Food & Wine Festival Kick-Off Meet

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Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival begins this weekend and we want to start it off with some of you! will be hosting a meet for a very small number of people in World Showcase on Sunday September 30, 2012.  We will meet in the outdoor seating of the American Adventure pavilion at 11:30 am. People who make it into the event will be provided with a food item of their choice from one of the nearby Food & Wine booths and a beverage.

The gathering will be pretty small and guests need to email to get a spot.  Only 12 people (each with a plus one) will be accepted.  Others who do not make it in can still stop by and hang out, but we will not be providing food.

Email: You will get a response letting you know if you made it in or not.  Good luck!


Update: The meet is now full!  Thanks to everyone who signed up. Remember, you can still stop by and hang out even if you weren’t officially accepted into the meet.

Posted on September 25, 2012

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