“FASTPASS Runner” Option Available in Optimized Touring Plans

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A FASTPASS Runner is the person in your group who volunteers to get FASTPASSes for the entire group for an upcoming attraction. The rest of the group saves a bit of walking, and it cuts down on the size of the crowd around FASTPASS machines.

A new FASTPASS Runner checkbox is available in our computer-optimized touring plans, located just above the walking and waiting preferences on the optimization screen. Select this box if you want the optimizer to use a runner when obtaining FASTPASSes; leave the box blank if you don’t want to use a runner.

When the FASTPASS Runner option is enabled, the touring plan’s walking, waiting, and ride times will not include the runner’s effort to obtain FASTPASSes. For example, if it takes the runner 10 minutes to walk to Splash Mountain, get FASTPASSes, and meet the group back in Fantasyland, those 10 minutes will not count against the touring plan’s overall time.

The optimized touring plan guarantees that the FASTPASS runner will meet up with the rest of the group in time for everyone to experience the next step together in the touring plan. And if the group gets to the next step before the runner, the touring plan will indicate how much free time the group has before the runner arrives. The group can use this time to shop, snack or rest before continuing with the touring plan.

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Posted on October 22, 2012

19 Responses to ““FASTPASS Runner” Option Available in Optimized Touring Plans”

  • Excellent! I’d been trying to find ways to incorporate that into my plans!

  • by Isabelle Boivin on October 22, 2012, at 2:31 pm EST

    Wow ! Really nice idea. It amaze me to see that there is no limit to what you can do with your stuff (app, book, etc.) Nothing seems to be a limit four you guys. It’s kind of refreshing when I compare to where I work ( an IT compagny)

  • My wife laughs at me because I sometimes go into “runner” mode. Especially for Toy Story at HS. Love that there is now an app for that

  • Sick. In a very good way. Len, you guys at tp think of everything, every possible angle. I love it. Keep up the great work. What you’re doing is daunting, but well worth it. My family & friends still can’t believe that we never wait on line for anything at WDW.

  • Is there a limit to your genius, Len Testa? I certainly hope not! What a great idea and thanks for all yours and the entire touring plans team hard work to make our vacation time so much more relaxing!

  • Thanks for incorporating this, Len! I remember how you were helping me out when I was trying to do this last spring. This is a regular part of our strategy, so it’s great to have it in the plan, now!

  • Finally! Awesome!

  • Love this! We started “using” our young teen on our visits the last two years after he grew impatient with how slow we were (hah – had your plans and we waited for nothing). I started telling him to run get the fast passes and meet us at such and such… Works like a charm and it is a regular part of our routine.

  • Great additional feature. Trying it out for the plans I have made already.
    Quick requests – please add Jedi Training sign up and Osborne Lights.

    • We should have Osborne Lights for the Studios – check the live entertainment or secondary attractions lists. Send webmaster@touringplans.com an email if not – that’s probably just a schedule we’ve missed.

      For Jedi, you want to be able to sign up your child and then be routed back for a particular show, right? That is, the plan should do the following three things:

      1) Route you to the Jedi sign-up area
      2) Ask if you were successful in getting registered; if so, ask for the performance time you received
      3) Get you to that show on time.

      Is that the right set of steps? If so, would you still see a Jedi show even if you didn’t get registered?


      • Len
        I’m not the original writer but as a Parent who has to do Jedi – you have the steps down correctly. The child has to be at the waiting area 30 minutes before the show time (used to be at Sounds Dangerous and assume it still is). I know we wouldn’t go to a specific show if we weren’t successful and since most of us know to go at RD thanks to your advice most will get a time.
        Thanks for looking at this!

      • Can one member of our party run to get fast pass for toy story while another takes the child to sign up for Jedi training or do they need tickets to sign up for Jedi?

  • Wow, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better! 🙂
    Now, everyone… shall we all get matching “Fastpass Runner” tshirts?!?

  • Thanks very much, folks. Lots of you sent in suggestions on how the FP Runner idea might work, and it helped a lot in simplifying down the code. And simple code means you get better touring plans, faster.

  • Great addition! I’m often ‘the runner’, so this will keep me ‘in check’, much like my wife does on any non-Disney day.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! The lack of this option was the only shortfall of using the optimizer on our recent trip. I am so pleased this has been added!

  • by Diana Drummond on October 23, 2012, at 11:47 am EST

    I swear you waited until our touring plans for our upcoming vacation ‘went to print’ before announcing this.

    (Who am I kidding? I am incredibly grateful and am going to go play with it now.)

  • Can Touring Plans get any better??? Thanks for another great addition 🙂

  • Would it be possible to program this great new feature so that the FP can be distributed to the FP runner while the rest of the party is involved in a scheduled attraction/break? Thanks!