WDW November Park Hours Updated

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The Disney World park hours were recently updated for October 28 through November 30, with operating hours extended for the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There are now a handful of days where the Magic Kingdom is open until 12am with a second Main Street Electrical Parade added.

Hollywood Studios also had quite a few days changed, and will now stay open until 9 or 10pm occasionally. Those days will also see an additional showing of Fantasmic!. Animal Kingdom had many closing times adjusted as well.

The chart below shows all current park hours with changes in red.

You may notice changes to our Crowd Calendar involving some of the changed dates. We recently began using our own internal projected park hours to give you the most accurate crowd ratings available. Using these projected hours has made our long-term crowd ratings more stable, but we are not perfect (well, some of us). Should any major changes occur to our Crowd Calendar, I will update this post with explanations.

One period that will not change is Thanksgiving week. It was expected to be very busy as always, and the updated hours indicate that will come to pass. If you are going to be there during that week, make sure you get to the park before it opens and use a Touring Plan.


Posted on October 16, 2012

33 Responses to “WDW November Park Hours Updated”

  • Thank you for sharing! I’ll be at the world for two weeks in Novemberโ€” now I can strategize. After 6 visits in 2011, it has been almost a year since my last trip. Am I remembering incorrectly, or did Epcot (World Showcase) used to stay open until midnight on Friday evenings? Bummer that it’s not the case. If anything, they should implement it for Food & Wine!

    • You are correct…well sort of ๐Ÿ™‚

      On days where Epcot has evening Extra Magic Hours (EMH), it stays open 3 hours past official park closing for guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort. Since Epcot’s normal closing time is almost always 9pm, that would mean EMH would run until 12am.

      • Ah! Didn’t look close enough to see the EMH’s. Now, if only they would keep more open during those hours! I was disappointed to see many of the Food & Wine booths closing up early last year.

  • Thank you so much for the update! I appreciate it–looking forward to the extra hour we will have at AK. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think there is a MSEP on Wed Nov 28th? Thanks again!

  • Has Walt Disney World’s site not been updated? I was looking at Nov 11th and they have different hours? Just checking. I had the hours staying open until 8pm that evening with EMH until 12 but now Disney’s site has until 9pm? I just want to make sure my planning is optimal! We’re staying on property so we’ll be sure and take advantage of EMH.
    Also unless you indicate that there are 2 MSEPs then they are most likely only going to be running 1 correct?
    Thank you! I love your blog!!

    • Sadly, the official Disney World site is the last one to be updated. The hours are posted on the Travel Agent site a few days prior, which is where we get them from. By the end of the week the official site should reflect the same changes.

      There will be 2 MSEPs on November 11, one at 7pm and one at 9pm with Wishes in between at 8pm. The EMH will run until 1am, making it a great night to be in the Magic Kingdom. Many guests will leave after Wishes and many more after the 9pm MSEP making the last four hours very pleasant.

  • On November 10, the calendar shows the MK is open until midnight and there are EMH in the evening. Does that mean the EMH is 9-12 or that the EMH is 12-3am? The latter seems unlikely, but I was unable to discern a pattern from the calendar to tell if the EMH was included in the hours indicated or if I should always assume an additional 3 hours for EMH.


    • No, EMH is not included in the hours listed. We do that because not all guests can take advantage of EMH, only those staying at a Walt Disney World resort. So, on November 10, the Magic Kingdom is open to all from 8am until midnight and then stays open to resort guests for EMH until 3am. Enjoy all that park time!

  • I am curious about the 8 a.m. opening at Magic Kingdom on Nov. 30 since this is a morning EMH day. Does this really mean the EMH will begin at 7 a.m.? All other morning EMH at MK are on a 9 a.m. opening day. Isn’t this unusual for this time of year? I don’t see any major events on the crowd calendar that day, although the parade taping is the next day. Why do you think this is such an early opening day? Thanks for your input! I LOVE touring plans!!

    • oops! I meant to put Thursday, November 29th! Thanks!

      • I’d also like to know this. Does this mean EMH is at 7am, and regular park hours begin at 8am that morning (Thurs, Nov 29th)?

      • Yes, Morning Extra Magic Hours begin at 7am. The reason is probably a mixture of things. For one, the Christmas parade taping begins that day, although it may just be the stage acts that get recorded. Also, since it is a Christmas party day, the park closes to non-party guests at 7pm. The early opening allows those guests an ample amount of park time.

        • The crowd calendar lists the parade taping on Friday, Nov. 30 and Sat., Dec. 1. Do you mean that it is also being taped on Thurs., Nov. 29 even though it is not on the crowd calendar? We are planning to be in the MK that day but may change our plans if this is the case. Thanks again, for helping with our planning!

          • You are correct, although I have seen some forums and such saying it starts Nov 29. I can’t seem to find any hard info, but if I remember from last year the first day of taping was short and all at the stage (bands and such). Either way, the main taping will most likely not take place on 11/29 if any taping takes place at all.

  • I find it very inconsiderate of Disney to change their park hours with less than 2 weeks notice, especially when people have to plan everything months in advance based on those times (particularly ADR). The MK was originally open until Midnight on 10/30 and now it’s closing at 7pm, so there goes our dinner reservations and no ELP or Wishes fireworks that night. ๐Ÿ™ So now I have to switch our park schedule around so we can be in MK on 10/29 and a different park on 10/30, and then try to find ADRs on those nights at the last minute. I’m very disappointed!!!!

    • by debbie from chicagp on October 18, 2012, at 11:01 am EST

      I’m with you. I planned a CP breakfast on Nov. 11 thinking there would be only people with ADRs. Then they added Annual Passholder viewing of Fantasyland expansion and now they added EMH that day.

    • These last minute changes do make ADR planning especially hard. From Disney’s point of view, the late changes allow them to use their operational hours and personnel more efficiently. For everyone else, we just have to try and roll with the punches.

      On 10/30, the park closes at 7pm because of a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party, which they almost always hold on both 10/30 and 10/31. The park is technically open until 12am, but non-party ticket holders are supposed to leave by 7pm. If you have an existing ADR for after 7pm, they should still honor that although I don’t know for sure.

  • I am so excited we will get an extra hour in MK on 11/1! Although we will probably use that to take a break! 8am-10pm is a little to much for my almost 3 year old, I think! Very excited about AK staying open an extra hour on 11/3 when we will be there. Looks like we lucked out on the hours. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog and your site!

  • It’s me again! I thought passholder previews of Fantasyland didn’t start until Nov 19th? Has this changed? Is this going to affect crowds if they do start on the 11th like a previous poster indicated? Where can we find out this info on changes in dates? We leave for the World on Nov 10th! Can’t wait!!

    • There are annual passholder previews of New Fantasyland on Nov 3, Nov 10, and Nov 11. It seems that the previews starting Nov 19 will be open to everyone although I don’t think Disney has said exactly that.

  • One more question. On nov 11th, the pass holder preview day, do you know if regular park guests will be able to see the new fantasyland as well? Just curious since I know it’s in soft opening phase so was really hoping we would get to see it!
    Thank you again for being so awesome!

  • I have never experienced late evening hours in AK and will be very happy to finally see the park after the sun sets [the few night pics I’ve reviewed have been great]. Are all the rides open, or does that change in the evening? Thanks

    • The animal-based rides are closed, so no Kilimanjaro Safaris, Flights of Wonder, or train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. The Boneyard is also closed, but everything else is available, including Everest, which is great at night. The best part is just the park, there are no neon or flood lights like the other parks (except for Dinoland) so it is kind of dark and strange, but awesome.