Tonight at a local press event, Disney announced that Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be seeing a small expansion, in the way of seating. One thousand seats will be added to the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater on Sunset Boulevard. These benches will be placed where the standing room only area currently is. Capacity for the arena will not be increased.

No dates have been announced on when to expect this to be completed.


  1. They had a press event to announce new benches in a standing room only section? Seems like overkill really? Is F! going to need to shut down at all or will it just magically appear overnights?

  2. @Jim, I think they will do this is stages. Pick a night when there is no F! and install a section that day, the next day. Do that a few times section by section.

    At first, when I read this, I thought additional seats would move F! into more of once per night than twice per night. Obviously some “10s” will need two or three shows, but with the significant cuts they did, I could’ve seen additional seats as a way to limit the number of shows per night. I am surprised that this is not the move they are doing. Really surprised.

  3. They had plenty of seats!! And standing room is great for people that didn’t want to wait, but wanted to see the show. Benches get in the way. Obviously, standing room is only helpful for a tall adult. But Disney should never have cut back on the showing of F!

    This is just another example of Disney doing something that they spin as somehow “good”. But in reality they’re “fixing” a problem they started in the first place by having less F! shows.

    It should run EVERY NIGHT!!!

    Shows should not have a LINE!!! We’ve all paid admission. It approaches the point of being a bait and switch. (It’s obviously not a true bait and switch like so many scams out there, i.e. timeshare presentations / timeshare ownership / discount clubs.)

  4. I’m glad they are adding more seating, but I was surprised that this was such a “big” announcement. I wish F! could still run each nite too! It’s a great show and I don’t like to hear from friends/family that they missed it because it wasn’t running on their HS day.

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