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  1. We’ve gone to Disneyworld the past 2 years & will be returning for our 3rd year!!I’ve read thgoruh the tips & everyone has the same, great ideas! Biggest money saver is hands down 1) definately bring in your own food, snacks & water! Lines at food places are long & things are very expensive! We also got the free tickets last year & thought we could splurge on food it was the cost of a ticket to eat one meal!2) Buy all your trinkets, toys, t-shirts, spritz fans, autograph books, towels, postcards, pens etc at Walmart or Target, you’ll save a killing!3) Your parking pass is good all day to come & go at the park-being Disney’s open sun up to sun down, we went early, left mid day for naps & back into the late night.4) If you haven’t found a place to stay, check out We got our OWN house w/ OWN pool for $500 for the week (all taxes & cleaning included!) 3 bed/2 bath-10 minutes f/ the parks!5) If you need to rent a car-order the Orlando Travelers guide for discount codes on car rentals-Dollar has the cheapest rental cars of all of them.6) Renting a stroller at Disney is definately worth it-it’s $30 but, keep your reciept & if you leave, you can come back & get a new one. It is worth the money for all your stuff! If you get on a ride, you take your name card & when you get off you slip your name card into an empty cart right there-slick!7) If you plan on going to more than one park, talk to a ticket agent about discounted tickets, using your parking pass & stroller pass at other parks! Everyone at Disney is super friendly & there to help!Have fun!

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