Online Check-In Can Now Occur 60 Days Prior

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In preparation, it would appear, for the MyMagic+ system, Disney has changed how far out you can do Online Check-In for your resort.  Now, guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort can check in up to 60 days prior to their trip.  Previously, guests could only check in up to 10 days prior.

Online Check-In is a service that allows you to go to the special Online Check-In desk at your resort, where your Welcome Folder and your Key To The World card will be waiting for you.  Proper ID is required at check in.

Guests who would like to participate in Online Check-In can visit:

Posted on January 11, 2013

14 Responses to “Online Check-In Can Now Occur 60 Days Prior”

  • by Stephanie Warner on January 11, 2013, at 5:14 pm EST

    What are the benefits to online check in? We are arriving this upcoming Wed and I am trying to figure out why I would check in early. Do you get a room choice? We have gone with standard room at Port Orleans French Quarter.

    • The biggest benefit comes if there is a line for the regular check-in desk. The online check-in line is usually shorter and it moves faster, since the only the the front desk clerk needs to do is hand you your keys and welcome packet.

      • This is true. However, I arrived (in my car) just as a bus full of people who had also checked in online arrived. I think I ended up waiting longer than if I had not checked in ahead. That said, that wait still was less than 15 minutes, so I will probably continue to check in online.

    • We always do the online check in. Last month our room was ready at 2pm and pack and play was all set in the room. Luckily we got a room that we liked but I see your point about room requests. I tend to call them (the hotel) 2 days ahead and make requests if I have any so I end up getting the room I like. Last year we had packages that we had ordered and they were waiting for us in the room. Also check in took 1 minute or less while others had to wait in line.

  • As far as I can tell this link to the resort check-in isn’t working. Just FYI 🙂

  • Even if your full payment isn’t due until 45 days prior?

  • I would love to know the benefits, too. We are within the 60 day mark, but since FP+ is not up and running, I don’t know why we should do it.

  • by Meredith Koeval on January 12, 2013, at 3:52 pm EST

    Should specific room requests still be faxed or phoned in 5 days out?

  • I have tried to do the online check-in several times over the last several days. (I am 45 days out). I keep getting an error message “Sorry, please try your request again later.” I used the link in the article and I also tried by signing in to My Disney Experience on the website – same error message.

  • Anyone have better luck as of late? We are coming up on 60 days out and wondering if there is any benefit this far out?

    • Online check-in worked fine for me twice during different January visits (actually, I used it three times, because we stayed in different hotels during my first trip). Like everything on the Disney web site, it tends to be unavailable about 25% of the time (I’m assuming because of some sort of “system maintenance” as they bring on new features of My Disney Experience and try to make the rest of the site work).

      As for benefits to checking in way ahead of time, I’m not aware of any. I usually wait until I’m within a week of a visit. Does anyone know how far in advance Disney actually blocks out rooms for their resorts? I would think that’s the time when this would matter.

    • We hit the 60 day mark and was able to check-in online, but no option available for any of the FP+ activities. The disclaimer stated we would receive either Key to the World cards or the wrist bands.

      Since we are AP holders and staying at BVC via RCI, guess there were too many things going against us to hope for the FP+ stuff.