Dates Announced For Crane On Main Street For Cinderella Castle Dream Light Installation

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Every year for the holidays, Disney has a magnificent ceremony each night at the Magic Kingdom featuring the Castle Dream Lights, which make it look like Cinderella Castle has been blinged out in amazing icicles. These lights make the castle look even more breathtaking than it already does on a normal day. Words simply do not express how incredible the castle looks; you honestly have to see it to believe it.

Unfortunately, for us guests, the Fairy Godmother doesn’t magically wave her wand and make them appear on Cinderella Castle. Instead, a crane has to do the work. The crane is scheduled to be on site from September 16 through October 1, 2012. This means the crane will be visible during the day and may be visible in photos of Cinderella Castle.

Just wanted to give those of you traveling to Walt Disney World during this time period a heads up.

Posted on September 5, 2012

15 Responses to “Dates Announced For Crane On Main Street For Cinderella Castle Dream Light Installation”

  • I’m so happy we decided to move our end of September trip to an end of November trip. Not only will we get to enjoy all of the Christmas decor, the Osbourne family lights and MVMCP, but we won’t have a crane in our castle pictures.

  • Crane photos here we come. Sigh.

    • @ Heather, don’t worry too much. In most of our pictures the crane just looked like part of a castle turret and on a couple of the days we were at Magic Kingdom at opening and they didnt have the crane up yet, so we got in a few early morning pictures without the crane! Have a fun trip!

      • Thanks Kellye! We booked an early breakfast at the Crystal Palace for Oct 5th so we can hopefully get some good photos then, but it is good to know that even if we don’t it won’t be so bad.

  • Thank goodness for PhotoShop!

  • Thanks for the info! I’ve had that surprise once on a trip already, so it’s good to be prepared.

  • When do the first light the lights? Does the castle just have lights hanging around unlit until November or do they light them October 1 as soon as the crane leaves? We are there Sept 29-Oct 8. It would be nice to see them lit, as we usually travel in the spring and have never seen them in person.

  • by Debbie from Chicago on September 5, 2012, at 1:56 pm EST

    We were there that exact time in 2009 and 2010, there wasn’t a crane. They must be starting earlier than usual. Happy we’re there in November this year….to enjoy those lights!

  • Those lights are my favorite part of the Magic Kingdom. I amazed myself taking the a photo of it last year at WDWToday Reunion 2011. Took it with my iPhone. Have a look at:

  • Great- I plan a trip for over a year. Most of Fantasyland will be closed. The one ride I wanted to do in Epcot will be closed. Magic The Memories and You is now cancelled for my trip. And now the castle will be adorned with a crane.

    • by Chryselle Lewis on September 7, 2012, at 4:20 pm EST

      Im in the same boat with you…really hoping that somehow the rest of the magic will make up for it. But I must say that news of the crane put a pit in my stomach. Totally bummed me out 🙁

  • What is the end date. Anyone know if it continues into the first week of January?