Don’t Forget Walt Disney World’s Free Wi-Fi This Week

by on December 23, 2012 8 Comments

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Past experience has shown us that when the Walt Disney World theme parks, particularly the Magic Kingdom, see extra high crowds, cellular service can be extremely unreliable. If you’re using Lines, our mobile app, while you’re touring this week, please switch over to the free in-park Wi-Fi. Lines does not cache any park information or your plans locally to your phone and needs a data connection to work correctly.

Enjoy your holidays at Walt Disney World!

Posted on December 23, 2012

8 Responses to “Don’t Forget Walt Disney World’s Free Wi-Fi This Week”

  • And in general, wifi uses less battery than 3G/4G connections which is another benefit. After spending time at disney with wifi and universal without it, it was amazing how much more I could do connected via wifi before battery was gone.

  • I used Lines and posted actual wait times at MVMCP on December 18th. Had a great experience with Lines, but the Disney wifi was painfully slow. I had to use 3G in order to use the app effectively and post my times. Hopefully, my experience was not the norm. It was my first time using the free wifi!

  • There is absolutely no need for Lines to establish a wifi or cellular connection before checking to see if there is an active timer. Please correct this bug sometime soon. Any time you start the timer, then go deeper into the queue and have the audacity to navigate away from the app while in line, it is impossible to stop the timer, as Lines refuses to show you the “stop” button until establishing a 100% unnecessary data connection. This is the #1 reason I do not submit more actual wait times.

    • Paul, what kind of phone are you using? I’d like to replicate this. Thanks!

      • iPhone 5, but it happened the same way with my old iPhone 4.

        • OK. And can you go through the steps needed to replicate it? I ask because on my 3GS and Android devices, I can start the timer, go into airplane mode and then stop the timer while in airplane mode, with no connection requested or required.

          • Sorry, Len, I didn’t have notifications turned on so I never saw your response. Hopefully, you do have them turned on… 🙂

            Open the app. Navigate to the attraction, Add Time, Time Your Wait, start timer. Now close the app. Go do something else on your iPhone, like play a game. Now go somewhere with no cell or wifi connection (or just enable airplane mode). Reopen Lines. It attempts to connect, and gives the pop up error “Cannot connect! We are having trouble connecting to the application. Please exit the app and try again.”. Hit Ok, and it just gives the blank screen with “Connecting…” up top and the little spinning wheel icon in the middle. It never gives the ability to stop the timer.