Disneyland Resort Now Photographing All Multi-Day Ticket Holders

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This sign is now gone, replaced by an army of photographers (image courtesy Guy Selga Jr.)

During the holiday season, as reported by Guy, Disneyland Resort began checking photo ID of all guests using multi-day tickets to enter the parks. This move, which led to increased wait times at the entry turnstiles, was explained as a way to cut down on the abuse of fraudulent re-sold park passes. (At WDW, a biometric finger scanning system is used instead).

As of yesterday (Tuesday 1/8) a new policy has been implemented. Currently, all guests using multi-day tickets are being photographed by a cast member upon entry. The photos are electronically linked to the guests’ park passes, are are displayed on a screen at the turnstile for employees to verify upon re-admittance.

According to the LA Times, this new policy caused delays of 45 minutes at park entry yesterday. Hopefully, the bugs will be worked out quickly, and Disneyland will finally settle on a system that allows it to monitor fraud without greatly inconveniencing paying guests. In the meantime, if you are visiting the Anaheim resort with a multi-day ticket, we advise arriving extra early (up to 1 hour before park open) to ensure you will be inside the gates before rope-drop.

Posted on January 9, 2013

8 Responses to “Disneyland Resort Now Photographing All Multi-Day Ticket Holders”

  • My twin and I are still free to game the system.

  • Can I wear a Mickey Mask??

  • Can I put the ID picture on my photo pass?? 😀

  • In the 70’s when I was a single mom, people exiting WDW Magic Kingdom used to give me and my kid extra day passes or ABCDE tickets – we must have looked needy, but I regarded this as a blessing, not a fraud. Too bad that Disney is so paranoid now. After all, they already have the money for the multi-day pass, why should they care if someone else uses it? I know actually know why – they don’t care if you don’t use a day or two, and want to soak money from someone else, but still I like the old compassionate system – and readily admit that I regularly give unused fast passes to others.

  • It’s interesting that they are putting a completely different system in place at DL than WDW. I’ve never understood the whole re-selling of tickets thing. Who goes to Orlando for an expensive vacation and then buys tickets from a stranger without being able to tell how many days are left on it?

    @single mom: one of my best memories at WDW was giving a family that didn’t have the time to wait in line for Peter Pan 4 FPs were valid right then that we couldn’t use. their happiness made our day.

  • by Kevin Crossman on January 10, 2013, at 11:01 am EST

    Is there a separate line for Annual Passholders? I understand Disney’s position here, re: fraud, but if I was an AP and **I** was delayed for 45 mins I’d be plenty peeved. When we were at the resort last week we did find that entering the park after dinner that the lines moved very very slowly.

  • Any updates to this? I’ve got a trip scheduled for march 8-11 and just trying to be prepared. Any one know if there is still a huge delay or if they’ve streamlined it at all?

  • by Theresa Montes on February 17, 2013, at 5:41 am EST

    I am at Disneyland right now (on a busy holiday weekend) and didn’t notice any delay at all. They took our pictures and got us on our way pretty quickly. Re-entrances were no problem either. Have fun on your trip!!