Well, it’s after the Holidays, which means it’s time for Disney to start updating some attractions during the slower months of the year. A few refurbishments are getting started soon, and we wanted you to be aware of those.

Over at the Magic Kingdom, the Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland will be closed from January 7 – February 18, 2013. Edit:  The Mad Tea Party’s Refurbishment has been canceled, as of the moment.

Having a refurbishment about the same time length, Kali River Rapids in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be closed from January 6 – February 15, 2013.

For a complete list of the refurbs taking place at Walt Disney World, you can always check out our Refurbishment Schedule.


  1. Super bummed about the Teacups. It is what my daughter has talked about going on for the last year and a half.

  2. Oh, the sadness. We’ll be missing my two all-time favorite Magic Kingdom rides (Tea Cups and Splash Mountain) as well as Kali when we’re there later this month. When you wish upon a star…unless you come off season. 😉

  3. I saw the teacups listed on another site last week. With the teacups AND Disne y Junior LIVE both being refurbished while we’re there, my kiddos are very sad! The pains of February at WDW. But I try to remind them they we rode the Magic Carpets 4 times in a row without getting off last year, so there is always an upside 🙂

  4. I read elsewhere on the web that the Beauty and the Beast show is still being refurbished. Is that true? Thanks!

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