Weekly Disneyland Photo Update for September 7, 2012

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This week on our Weekly Disneyland Update we take a look at refurbishments, construction updates, refurbishments, Christmas in September, and more refurbishments. Seriously, there’s a lot of refurbishments going on.

As of Thursday most of the exterior decorations were up at Haunted Mansion Holiday. The Halloween/Christmas themed overlay is scheduled to operate from September 14th 2012 to early January 2013.

Haunted Mansion Holiday lasts 4 months out of the year. What is your favorite; regular mansion, or holiday mansion?

A look at the decorations on the outside of the Haunted Mansion.

This sign was in located in the entrance area of Disneyland this week while the park filmed its yearly holiday commercial.

A few buildings on the west side of Main Street were decorated with holiday decorations while the commercial was being filmed.

Another look at the holiday decorations.

The Jewelry Shop decorated for Christmas. A Disney cast member said all of these decorations should be down by the weekend.

Also on Main Street USA, City Hall is receiving a refurbishment.

Sometimes Disney loves to make merchandise out of random things in the parks. Disney, I demand you to make a shirt with this guy on it.

The firehouse is also being refurbished.

The good thing about visiting Disneyland the week after Labor Day is the insanely low crowds. The bad thing is a lot of major attractions go under the knife for refurbishment. Indiana Jones Adventure is scheduled to reopen on December 12th, 2012.

 Casey Jr. Circus Train is also closed for refurbishment. Scheduled to reopen November 15th, 2012.

He’ll be back on the track soon.

Storybook Land Canal Boats is also scheduled to reopen on November 15th. Another upcoming closure is scheduled for Space Mountain. The attraction will close September 10 to 13 to complete the transformation into Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.

Some work is being done along the Rivers of America near the boat dock.

The Mad Tea Party photo op has been removed.

Redd Rocket’s Pizza Port is closed for refurbishment.

Unfortunately the refurbishment will not turn this dining location back into an attraction. But hopefully it will make the food a little better.

Work continues at the Fantasyland Theater. The previous stage decorations used for the Snow White musical and Princes Fantasy Faire have been removed.

Construction continues at the Fantasy Faire.

Another look at Fantasy Faire construction.

Over in DCA, Frankenweenie and Wreck-It Ralph displays have been added to the Disney Animation building.

The right side of the Disney California Adventure entrance has had its construction walls extended. It looks like this side of the entrance will finally be completed.

Work is slowly moving forward at the future site of Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney.

Painting has started on the back side of Earl of Sandwich.

That’s it for this week. I promise to have more pictures of tarps and walls next week!

Posted on September 7, 2012

10 Responses to “Weekly Disneyland Photo Update for September 7, 2012”

  • Your post had me smiling! Great post of tarps and walls. Your enthusiasm is what sells it! Loved seeing movement on Earl of Sandwich. Any guess as to an opening date?

    • Thank you! Next week’s update will be much more interesting. The halloween decorations are starting to go up around the two theme parks so I’ll have a lot to take pictures of. As for Earl of Sandwich, the original press release said “early summer” then Disney said “late summer.” Early summer has passed and now late summer is here but so far nothing.

  • I want a shirt with that guy on it too! Or a coffee cup. Or both. How do we make this happen?

    • A coffee cup would be great! I’m surprised at the very least they don’t have a pin. It seems like they will make a pin out of anything.

      • We are going to be there in a month. If he is still there, I will say something when I go into city hall to get my husband and kids their “first trip” buttons. 🙂

  • I’m worried now.. my boyfriend and I are leaving wednesday to go to disneyland for the weekend. is there going to be anything to still do? XD

  • Is the The Mad Tea Party photo op gone for ever? That would be so sad as we loved sitting in that tea cup for pictures. And any idea how long the building on Main Street will be covered for refurbishment? Thanks for the update!

    • I doubt it’s gone forever, it’s probably just getting refurbished. But who knows how long it will take. The Benny the cab on the outside of Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin was removed for refurbishment 3 months ago and it’s still not back.

  • Beautiful decorating! From the pictures above, I vote for holiday mansion as my favorite.