Joffrey’s Coffee Will Replace Nescafe As The Standard Coffee At Disney Parks

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The oft maligned Nescafe Coffee will soon be leaving Disney Parks.  Disney has entered into a long-term agreement with Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Co to provide the standard coffee at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Vacation Club properties.  In addition, Joffrey’s will develop special blends exclusive to Disney and resort hotel rooms will all have a catalog where guests can purchase Joffrey’s products to take home.  These changes will be complete within the next few months.

What do you think about these changes? Excited? Will you miss the Nescafe? Let us know!

Posted on February 6, 2013

29 Responses to “Joffrey’s Coffee Will Replace Nescafe As The Standard Coffee At Disney Parks”

  • Woo hoo!!!!!!

  • OMG! That is the only comment I can muster right now.

  • So glad did not liked Nescafé.

  • I’ve never heard of Joffrey’s. Is it good?

    • It is very good coffee. If you’ve ever had coffee from one of the Epcot “Coffee/Espresso/Pastries” kiosks, then you have had Joffrey’s. They also have a kiosk at the TTC, in front of Animal Kingdom, and the Anandapur Tea Co. is a Joffrey’s location.

  • I don’t drink coffee, but I will miss the complaining.

  • What about the Starbucks at Main Street Bakery and in Epcot? Are they going to sell Joffrey’s at Sunshine Seasons and Starbucks at Fountainview??

    • The deal with Joffrey’s has no impact on the deal with Starbucks for them locations to be added at each of the six domestic theme parks.

  • Nescafe is coffee? I’m pretty sure I saw Charlton Heston run done Main Street saying it was people.

  • I am thrilled!

    I have boycotted Nestlé for years due to their illegal marketing of artificial baby milk in 3rd world countries which has contributed to the death of millions of babies over the years.

    Now all Disney needs to do is find another supplier of Mickey Ice Cream Bars!

  • Really??? Nescafe is responsible for the death of million’s of baby’s??? I guess you also think that JFK was killed as part of a conspiracy.

    • Please do some research before posting flippant remarks. This boycott has been going on for over 40 years and has involved many health organizations and church groups who have seen firsthand the devastation of aggressive marketing in countries where water pollution is rampant and formula is mixed with this dirty water and fed to babies, leading to their deaths. There have been many books, documentaries, and World Health Organization materials on this subject. A simple google search on Nestlé Boycott will provide much information.

      • By your line of thinking, you should also boycott Disney due to their aggressive marketing leading to Nestle making money. Whether you drank the product or not, the cost of supplying it was factored into what you paid for your vacation. Personal responsibility has to come into play at some point. Bottom line is anyone who was able to breast feed and does not, makes that choice. Just as you made a choice to support Disney, even though they support Nestle.

        • No, by that way of thinking I would not be able to buy groceries as those same stores sell Nestlé products!

          Look, the fact is that I was disappointed that Disney promoted Nescafé, but happy that they are changing for whatever reason. Perhaps it was the voices of folks not happy with the Nestlé product that led to this decision, or simply that they felt they would sell more coffee by switching to Joffrey.

          • I agree, Ruth. I also do not understand why people feel the need to go on the attack when someone tries to make the world a better place by educating people. Yes, Nestle did go into third world countries and tell mothers they should use artificial baby milk, like so many more western women did 40 years ago. Their only water to mix it with was contaminated and yes, many babies died because of this product. I am happy to have real coffee for this reason as well as the fact that using this coffee should taste better. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, folks, sheesh.

  • I hope this will be brewed coffee and not another instant version.

  • “REAL COFFEE”????? Hoo-RAY!!!

  • Joffrey’s will be The Official Specialty Coffee of WDW, DVC, and Disneyland, CA!!

  • As much as I maligned the Nescafe coffee in the parks, a trip doesn’t feel complete until I have a cup of it. On my most recent trip I actually went out of my way to make sure I found at least one cup of Nescafe. Having said that, I’m looking forward to the change.

  • I don’t care about coffee- I’m going to WDW in April for the first time since I was a child and all I can think about is whether il be able to get a proper cup of tea anywhere?!?!

    • Great Tea at the Tea Cart in Animal Kingdom. Say… do you know about Line WDW Chat on this site? Definitely get your answers there…

  • Wonderful! Now, if they could only replace the Nescafe on the Disney Dream as well! Bravo Disney for listening!

  • In general, this is delightful news. I will, however, miss the Nescafe robot machines in the concierge lounges that spit out various concoctions at whim. Additionally, I have become addicted to my Nespresso machine at home which I decided to obtain after trying the one in the GF lounge (these are also standard equipment in Waldorf Astoria rooms) and will miss those as well.

  • I’m here now @ Disney, was looking forward to a cup of Nescafé. Very disappointed with joffreys . Bad move Disney!!! Don’t change what isn’t broken. Still serving Nescafé on Disney Magic.