Splash Mountain To Have Refurb in Winter

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It appears it is time for Disney to announce Splash Mountain’s annual winter refurbishment.  This year, according the the Park Hours calendar, the refurbishment of the Magic Kingdom attraction will take place for about a month and a half, from February 1 – March 19, 2013.

Edit: The Splash Mountain closure dates have now been changed on the Disney website to January 2 – March 19, 2013.

Posted on October 11, 2012

7 Responses to “Splash Mountain To Have Refurb in Winter”

  • Yay! We are there from Jan. 26th – Feb. 3rd, and I was worried it would be down for our whole trip. It’s my girls’ favorite ride. I was dreading telling them it would be down.

    • Note that a generally reliable source (wdwmagic.com) has reported that the Splash Mountain refurbishment will start on January 2, 2013. A lot of times when Disney puts the first or last day of a month on a refurb on its park hours calendar, the date is a placeholder that will be revised.

  • It really needs it! I hope they fix more than they did last time. Even more effects were broken on our last trip a week ago. So disappointing when you know just how fabulous this attraction can be.

  • It does need it. It’s especially noticeable how worn the paint is and how broken the animatronics are after visiting the refurbed Big Thunder Mountain next door.

  • I worry that this isn’t a long enough refurb to fix the animatronics. Like Big Thunder, it’ll receive paint and infrastructure maintenance, but I don’t expect either the jumping fountains for the final gopher to be working on March 20th. Just a Yeti of a guess.

    • I’m afraid of that too! Not only are those things broken but on our trip last week enven the Br’er Rabbit that pops up on the left with the napsack over his shoulder wasn’t working. It needs major help.

  • NO!!!!!!!! This is my son’s favourite ride and we will be at WDW March 7-13. Oh man this is very disappointing. The Canadian March break is the second week, this is a peak time. The parks are at a ten for crowd levels. DS watches the video on you tube at least once a week always saying he can’t wait to go back and ride Splash Mountain over and over. One can only hope that Disney can get her done!