New Unofficial Guide Disney Dish Podcast – Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

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Episode 20 of the Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish podcast with Jim Hill is available via iTunes and direct MP3 download!

Join Jim and me as we walk into and around Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, discussing the Lodge’s inspiration, the process of building it, and how it all turned out. We also stop by the Wilderness Lodge Villas, where Jim explains that DVC resort’s backstory as housing for the workers who were constructing the Wilderness Lodge. This episode was recorded on location earlier this month at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Update: Here’s the RSS feed for anyone who’d like to follow upcoming episodes.

Posted on October 25, 2012

4 Responses to “New Unofficial Guide Disney Dish Podcast – Disney’s Wilderness Lodge”

  • Enjoyed listening to the story and comments about it’s history. Wilderness Lodge is my favorite resort. Can’t wait to listen in as you explore more resorts.

  • You’re always asking for more idea’s and I’ve thought of a couple (most of which you’ve probably already done or are doing):

    Extinct attractions. If there’s too many (and I’m sure their is), break it up by park. You’ve touched on a couple on the podcasts but I’m sure there’s more.

    Extinct Resorts. See above.

    Touring the hotels within, but not affiliated with, Disney. DTD hotels, Four Seasons, Waldorf, etc.

    Water park tour.

    Additional gate podcast. Whether it’s the 5th gate or other proposed gates that didn’t make the cut.

    DVC hotels.

    Everything in Cali, Paris, Japan, etc.

    A tour’s podcast (breaking down the best and worst of each tour).

    A changed attraction podcast. Which ones were changed for the better, and which ones were changed for the worst.

    If you somehow do all of these it’ll be years down the road and we’d love to hear you do it all again to get a new perspective.

  • by Andrew Drummond on October 26, 2012, at 10:58 pm EST

    I’ve got to say Len, we really are the family that fully unpacks each trip. Even when we did a split stay we still fully unpacked both times.

    Just so you know someone uses the armoir.

  • I knew about the 2nd floor fireplaces! The other person who walks past that area (besides lost guests and exhausted TouringPlans researchers) is the parent of a small child who Will Not Settle Down And Sleep when they’re away from home. I spent probably 45 minutes pushing a stroller, walking from one side of the u-shaped corridors to the other (passing through this cute little area on my way), waiting for my 10-month daughter to relax enough to Fall Asleep, Dangit!

    The tiny window down into (I think) Artist’s Point on the corner at the end of one of the hallways was interesting, too. Random! Cute!