • Does this mean there will be no more Pirate Goofy M&G??

  • by David Davies on August 7, 2012, at 7:35 pm EST

    Previous information from Disney suggested that currently rare characters like the Three Little Pigs, Horace Horsecollar, and Clarabelle Cow would be at this venue.

    Putting the popular characters in an air conditioned venue seems like a wise thing for drawing guests to this new attraction at the back of the park, but it may be disappointing for those of us who would like to see the old school characters.

    • Hopefully, the old school characters like Horace, Clarabelle, the 3 Little Pigs, etc. will be in the Silly Sideshow as random/unadvertised surprise characters. There’s always that possibility.

    • Wondering what the plans are for when Oswald will make his first appearance.