Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be running a test of the next generation FastPass+ system between December 11 and December 15, 2012, with pre-selected guests staying at Disney resorts. According to Disney, FastPass+ is designed to create a more relaxed experience and give families more time together as opposed to splitting up your party and running to FASTPASS machines. In a way, one could equate it to Disney’s Advanced Dining Reservation system in that guests know in advance where they will be going and at what time.

Before traveling to Walt Disney World, the pre-selected guests were given the opportunity to choose FastPass+ time windows for a list of rides, experiences, and spectaculars. They could choose four attractions for their Magic Kingdom day and three for their Disney’s Hollywood Studios day. When guests arrive at an attraction at the selected time, they will tap an RFID card to a receiver that will light up and admit them. The cast member at the receiver will have the ability to see each guest’s name and anything that person may be celebrating. FastPass+ users are encouraged to visit on their smartphones or tablets to keep track of all their reservations. During this test, paper FASTPASS tickets (now referred to as “FastPass Legacy”) will still be available; however, FastPass+ will be using slots formerly reserved for FastPass Legacy, so there will be slightly fewer paper tickets available for the average guest on the days of this test.

Disney is really starting to move in the direction of incorporating RFID all over the resort. For example, the new Test Track uses much of the same technology, and one of our readers found he was able to use his Key to the World card as his RFID throughout the attraction. Disney is also testing a touch-to-pay system at several resort counter service and shopping locations. With this new RFID technology it seems guests would be able to hold their tickets, room key, FASTPASS tickets, charging privileges, and other experiences and information all on a single plastic card.


    • Currently it is for resort guests only. Once everything is fully operational it should extend to day guests.

  1. Hmmm..not sure if this is a good thing or bad. I’m a 180 planner, but this really does take the spontaneity out of it. I would imagine it will really be harder to get fast passes close to the date you are going or even the day of attending a paticular park.

      • …..Or you get sick or just want to sleep in and not go to the parks later (I know, I know…a Disney sin) but…..I agree, that totally takes the spontaneity out. I’m a planner too but not to the extent!

    • I imagine that it could have other features like the ability to cancel a fast pass and get another pending availability. This could save a lot of walking.

      • It does. That’s what the website is for. But like you said- pending availibility. So if Space Mountain runs out of paper FastPasses at noon, you won’t be able to switch for a new time after that.

  2. I love the RFID technology. We noticed on our November 2012 stay at SSR that they had upgraded the door locks so I had to only wave my wallet in front of it to unlock the rooms. That had changed since our previous stay in May 2012.

  3. I am testing this system this week with my family (4 family rooms). You have to have a Disney account and a special pass code number in order to get past the first page of the site. You can also change your selections as noted earlier. I will give an update next week.

    • Radio frequency identification. The only problem I have with this is someone being able to read your card without you knowing about it.

  4. We are visiting at the end of the time period suggested. Should we make any changes to our touring plan schedule, particularly Magic Kingdom. We are staying at Shades of Green. Just want to be prepared.

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