This was another slow week of news at the Disneyland Resort. The biggest events happen next week with the closure and refurbishment of several attractions around the resort. Here are all of the refurbishments scheduled to start on Monday, January 7 (as seen on our Disneyland Refurbishment Schedule page):

Disneyland Refurbishments
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 1/7/13 10/30/13
Haunted Mansion 1/7/13 1/17/13
Fantasmic! 1/7/13 2/14/13
Big Thunder Ranch 1/7/13 1/17/13
Mark Twain Riverboat 1/7/13 3/28/13
Disney California Adventure Refurbishments
Grizzly River Run Single Rider Line 1/7/13 2/28/13
Grizzly River Run 1/7/13 2/28/13
Silly Symphony Swings – Tandem 1/7/13 2/17/13
Silly Symphony Swings – Single 1/7/13 2/17/13

One last look at the Christmas tree in town square before it is removed on Monday.

Something I haven’t seen in years, the Dapper Dans out on Main Street on their 4-person bicycle!

After months of construction some new details have emerged in the Fantasy Faire construction. In the middle of the picture you can see a castle wall matching the rest of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Another shot of the new castle wall.

A new tarp was added over the dance floor area of Fantasy Faire.

That’s it for this week!


  1. Did I read that right? Big Thunder Mountain will be out until October? What on earth are they doing to it? That’s my son’s favourite and he rides it over and over again when we visit. He will be so sad 🙁

    • You read that right. Disney is giving the attraction a complete overhaul. New paint job, and a complete replacement of the track and ride vehicles.

  2. I thought that it’s a small world usually closed about this time as well. Don’t they need to take down the Christmas decorations?

  3. Exactly! What Shula asked… can that possibly be true?! Will Big Thunder Mountain Railroad *really* be closed until October 30? Say it isn’t so…

  4. Big Thunder Mountain will be closed for most of the year to do a full refurb, much like the one done to space mountain a few years ago.

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