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This is a continuation of a new series taking a comprehensive look at all of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels. There will be several posts on each resort looking at pools, dining, shopping, and other amenities.

General Information

As expected from Walt Disney World deluxe resorts, the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts have numerous dining options. With several table service restaurants as well as a few places to have a quick bite and even a drink, there is plenty of choice available at these resorts.

Quick Service

The only quick service establishment is the Beach Club Marketplace. Located on the first floor near the lobby, the Marketplace also serves as the primary shop for the Beach Club Resort. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served from the small counter in corner of the space (Beach Club Marketplace menus) and the food is classic, but good quality. Limited seating is available in the hallway adjacent to the Marketplace with quite a bit more in the covered walkway leading from the Marketplace’s hallway to the Beach Club Villas.

Beach Club Marketplace

Beach Club Marketplace service counter

Beach Club Marketplace seating area








Table Service

The primary table service restaurant at the Beach Club Resort is Cape May Cafe, which is open for breakfast and dinner. The restaurant can be found just off of the lobby. Breakfast is a buffet of classic fare that is also a character meal with Goofy, Donald Duck, and Minnie Mouse normally in attendance. Dinner is also a buffet, although the evening meal is mostly seafood. (Cape May Cafe menus) Like much of the Beach Club, Cape May Cafe is decorated in a light, airy, beachy motif with light wood and glass-enclosed sandcastles.

Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club

Cape May Cafe

Cape May Cafe








The Yacht Club has two table service restaurants; Captain’s Grille and Yachtsman Steakhouse. Captain’s Grille is the Yacht Club equivalent of Cape May Cafe. It is also located just off of the lobby and it is decorated very similarly, albeit with darker wood and glass enclosed boats to focus on the nautical themes. The food at Captain’s Grille is similar to Cape May for breakfast and reasonably standard New England fare for lunch and dinner. (Captain’s Grille menus)

Yachtsman Steakhouse is a high-end steakhouse with a price to match the quality. It is located in the corridor between the Beach and Yacht Club Resorts on the Yacht Club side and is only open for dinner. Yachtsman Steakhouse was undergoing a refurbishment at the time of research, but has since been reopened. (Yachtsman Steakhouse menu)

Captain's Grille at Yacht Club

Captain's Grille

Yachtsman Steakhouse at Yacht Club









If a bar or lounge is what you are looking for, there are a few options at the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. At the Beach Club, in the corridor leading towards Yacht Club, you will find Martha’s Vineyard. This lounge is bright and full of pastel colors with a few televisions on the wall. It is fairly non-descript, but serves a range of alcoholic beverages as well as appetizers and light fare.

At the Yacht Club there are two options for lounges. One is located in the resort lobby; Ale and Compass, and is a small open seating area with an equally small counter. Ale and Compass serves a limited menu of snacks and alcoholic beverages. This is also a good spot to get specialty coffee drinks in the morning.

The larger lounge at the Yacht Club is the Crew’s Cup, which is adjacent to Yachtsman Steakhouse. Decorated in all dark wood with a crew boat suspended from the ceiling, Crew’s Cup is a pretty and interesting place to find light food, snacks, and alcholic drinks.

Martha's Vineyard at Beach Club

Ale & Compass at Yacht Club

Crew's Cup at Yacht Club

Crew's Cup









Beaches and Cream is special, which is why it has been placed in its own category. It is located on an exterior cooridor almost directly between the Beach and Yacht Club Resorts, directly adjacent to the center pool entrance. Beaches and Cream serves ice cream treats as well as heartier fare. There is an indoor seating area where you can get desserts and casual food such as burgers and fries. If ice cream is all that interests you, there is also a to go counter. (Beaches and Cream To Go Menu) (Beaches and Cream full menus)

Beaches and Cream is decorated to look like a soda shop from a bygone era and is generally very popular. Unlike most Walt Disney World restaurants, Beaches and Cream does not accept Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs), rather it is first come, first served. Avoiding peak dining times is recommended.

Beaches and Cream

Beaches and Cream

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