Indiana Jones Adventure Reopens After 3 Month Refurbishment

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Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure closed for a much needed refurbishment on September 4, 2012. It has now officially reopened with a number of improvements. Recent refurbishments had closed the attraction for few days at a time, but this was the first major refurbishment the attraction received in a number of years.

What’s changed? Immediately upon entering the queue, I noticed almost everything had a fresh coat of paint. Walls and handrails inside the queue that have had their paint chipping off for years have finally been repainted and look good as new.

As for the actual ride, there are no major changes, but the biggest thing I noticed were enhancements made to the lighting throughout the attraction. Details that have been in the ride since the beginning are now much more visible with the new lighting. For example, in the room known as the “Mummy Chamber,” the lighting has always been dark, and much of the environment in this area was hard to see. The new lighting makes the mummies and skeletons in this area more noticeable.

Other upgrades have been made to the ride’s effects, such as the room your transport is sent to after looking in to the eyes of idol Mara. The lightning effects in this room have been upgraded and now have a nice pop to them. It remains to be seen if the rehab improves the attraction’s frequent downtime. Overall, Disney gave a lot of love to Indiana Jones Adventure during this refurbishment, and it looks better than ever.

Posted on December 8, 2012

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